Getting a tad bit Takeshi Kovacs here at Muswell Hill – there is a caffeine drip going straight into my right eye and the left one is looking at the mail I’ve just gotten with the subject MARIUSZ, HAVE YOU UPLOADED YOUR MEMORIES TODAY? which reminds me of all the great (…not) spam waves of the early double-zeroes. Landing page (above) is somewhere between Battle Royale and Max Headroom and is at No idea which game, service, opt-in mailing list or future employer with a plan did that to me but I find this perversely entertaining. And the 20-second loop on the site has been on for more than half an hour. Hypnotic at the very least, but then again we took the hobbits to Isengard and only stopped at the seven hour mark because Windows died a terminal crash. Keeping you updated on this as more details come up.