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GHOST IN THE SHELL: Thoughts on the New Trailer

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Held the tight-lip policy as long as I could about the live-action adaptation of GHOST IN THE SHELL – up until today, the Tokyo debut of the movie’s first trailer, promptly followed by its international release. Kept myself tight-lipped for a good reason: however much of a cyberpunk I am (that extent is really pointless now),  I don’t understand and I definitely don’t support the fans’ public outcry. So first let me just quickly share with you my train-of-thought reactions on the not-so-fresh trailer – had to give myself almost a day to let it all sink in. I’ll also rant why you should take five and not whine too much about the 2017 movie.


Love the glitch behind the ScarJo foreword..need to colorpick that lipstick as well, looks hue-on.. visually striking, that’s obvious, we’ve seen that in the five short teasers.. robotic geishas have the air of cognitive dissonance and ambivalence around them, love that a lot.. city shot well, spectrum’s very similar to the opening of the 1995 movie, headgear as well, hope they won’t add that cliché-ridden falling-from-the-rooftop-thing.. MICHAEL WINCOTT! The Crow’s one of my favourite movies, partly because of Wincott and Alien 4 is damn good a flic as long as he’s alive.. expanded spider-geisha reminds me of the opening scene of GITS2, are the producers fishing out the memorable bits?.. Major’s doing her regular rooftop gravity romp thing, so that was a rhetorical question.. every fucking piece of GITS work has that in it, after 21 years, I’d really love to see a different method of traveling down a few (dozen) floors.. visuals are still damn amazing.. yeah, second shot after breaking the glass comes damn late, augmented perps would have already double-tapped her.. HANKA.. so that’s really The Laughing Man storyline.. right at the one-minute stop Motoko smiles, sexy for ScarJo (WHAT ISN’T SEXY FOR HER GODDAMNIT) but very much out of character for the Major.. Kowloon-like city shots are damn amazing, I wonder if there’s going to be a scene where they have to go fight through streets that are so narrow that you can only walk sideways, one person at a time, would go so well with the Kowloon theme.. although the wake-up scene from the first movie seems weird, the view from the window is out of perspective, only possible explanation: she doesn’t have a window, only a screen instead of that.. more feelings on Motoko’s face that’s out of character (and also, works well with Japanese theatrics that often has feelings played inside instead of theatrically posted outside).. connected to something I’m not sounds bland and vague compared to the source material’s take on philosophy, so thanks Hollywood and dumbed down teenagers, thanks a lot.. Motoko’s lesbian take was even censored in the newer North-American VIZ editions (3 pages, if I remember well), so I’m glad the reference is in there somewhere, what if they’d actually have the virtual lesbian threesome on the boat?.. also, what if you’d have fifteen extra minutes of proper philosophical discussion and references on the DVD that’s not shown to the masses because they wouldn’t properly understand it all anyways?.. fuck my face, that’s actually a slowed-down cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”? great idea to use a song like that for an international re-interpretation of a Japanese franchise but maybe a song with a more gritty, analogue feel would have added a lot more feel and atmosphere than this version.. we saved you and now you say others, why do you have to put sentences in bold and evident, this is Operation Cockblock aimed out our scene.. Motoko looks out of scene when she pops up in that retake from the first movie.. never been in that big urban jungle before, though, so I wouldn’t be able to say if this is fully unreal.. oh give Jess Hall a fucking Oscar for these visuals now, would you?.. did they take Batou’s eye implants from Poundland, a 100 yen shop or fucking IKEA? this looks horrifyingly cheap.. okay, Aramaki only had a gun once in the Stand Alone Complex series, he’s not a shooter guy, this is a huge deviation even if Beat Takeshi has an itchy triggerfinger, what is this.. more cheap Batou eyes.. I don’t know who to trust, Motoko is never this vulnerable in the series or the movies, not ever, not even when she’s got an arm ripped off from her body.. Batou without eye implants? does he have a promotional can of Pringles for a cock?… Motoko now goes on a spree to face her past?.. geisha with the expanding face, great reference to the opening scene of the second movie.. okay, is it Kuze in the final scene where he says everything Motoko’s been given was a lie? Probably Kuze.. also, that group of wired Buddhist monks is totally a blast, very powerful image.

So, that was two minutes and twenty-six seconds in my head. Thanks for being there. Now dress up and leave.



My take on the whole issue. (I deleted three paragraphs mostly ditching Arad and the unisex use of the expression “cunt talk”. Look grateful.) Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese story by a Japanese author about Japanese intelligence agency personnel living in a post-WWIII Japanese world. The GITS manga has a whole lot more tech, pol and tradecraft talk than the anime – this makes it very tight, iconic, cult-like, and also, hard to embrace for anyone who is not into this stuff. Nude geishas shooting everything that moves and then everything that does not? Super accessible. Introversion about artificial personality layering and its impact on a Maslow pyramid? Not accessible at all to most people. There, that’s the Ghost In The Shell reinterpretation pitch for you. If Hollywood’s doing a version, it’s 1) for international waters and it’s 2) for money. If you don’t like it, go indie, go for the source material or make your own brainwarping cyberpunk/biopunk series on Kickstarter.

But use your brains first. Anyone who’s not Japanese and tries to adapt GITS in any shape or form to the screen without thoroughly revisiting its core is prone to a fuckload of errors. (The source material is 100% rooted in Japanese culture, philosophy, technology, psychology – gaijin bastards can’t even read the kanas properly and we haven’t started talking about the cultural gaps and the highly different take of things in Western and Eastern cultures.) Japanese cyberpunk is miles away from its Western hemisphere counterpart and you know what, I’m actually thankful that the Hollywood industry didn’t pick Tetsuo Body Hammer for a rework. (I mean, look at Westworld – given how many reviews I read about how hard-to-grasp it is, I’d be glad to link voting rights to the capability of a proper debate about AI transitioning. Behave like it’s 2016.) But this is a rant and the bottom line is: don’t expect too much authentic mindwarping cyberpunk stuff from anyone on top. It never worked that way. (And if you wanted proper authentic Japanese Ghost in The Shell, watch the original movie and Innocence once again. They’re cultic for a reason, an anchor in time. Want an international or European interpretation? Go watch Avalon. Anything from the 2nd GIG onwards has lost a lot of its original density and coolness, so injecting new blood might not be a bad idea. Sure it won’t be smarter but I’m also sure it won’t be worse than the IP releases from the last few years.)

On the other hand, look at what’s on the shelves now – we’re having Blade Runner 2 and Ghost in The Shell on the big screen in 2017. Both promising to be “that one movie of the decade” that has a glorious all-encompassing cast that sort of serves as a carte postale of that era – Johnny Mnemonic, Repo Man: The Genetic Opera, maybe even The Matrix has a postal card on the cyberpunk shelves. It’s high time we got one such movie for the 2010s.

Just please change Batou’s optics. They look cheaper than anything the Garbage Pail Kids tried to fuck in that dumpster yesterday. And also: when referring to how cyberpunk ScarJo is, just please stop referring to Her. Lucy is a great reference film but as for Her, it’s damn voice acting. Get your concepts straight for once.

Yes, I stopped ranting. A bathtub full of coffee ready to inject in this great hate-spewing temple of mine. That can’t wait now, can it.

CYBERPUNK: Blade Runneresque short TRUE SKIN released, heavy on implants

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I posted the teaser to an orgy of biopunk promises in early May. Yep, it was True Skin, something the internets hailed as biopunk, nodding to the cyberprosthetics-heavy high concept of nineties’ cyberpunk science fiction. It was in Shoreditch, post-job interview, when I saw that True Skin is finally OUT in all its six-minute entirety. And don’t get me wrong, it is both amazing and an answer to my question about the memory uploading spam the other day.

Bangkok Market, left in the rain after a neon streak facial. Blade Runner gave us the wet Babel claustrophobia of urban labyrinths and it’s been with us ever since from Neuromancer to Ghost in the Shell and all the short films that try real hard to stay with us with their thick eyecandy, staying one of the key motifs that still elude us. Or who knows. The future might be unevenly distributed but it’s still a network of stolen iPhones on which suburban kids sketch up plans of mayhem, distribution, violence and getting properly shitfaced. Maybe it’s the umbrellas with the glowing shafts and the augmented reality shopping wizards for new hands that keep the future at a relatively safe distance.

True Skin brings all that first-generation gangster romance back – I stole I am on the run I am hiding – and its clichés remind me all the more of the uncomprehensible floorplan Kurzweil gave us about the humanity doing everything it can imagine and then all the things it cannot. Downloading my memories before I get killed so that I could revive myself in a vat a couple hundred miles away doesn’t really cut it anymore. For anyone who hasn’t read Count Zero or the Richard K. Morgan novels, it’s a wonderful treat. For us who’ve read them already, it’s a wonderful visual treat and a great production. It’s just the ever-repeating high concept that makes us wonder: just how much did the Mirrorshades Group writers hardwire and solidify our ideas about possible futures?

Whatever readings, pills or brainhacks we need to come up with new ideas about man-machine fusion – I believe we want them now. Now, like the techno kids of Berlin, hellbent on the everpresent alternative: very fucking bad or very fucking good, we don’t care. But whichever it is, we want it now.

(True Skin is a wonderful piece of first-generation cyberpunk short film with lots of implants, augmented reality and Hajime Sorayama-inspired robot prostitutes. Get the full credits here.)

INFOGRAPHICS: 2012: the iPad domination continues

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New infographics piece that I did for Tablet2cases – this time it’s about market shares and how the iPad dominates the globe. Reviewed by the T2C guys as “it looks like a Russian nuclear war game” – taken as a compliment, to be honest. Check out my infographics portfolio here – and if you want me to work for you, you’ll know where to find me. (Yeah I do commissions and contractuals. Did I tell you I need a job in London?)

DAMAGE CAPTURE FILE 01: murmur of a glass sky [cyberpunk, glitch and counterculture]

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Hello. This is Damage von Rock and this is your coffeebreak into cultural products of cyberpunk, futurepresent, glitch culture or however we prefer to call this these days. This is a weekly edition of recommendations into music, books, weird reads, youtube podcasts, counterculture movements and whatnot. Share and retweet this and send me love, hate or more links to spread to planetdamage/gmail. As for the weekliness: expect Thursdays and I’ll keep this regular. I’m receiving so much content these days, it would be dozens of different kinds of sins not sharing the fun with you all. Above: one of the greatest tech advertisements I’ve ever seen, all orchestrated to the amazing music of Hecq.


That moment when you realize that you’re working with headphones on so much that most of the music you listen to is just ambient or sentient glitch. NEW MIND‘s Fractured is the odd-one-out: if you liked Skinny Puppy, Yeht Mae, Pouppée Fabrikk, Numb and all the harsh and dissonant industrial of the nineties, this will be right up your alley. Lots of great buys and long-forgotten favourites in the cart this week, too. Cyberpunk’s musical underdog Eric Chamberlain might have been a bit too obscure with his projects Index and Index AI (his album Sky Laced Silver from 1995 IS A BLAST, one of the best cy electro pop albums I’ve EVER heard) but with great catchy tunes HE IS GOD. Two of his latest side project releases (TELEPHERIQ and COCONAUT) are evident proofs of this – nothing too harsh but a lot of catchy electro with a nineties sound. Perfect. The biggest surprises this time come from Tympanik Audio as always: STENDECK‘s Scintilla and brand-new label release Lights by TINEIDAE are gorgeous ambient/glitch releases, great to work to, except for the moments, when you like tracks so much that you need to taskswitch just to look at Winamp. Terrible, I know. (And yet, you simply cannot go wrong with their stuff. Ever.) BEN LUKAS BOYSEN – better known for a few of us as HECQ – also released a new jewel, a more traditional sounding, brooding dark ambient movie soundtrack for Restive, this time on Hymen. And last – something you really need to spend your 5 pounds on – comes the Electronic Explorations compilation. Oh. My. God. All money goes to keep the Electronic Explorations podcast alive, and for that, 61 artists donated exclusive tracks to the cause, which in itself is just enough to donate, and the list of artists will appeal to you very much if you’ve been in this scene for at least a spell – Access to Arasaka, Milanese, Enduser, Bong Ra, Neil Landstrumm, Ital Tek or The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble… GET THIS COMPILATION!

(Check out samples for each album behind the thumbs. Except for New Mind. You have to trust me on that one.)
And Stendeck’s been haunting me, so here’s their latest video.


H+: The Series has been something of a stir during the past week. Transhumanism has been on our tits since Sterling, Kurzweil has been all over the news with turning ourselves into methuselahs, then basically making a Lego Mindstorm bot out of the galaxy, R.U. Sirius published H+ Magazine and now he’s running Acceler8or for us grinders – and now this. What happens if A Company fits us with implants and a worldwide virus wipes the trendsetters and their eager followers? Or basically this is how it looks from here – very short episodes keep us from getting the bigger picture which is both a great mechanism to keep us all waiting and a goddamn bother at the same time. Great production quality, though! (And six “episodes” are already out!)

Mattin & Anthony Iles (ed.): NOISE & CAPITALISM

I am playing Jenga with the stuff I need to feed on – books on infographics, traditional Chinese medicine and lots of Japanese grammar. That one completely because of Miss Toyclouds.


Yes, this is also partly personal.

Cannot thank Grant Morrison enough to pull me back into the weirder segments of the counterculture and his influence on my past two years is immense. The 2DVD version of the documentary Talking With Gods from H8LA will not only give you a long look at his work process on the non-magickal comics industry work and an interesting panopticon on how other comics artists see him, but also his take on fighting writers’ block, magick apart from sigilwork and a longer introduction into his friendship with Frank Quitely. If you’re a fan, this is a must. If you’re not yet a fan, this is a must, too! (If you need introduction, get his life-changing comics masterwork The Invisibles, read his primer into chaos magick Pop Magic!, check out the wee bit chaotic and weird 45-minutes talk he had at Disinfo Con or check out his Alternity performance.)

My first gonzo non-fiction book on cyberpunk, possible futures and alt/pop culture entitled DAMAGE REPORT was published this April by long-time work partner company MangaFan – and apparently the feedback flow hasn’t finished yet! Top pic: two interviews in paper mags: one on social books and more generic stuff in the 2012 July issue of PC World and one on my take on future gaming in the 2012 June issue of Gamestar. Bottom pic: Hungarian creative/socmedia professional mag Kreatív wrote quite appreciatively of the mad brainstorm and claimed it’s on the best track to go for a cult status. Hope this is not a kind way of saying But we need to kill you first. Or maybe it is. I should have trained death midgets nailed to my front door.

FINALLY! A collaboration with the acknowledged Australian cyberpunk magazine MACHETE GIRL (they’re really working hard to keep cyberpunk afficionados and newbies ROCKING)! This should be out late August – early September if I remember everything right and this issue will also feature a piece I wrote on how technology, bodymods, superhero branding and magick all run side by side.


Gameplay trailer for cyberpunk third-person crime/shooter/immersion package REMEMBER ME. This IP is developed by Capcom, takes place in Paris in 2084 and the protagonist Nilin sounds a lot like.. Yvonne Strahovski? (This one was sent by Ripla – thx! – together with the game trailer which was also sent to me by CoSMo!) And, oh yeah, another one by him below, which is a Live Action “Sleeping Dogs” fight film – taking a bit after Ong Bak and an excessive use of smashing doors at heads. Apparently, any kind of door. Even the one that looks like a table.

INFOGRAPHICS HOW-TO: markets, tablets and whatnot (Tablet2Cases)

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Remarks on a new piece of infographics I finished a couple of days ago for Tablet2Cases – a company not only focusing on selling cases for a great variety of tablets but also keeping a tablet wiki with relevant data running. Inside – pics on drafts and notes on how this infographics ended up the way it is. (Note: there are a few more infographics posts coming up like this on my related projects and a much bigger one on visual resumes, stay tuned!)

Need more infographics how-tos? Check out part 1 and part 2 of my ongoing series on how to make a visual resume.

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REVIEW: burnt like brilliant trash (J. G. Barnes – Thieves)

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Thieves is exemplary. And problematic. A cyberpunk short film focusing on an interrogation gone completely amok, it’s both great for its writing/background story and how J.G. Barnes and his crew tries to deliver the best out of a $300 budget and a crew of amateurs. At the same time – its obvious shortcomings are needlessly emphasized by its promo campaign and its unintelligible intensity. Still, as I said, good writing. Verdict? 4/10.
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REVIEW: god’s zoo gone punk (Ebbëto – Analog)

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God twitches. Facial muscles and hand-eye coordination goes out the window. The first woman really was created from the first man. Behavioural conditioning probably inspired by Aphex Twin, a grin never completely primordial, nor balancing on the edge of cocaine-induced grit teeth mania. Sleeping. Perchance to dream. God might have been an intergalactic surgeon with faulty implants. If his hands went faulty, what of his brain? Welcome to Ebbëto‘s Analog, an arthouse experimental sci-fi short coming from Brazil. Verdict? 10/10.
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SFW SUPPORT THE CAUSE: black is not the new black, japanese sexpunk is the new black

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Above, that’s the work of controversional hentai artist and Urotsukidōji creator Toshio Maeda and this, this is telling you to go support adult indie literary sexpunk zine FULL METAL ORGASM.

Sexpunk is the geometrical focus point in the triangle of cyberpunk futurismo, gonzo brainspit and adult filth. Carrier waves and viral vehicles are mostly Japanese (glowjob-infested Tron porn remakes do not even come close, although Bizarro literature does have a strong flavour in how current sexpunk really is) and most of the stuff I find in this scene come via Brent Millis, editor of the fanzine Full Metal Orgasm and writer of actually intriguing and great materials like BUKKAKE BRAWL (find more on him at and also at and also an editor behind Kizuna, a a mixed-genre anthology of short fiction created to help orphans in the disaster-devastated areas of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima.

So, Brent has already launched his first issue of FMO and he’s now campaigning for funds for the second issue – the IndieGoGo campaign site is here, at least go and read what he has to say about it before deciding to spill some well-earned new yens his way. ROCK!

planetdamagedotcom: five years of glittery hydra timezero ROCK

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And so it begins.

(First post of, 2007 Jun 19)

Budapest DEATH HEAT melt my bike mid-route and force-choked my brainmeat, so it’s a considerably harder task to write anything about how PDcom grew to be five years old. It did! (Realized this two days later, though. Sentient hypertextual sigil child is understandably frustrated now.)

Stats and posts after the break.
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miértkonzisztencia, skin hunger

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akkor és ott lehet hogy jó ötlet volt
felvenni a Bobby Quine exoszemélyiséget
de így most már
felköpni mélyről a tusoló csempéjére
aztán majd lefolyhat a bringatúra maradékával
piócaviselkedésű persze, néha fekete, néha pantone-kaméleon
de lyukakon mászik be, bár személyiség még sose húgycsőkatéterezett meg
és ennek őszintén örülök

URGENT: looking for media/creative jobs in London

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Looking for a full-time job in London, mostly related to writing (tech, pop and alternative culture), community management (7+ yrs) or uni lecturer work (2 yrs + 5 yrs radio). Or brainstorming on creative aspects of social media and startups.

Mostly rooted in technology, futurism, cyberpunk, fringe culture and social media. Got a movie script under my belt, also first book just gotten published in Hungary (in nationwide distribution at the moment), translation is in the works!

My visual resume is shared above – if you can reshare or retweet this, I’d really appreciate that. (If you have ideas about non-London works, drop me a mail. Contacts in the resume.) Thanks!

planetdamage mega linkbox, 2012 may

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Welcome. To start a new era in the history of this blog (and my own life and head and everything), I gotta release all the bookmarks that I’ve stored away in the past 12-18 months (some 350+ links) thinking I just need a few hours and I’ll write mega insane amazing thematic posts. No. Not gonna happen. I know the structure is very minimal and this is too dense but you gotta fight through the gorgeous bits of knowledge, buckets of cow eyes, Cthulhu sex toys, girls twisted into Gundam mecha, various methods for brain hacking and whatnot. Note: I am still looking for a tool/app that would synchronize all my Google Bookmarks, Google Reader Bookmarks, Chrome bookmarks and Twitter favourites. As a welcoming gift, there’s an Atari Teenage Riot – Iggy Pop – Nine Inch Nails mashup for a quick appetizer. The rest doesn’t swallow easy.
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BREAKING: Neuromancer a Hungarian co-production, ready by autumn 2013

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Renowned US producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Transformers, Constantine) is to partner with Seven Arts Entertainment Inc and Prodigy Pictures on William Gibson adaptation Neuromancer, it was confirmed this weekend.

Di Bonaventura and his producing partner Mark Vahradian along with Prodigy’s Jay Firestone and Steve Hoban will produce the long gestating film, to be directed by Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cube.)

Neuromancer will be produced as a UK-Canadian-Hungarian co-production by Neuromancer Productions UK Limited (an affiliate of Peter Hoffman’s Seven Arts and GFM Films LLP) in the UK, Pioneer Pictures KFT in Hungary and an affiliate of Prodigy in Canada. Shooting on the $60m budget feature is planned for later this year, with anticipated distribution ready for the autumn of 2013. GFM has been instrumental in setting up an EIS structure for the film. (more at

2012 április: életjel, könyv, ld50 meg a többi

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Ez a gibsonian fényelt szürke a Mitoék egyik bútordarabja, a könyv rajta az, amin az elmúlt majdnem másfél évben dolgoztam, a rajta látható szimbólum pedig Papa Legbához, a haiti voodoo panteonjának egyik kulcsfigurájához tartozik, ha pedig ezt a mondatot olvassátok, akkor az azt jelenti, hogy a fekete csontkoponyákkal kockázó, habanerorumot vedelő istenek nem nyitottak portált a gyomromban és nem szülök skorpiókat éppen kétes féléletre egy szabadkőműves páholy közepén üvöltve. Lefordítom. Minden terv szerint halad.
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DAMAGE REPORT: megjelent az első könyvem, részletek, ajándékcsomagok

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Ültem egy évig a Word felett (a kiskanalaim sorra oldódtak fel a Hiroshima-erejű espressokban), aztán elkészült a 400+ oldalnyi, dühödt gonzóban panírozott verbálelesdé, a DAMAGE REPORT, életem első könyve, sokan dolgoztunk rajta, érződik is rajta, hogy szerelemgyerek. Valahol örülök, hogy gyerektartásit nem kell érte, de a születés utáni hallgatósokk még tartja magát. Ha nem érted, amit írok, csak az tehet róla. A fenti képen nem csupán a könyv, hanem az ajándékcsomag részei is, amiket megnyerhetsz. Meg mesélek. Részletek beljebb.
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2012 March: 20 tracks you’ve missed

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From female fronted etheric rock to minimal EBM, from wicked dubstep to power riot, 20 tracks that stuck in my head for too long in February & March. Share, rehash, remix and spread these, they are all ROCK CERTIFIED. You gotta do your own clicking and research for these, my super favourites are highlighted, the rest are for you to mine out.

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2012 március: életjel, könyv, előadás, vérhab

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Januárban megírtam az első könyvem, hátradőltem és azt mondtam, fasza, akkor most foglalkozzunk mással, keressünk valami melót addig, amíg még Magyarországon élek, aztán lepattanok Albionba, a könyv meg halad a maga útján és minden rendben lesz. Aki ismer (vagy akinek van élettapasztalata), az már várja a sztorit, hogy hogy lett öttel bonyolultabb az egész. Azóta beleötleteltem a borítódesignba is, most éppen szügyig matatok a tördelővel a korrektúrában, a Karmamediával a könyv mellé kapcsolt social media megoldásokban és bömbölő, szívárványszínű hányásgejzír tör fel belőlem, amikor valaki megkérdezi, hogy na és szerinted milyen érzés híres lenni (és még nem hívtak fel a nyomdából, hogy muszáj-e UV-lakkos extra réteget vasalniuk a borítóra). A loák mindeközben csendesen mosolyognak és a látszat szerint soha-el-nem-sötétülő glowstickekből összerakott áldozati füzéreken keresztül figyelik a ROCK napi épülését.

(Ergo, időm nem nagyon volt másra, de, megszületett ez az infografika meg két további könyvön dolgozunk, ezekről majd mesélek, ha már nem csak ötletek lesznek, a babonásság tartja magát. Ha jól emlékszem, írtam-designoltam négy oldalt egy cyberpunk fanzinba, webshopba kerülés után rakom azt is. És ha megkérdezed, hogy sok munka van-e egy könyv gondozásával, igen, istelenül sok.)

A fenti designt Kaszás Vera Moiré gyártotta le egy precíziós atomtámadás erejével és ha érdekel, hogy miért lett fehér alapon ilyen szövegmozaik a borító és nem fekete alapon fekete alapon fekete, akkor figyeld a könyvre felhúzott blogot a, mert oda pakolunk ezerféle tartalmat, feedbacket, DJ-mixet, tiküldtéteket meg nyereményjátékot.

Szerda este még mesélek is a könyvről a Geek Nyelvtan MeetOFFon, ami egész ijesztően hangzik, de amúgy az lesz, hogy ti eljöttök, riasztóan olcsó a szesz, én tíz percben elmondom, hogy milyen nyelvészeti fogalmakat merít ki az, hogy az ipari kaviár anyád tüdejében végzi (provokatív a jó válasz, a k betű alá meg beszorult egy nemtudommi, de fel-felsír ott hogy oponya amat ísértet)

facebook event, megkattintod, eljössz

meg elmondom, hogy a szőr meg a bizarr ötletek hogyan függnek össze, én lendülettel, ti bólogattok, iszunk, Kolosthemanwithoutfacebook hangot öklendezik és dubstepre integet (erre a Dohány 22 felé száll le az összes utasszállító a lisztferi helyett, mert a Kolos nagyon tud), Bazsi elikszfaktorolja a Cobain-életművet B-trackestül, aztán elkülditek nekem Facebookon a legjobb fotókat, betageltek, befriendeltek, aztán jöttök áprilisban a könyvbemutatóra és eltörjük a magyar apátiát.



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MENTALLO & THE FIXER ARE PSYCHEDELIC INDUSTRIAL MAMMOTHS! One of the bands that really defined my whole musical likescape and interest was the splatter-industrial work of Dwayne & Gary Dassing and now they’re releasing new stuff in 2012 – one is the 4CD compilation that’s pimped by this morning’s Alfa Matrix newsletter (released April 27th) and the other’s the new LP entitled Music from the Eather, coming sometime this summer. If you want to know more, why don’t you check the interview I made with Gary into The DOSE mag?

Brainchild of the two Texan brothers Gary and Dwayne Dassing, MENTALLO & THE FIXER is definitely one of the most influential American electro/industrial bands of the last 20 years. Highly emotional and complex, their music is characterized by snarling distorted vocals, hard cutting sequencer rhythms and a thunderous beat. Always projecting himself into the future, Gary Dassing has throughout his career, constantly been reinventing his sound, offering an impressive list of avant-garde electronic music releases on renown labels like Zoth Ommog, Metropolis Records and Alfa Matrix.

After a catharsis of another 5 years of silent isolation, MENTALLO & THE FIXER is now ready to delivery to their faithful “old-school” fanbase a massive special 4-disc box set collection gathering over 50 tracks: mostly exclusive and previously unreleased material spanning throughout the years back to 1987 until 1996. There is much from the Zoth Ommog era of MENTALLO & THE FIXER and even prior to that, the set also includes several projects the Dassing brothers had along the way: from POLYHEDRON through MAINESTHAI or yet the first full length BENESTROPHE demo tapes, much of which has never been released or even heard. “I like the demos much better, they sound more raw.”, Gary Dassing says. (for more info and tracklist, go

HOW TO make your infographics CV (part 2)

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Hello. This is Damage Von Rock and whenever you’re reading this, I’m just about to drink another triple ristretto boiled with Red Bulls. And boy, do I see noises. And when that’s not happening, this happens ALL THE TIME, I’m doing other fun stuff, like getting my book released on future research/pop culture or designing an infographics CV for my long-time friend Sylwia. Check out her massive social portfolio and click more to see how her CV came to life.
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2012 January: 20 tracks you’ve missed

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From party electro to goth, from hardstyle to metal, 20 tracks that stuck in my head for too long this January. Share, rehash, remix and spread these, they are all ROCK CERTIFIED. You gotta do your own clicking and research for these, my super favourites are highlighted, the rest are for you to mine out.

planetdamage: lifesign, 2012 january

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I’ve gone completely prehistoric hunter-gatherer on stray hours of sleep scattered under stones, bushes or cataracts. I am also called Damage Von Rock and this is just a brief lifesign to all of you whom I haven’t contacted, met or eaten this year yet. My debut non-fiction book on pop culture and the future as such entitled DAMAGE REPORT is now in phase two, manuscript is finished (during the Facebook-announced EPIC WEEK OF FINISHING STUFF) and is at the publisher. (And yes, I have ideas for a second non-fiction and a fiction book as well.)

The IBS exam period is over, this is the latest book by William Gibson right there with some Bootie mashup Budapest mix CDs I’ve just gotten from the BP promoter and I guess I need at least two days of non-stop sleep. I sort of actually deserve that. After that it’s a lot of extra work to monitor the launch of Damage Report and all the great stuff we plan to surround it with and some extra projects I still don’t want to uncover.

As for something quite related: I’m looking for creative/media jobs in London. Here’s my infographics references of the past 16 years. And yes, I look like twentysomething, but you gotta deal with that.

HOW TO make your infographics CV (tutorial)

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You need to get the message across. Everybody does. And when the whole platform of getting it through becomes a CV, most of the time you don’t go McLuhanesquely the medium is the message, you crank your references into two Europass pages (HR people won’t read more than two, CEOs won’t read more than one if you have the LUCK OF THE GODS) and that just doesn’t cut it. Infographics CVs have been around for some time now and I’ve just done one. It’s the very colourful pic above. What’s that, what’s the concept behind it and how can you make one? Answers below.
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CULT: 5 hard edge magazines of the alternative culture

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Everybody loves selection and top n posts, so here’s one for you at the end of the year about alternative culture and underground magazines you could either download freely or get very, very cheap. Treat yourself because they contain great content, we approve of them and think about them dearly. Others approve of our magazine as well and think about it dearly. But we recommend you the others just as well. Come on now, click away!
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