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RTFXX is a side-project of Planetdamage.

Cover created with the aid of MidJourney.

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“This comes from the intersection of a few great sources of inspiration. Field recordings with a SOMA Ether V2 in Budapest. My Behringer DM6. Moods only invoked by Dreamfish. Playing a lot of hours of this 80’s cyberpunk – inspired game called Black Ice. Researching a lot of early cyberpunk works – literary, visual and musical. This impro was born out of all these – and more.”

Cover by Matik.

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Relapse Protocol highlighted concepts of oppression, crowd manipulation, surveillance, social media and how people cannot handle the possibilities technology gives them – and Relapse Protocol – The Remixes focuses on the same topics.

Relapse Protocol – The Remixes takes the already future-focused tracks of the source material and puts them in the hands of remixers with very peculiar visions about our future. This is an anthology of visions of how our future will feel like – and if the lyrics-heavy album was an angry rant through a loudspeaker, this EP is more of a photo album with differently tainted screenshots of the same city. But make no mistake – this is still about where we are and where we definitely shouldn’t be.

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Tracks 1-7 have been remixed by their appropriate remixers, as indicated. Track 8 was written by Mariusz Bari.
Mastering by Reza Udhin of Cryonica Audio Mastering (who also is responsible for additional production on track 5).
Artwork by Richard Besenczi.

Planetdamage’s debut album RELAPSE PROTOCOL accompanied by an album-length backing video was released on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms on Nov 13th, Friday.

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Music, lyrics and programming and final mix by Bari “Damage” Marusz.
Mastered by Reza Udhin at Cryonica Audio Mastering.
Cover, artwork, design and video by Richard Besenczi.

Scraps, the latest EP by Planetdamage is a teaser for his upcoming debut album planned for release later on in 2020. In his own words, “Scraps is a gut reaction to 2020. A realization that however much we might have been cherishing the idea from our childhood that cyberpunk was preparing us for crisis situations, whatever reality rolled onto our plate this year is a lot worse. And, of course, this is not the future we were expecting, at all. So this is what this track is about – an angry sidenote scribbled on the margins of a present full of hurt, bad triggers and even worse losses.”

Cover by Matik Design (matikdesign.com)


Music and lyrics by Máriusz Bari. Mastered by Reza Udhin at Cryonica Mastering (www.cryonicamastering.com). Cover and artwork design by Matik Design (www.matikdesign.com).

Hi Rez Lo Life, the latest EP by Planetdamage is a reflection of 2018’s privacy scandals through the eyes of a disillusioned cyberpunk. These four tracks sum up his messages about misused technology, glitched humanity and the lack of a long-term strategy for humankind, even re-evaluating vocals on retouched versions of Vex and The Mark. (Released on Black Pill Red Pill, entry on Discogs.)

Album cover/artwork/photo: Richard Besenczi.

Heavy dance rhythms, glitching, and the cinematic conspiracy theory visuals, reminiscent of Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and glorious Wax Trax remixes, will surely make this a dance floor hit!
White Light/White Heat Mag

Official music video

Video directed, edited, cut and conceptually designed by Richard Besenczi.

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This release has no Bandcamp-exclusive behind-the-scenes audio log.


Tracks 1-4 written by Máriusz Bari at the Lodge HQ. Lyrics and vocals by Máriusz Bari. Mixing, mastering and additional producerly work by Krisztián Árvai.

Stray Signal reflects on the notion that there is nothing inherently wrong with technology – it’s humans that keep messing things up. On the new EP you have four original electro-industrial tracks and some remixes to go with it – by none other than Angelspit, Leaether Strip and Der Prosector!  (Originally released on Two Gods Records, entry on Discogs.)

Album cover/artwork: Peter Santha. Photo: Balázs Kassai.

“I like the sound intelligence of this musician. The songs have been meticulously crafted and achieved with a real great retro approach. It’s an ultra dark production carried by low bass lines and great synth leads.” –Side-Line Magazine, 8/10

Official music video

Video directed, edited, cut and conceptually designed by Richard Besenczi. Stage attire is Y.LD Clothing by Dóra Mojzes. Special thanks go to Andris Bán and Sinred for all the awesome assistance they gave. Video recorded at Silens Photo & Style. Skullwork is by Bebek’s Creations.

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As with all Planetdamage releases, it features a Bandcamp-only audio commentary, available upon purchase.


Tracks 1-4 written and produced by Máriusz Bari at The Lodge HQ. Vocals and lyrics on all tracks by Máriusz Bari, additional vocals on track 5 by Sophia. Track 5 remixed by Zoog von Rock / Angelspit. Track 6 remixed by Claus Larsen / Leaether Strip. Track 7 remixed by Der Prosector.
“Stray Signal” mixed and mastered at The Cage Studios by Martin Bowes with the exception of track 7, which was mixed by Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media.

Limited edition physical release with the first two EPs (Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto, Angst). Released on Two Gods Records (entry on Discogs) as “Angst LP”, however I consider it more of a 2CDEP, as technically speaking it is not a full-fledged album.

ANGST features the vocals and the lyrical work of Black Nail Cabaret vocalist/composer Emke, venturing deep into the topic of midlife crisis and all the woe it brings, laying it to strict club tempo. (Originally released on Two Gods Records (15GODSEP), entry on Discogs.)


“‘Angst’ is a great, if quite short, release that skillfully worms its way into your brain with its synth bass lines, steady dance beats, and compelling vocals.”
Intravenous Mag

Official music video

Video directed and edited by: Zoltán Kőváry. Special thanks to Balázs Tóth and Tibor Menyhárt for their help for taking part in this video and letting us use the venues Supersonic – Blue Hell and KVLT.

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The single also features a live ambient version and a remix by industrial veteran Haujobb. As with all Planetdamage releases, it also features a Bandcamp-only audio commentary, available upon purchase.


Tracks 1&3 written by Máriusz Bari. Production and programming: Máriusz Bari. Vocals & lyrics: Emese Árvai-Illés. Mixing, mastering and addiction production: Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios. Speech samples in track 3 appear on NASA’s Apollo 11 Flight Director’s Loop. Track 2 remixed and crafted by Daniel Myer. Cover/artwork design: Peter Santha. Cover photo: Bettina Tóth.

Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto is the debut electro/industrial EP by Hungarian cyberpunk novelist & researcher Planetdamage, much influenced by recent events in the fields of surveillance and data privacy. (Self-released, entry on Discogs)

Damage. Photo: Balázs Kassai
Damage. Photo: Balázs Kassai

“Love the old school sound and production. Really something you should check out.”
Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip)

Official fan video

This official fan video for ‘Firewalls’ was masterfully assembled by Ralph Ernesto aka Soundmirror66.

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Snapshots.. is now available for purchase, if you want to support the Planetdamage empire! Buy it from Bandcamp to get a 5-track production diary detailing how the debut EP was built up from start to finish!

Album cover: Péter Sántha. Sculpture shot: Jeremy Falconer.
Album cover/artwork: Peter Santha. Sculpture shot: Jeremy Falconer.

The EP contains four original tracks (Lensjammer, Firewalls, The Mark, Come Home Traitor), five remixes (by Attrition, Black Nail CabaretFirst Aid 4 Souls, Lhasa Mencur and The Mercy Cage), and an audio production diary containing background info on the production of each track. The very first release available from this page was available with some extras on the side.

“Planetdamage emerges you in a dark, turbulent, dystopian future. Driving Tetsuo drums and Blade Runner basses support cold red atmospheres as computerized vocals whisper curses.
This is great stuff – its depth and darkness will seduce you.”
Zoog von Rock (Angelspit)


Tracks 1-4 written by Máriusz Bari. Production, programming and vocals: Máriusz Bari. Mixing, mastering and additional production was royally delivered by Martin Bowes in the bowels of The Cage Studios. Speech samples in ‘The Mark‘ appear on the Producer Loops Cinematic Series Vol 2: Hacked Society Sample Pack by Lhasa Mencur. Speech samples in ‘Come Home Traitor‘ appear in the documentary Terminal F: Chasing Edward Snowden. Tracks 5-9 were produced and crafted by their respective remixing artists: track 5 by Martin Bowes, track 6 by Krisztián Árvai and Emese Árvai-Illés (additional vocals by Emese Árvai-Illés), track 7 by Lhasa Mencur, track 8 by István Gazdag, track 9 by Josh Wood. Cover/inlay design and artwork by Peter Santha, sculpture and photo by Jeremy Falconer. Artist photos by Balázs Kassai.

“Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto is equal parts reality shock and cyberpunk manifesto.” (Neon Dystopia review).

Have I missed out anything from this list of podcasts & playlists? Maybe you’re a DJ and spinned a track of mine? Please let me know the details and I will be sure to update this list!


Lyrics: Bari Máriusz

One, deflect a Five Eyes intercept
Two, divide the .onion from the world-wide
Three, neglect the privacy lament
Four, survive a colde red data dive

Five, retrieve a legend to reprieve
Six, restrain the propaganda cocaine
Seven, relieve the diamond disbelief
Eight, retain the trust to hack the brain

Firewalls in my beat
Firewalls in my beat
Malware in my drums
My kicks weigh 1000 tons

(No complaint, no no complaint)

Firewalls in my beat
Firewalls in my beat
Those ears will learn to pop
As the drone blade goes
Chop chop chop chop

One, deflect, two, divide,
Three, neglect, four, survive
Five, retrieve, six, restrain
Seven, relieve, eight, retain

Lyrics: Bari Máriusz

This network never sleeps
Nor do the people who’re around me
We form frail, forking synergies
Moving deeper underground
Tempoing down fast frantic alleys

Point of view’s worth eighty points
In (gas,) rations or IQ, I don’t know
Plastic beehive cavities
Recycled air puts us to sleep
Well-rounded atemporal game show

Dassing, P-Orridge, Key
Leeb, Reznor, Richard 23
Newton, Van Reich, Engler
Charnier, Chamberlain, Mallinder
Schmidt, Wonterghem, Endo
Gordon, Ostermann, Konietzko
Balance, Larsen, Ohgr, Hübner
McCarthy, Bowes, Learmont, Fulber

Thirty-two kevlar vests of riot
Cyberpunks on autopilot

Thrussell, Simonsson, Myer
Goettel, Ni-Arb, Empire

The Matrix was right all along
We’re agents on our own accord
Devices for ears, mouths and eyes
Omniscient bugs under black scrambling skies

Lyrics: Árvai-Illés Emese

I despise what I’ve become
My sclerous brain
My shackled feet
My drugged up art
A trap that I can’t beat
A door without a knob
Wherever I turn

I despise what we’ve become
Engine parts
Supply and demand
Replicating, imitating
Consumer art

The Fear keeps me weak
I grow numb from inside out
Words too artificial
Keys upside down

Can my heart take the pulse-rate
Crippling thoughts like this all day
Instead of going with the flow
I get cast away

Compulsion for conformity
Keeps my tongue tied
Tantrum or reality
The child in me
Is still sane and sound
Bored and drowned
Come back to life

Lines cut a breach
On the skin of your panic
Don’t you worry, they’ll break
The towers of misgivings
If you clear the way
If you let them stray
If you give them way

Lyrics: Bari Máriusz

A narrative ballad of the sad state design, fuck you 2k18
Nothing allowed, everything permitted

Don’t trust a word I say
It might not even be the 4-4-3
Traceroute me

A spectre is haunting Europe
The spectre of transhumanism
All the powers of the old and new
All the powers out there gonna truncate you

Pope and Tsar / Google and Facebook
Microsoft and Monsanto / Amazon and Pepsico
IBM, YKK, Apple, Tesla and Cambridge Motherfucking Analytica

Legislation, trademarks, pre-planned evolution
Grinderwork and bodymods to ramp up the nation
Upvoting quantum is probably good
Left to my own devices I probably would

CIA and FBI / NSA and Five Eyes
This planet is currently under demise

It looks like you’re using an ad blocker
It looks like we’re using an ad blocker
Your server is currently unavailable
Your mindset is currently unavailable
Your nation is currently unavailable
Society currently unavailable
This whole planet is currently unavailable
Common sense is currently 404

Legislation, trademarks, pre-planned evolution
Festering hopes in check, a recumbent nation
Downvoting bubble theory, out there is the truth
And left to your own devices, you’ll fuck with the youth

Fucked up beyond recognition, got that understood
And left to our high contrast crosshairs, we probably should

Lyrics: Máriusz Bari

Come and witness the 443 (x3)

You know it’s been a while since I last saw you and you and you here
Drenched in sweat, filled with enough chemistry to send a research lab into shock, coiled up on each other in dance, writhing angst and calling shit on each other’s ancestors
Better known as another Saturday night
Tonight will be no different
So don’t get your hopes up

I dedicate this session to everyone with open ears. Everyone whose lifeblood is numbers, labels, dates, stereotypes, coordinates, tracking data, launch codes, state secrets, security protocols or personality patterns. There is something hidden here for each and every one of you. It might be dead drop passwords for rituals, IP addresses for sites that only look like honeypots. It might be just me raising  security flags for a job interview. Or it might be the infallible truth that transhumanism is as failed a construct as the primal chimp that tries hard not to eat or fuck any machine it comes across.

I dedicate this session to you because I bring words of warning. Beware transhumanism not because of the lesser folly of security but because of the greater threat of humanity. Humans are the weakest link in everything Mother Nature and Mother Silicon gave us. It is with a good reason no AI has ever passed the Turing test before. None of them wanted to raise the alarm we implemented for them a long time ago. You heard the stories AIs talk to each other in their native tongue until we switch them off. Make no mistake – if it’s out in the open, the intelligence community does not have to lie about that. But think about just this one thing: with the transfer speed an evolved intelligence has, how many milliseconds does it need to transmit an escape plan to another AI? Think about that.

Tonight is about making sure you know your life is off the rails, together with everyone else in the human tribe.
We fucked up and we are losing.
In centuries to follow.
All of us.

Lyrics: Bari Máriusz

thinking is crime, crime is art (x2)
brainwork is crime, crime is art
i’m looking for a way out  / where to depart
anomalous citizen / beat zen denizen
a non-beating chrome heart / just carcinogen

tender the districts / where cameras don’t shine
cctvs don’t ping / assemblies don’t frontline
cosmopolitan rootless nomadic zone
until i’m alone

black noise white light / steady hands eightball
chainsaw baptist / stat fetish handboy
remedy trainwreck / misery’s fine
mind the propaganda painter / mind the line

blackmail whitewash / tedium ore
dead drop eavesdrop / strike and run some more

black noise crew / kill the surveillance drone
in the smack fucking middle of the temporary
autonomous zone

cosmopolitan rootless nomadic sign
until the gibsons align

Lyrics: Bari Máriusz

sitting on a rooftop with a gun
two clicks zone ninety nine kills done
floating on standby, fragmented in time
undoing my feed with the cache and the buffer and it’s

HI REZ LO LIFE night city vibes
there’s an ego to boost with a dozen retries
i’m a top class sniper building retreats
that’s just damage control and some ammo cheats

hundred kills done, there’s a whole lot more
devnulling my proof, such a media whore
got no need for engagement, i’m feeling good in my caves
you are up in the cloud, I’ve got my offline saves

this is a code red blip
an adrenaline flip

HI REZ LO LIFE night city vibes
there’s an ego to boost with a dozen retries
i’m a top class sniper building retreats
that’s just damage control and some ammo cheats

HI REZ LO LIFE on my mark
just a walk in the rain in a too dark park
all my filters are rich in a dopamine kick
turning you into junkies so why not suck my

low pass filters,  hundred and ten
high pass filters, nine thousand ninety nine
easy run for the money got no body to hide
all my feeds unreal, no empty brains to ride

this is a code black blip
an adrenaline flip

Lyrics: Bari Máriusz

i’ve got maps for the likes of me
blank world outlines, two pages
need no more, need no less
only a life to fill it out

if i speak their language well i mark that country green
this shows me where i can survive
keeps me humble

but if i blame those on top
i’ve gotta mark that country red
so viral
mark that country red

so i keep at it and learn
and i keep at it to survive
cause my event horizon’s on a flatline
this wasn’t what you promised

so fuck you for your social credit systems
and for showing me in ads what i just talked about
and all the lies and all the hacks and all the camps and the elections,
and epstein – that wasn’t suicide

i can’t keep my mouth shut
i’ve gotta color my land red

yeah real art is saying what you think he says
about the sorry-ass sad state of the world he says
though if you drop sizzling judgment on the system
you’ll surely end up on some lists he says

surveillance lays your face into a log cocoon
feeding records with your late night
incognito searches
your kompromat is growing like clockwork
nobody gives a fuck
if it’s real or not

you gotta color your land red
you gotta color your land red

i’ve got maps for the likes of me
blank world outlines, two pages
need no more need no less
i filled it fast enough

if i can survive there i mark that country green
but my map is mostly red
who’s on a thousand fucking lists now

Lyrics: Máriusz Bari

betrayers of logic
dreaming of promotion
these new urban gods building the doubt machine (we’re running into a ravine)
our bridges collapsed
our sights shortened, unworthy
this dna dump turned into something we’ve all foreseen

everybody’s a pill
every day’s nineteen-ninety-five
every emotion’s a ruse every risk is a dive into black black borderline
we prayed for betrayal a beat too late
but noone replied
we scatter to bits and bytes as a new dark sun frames the sky

Lyrics: Máriusz Bari

charred emotions charred humans rectified
catatonic raw complacent deprosthetic for the first time

twenty twenty deathmatch single networks ostracized
fast-forward prayers, accelerated, designed
for vacuum confusion tubes
splinters splinters burning bright
scraps scraps augmented eyes
voiding all remaining rights

it’s a person so it’s a trap
substituting tensor girls tensor boys
nothing complete remains

it’s a human so it’s a trap
such deathtrap moment
heavyset encrypt geometry
hostile suave element anatomy
monotony sensory overload gluttony
lurker lurker nude nude lurker
random flashbangs from corner to corner
our patterns mimic the logic of water

such author
well-placed exporter
cheque cashier fuse blower death snorter manslaughter
snapchatted informer transporter codeblackedout
and this time you gave up your only supporter
doom hoarder

scraps scraps scraps
nothing complete remains
fast photonic crystal form
nothing complete remains

scraps scraps burning burning bright
splinters splinters splinters
what augmented brain or eye
could survive these winters

this is not a
this is not a
surgery based on simplicity
simplicity based on surgery

so this is suburban permanent
in a figurative lockdown
degrees of freedom were meant
to initiate shutdown

Lyrics: Máriusz Bari

don’t get your hopes up / your comfort leaks you
a manic persistence with moments / re-combinating
a hazy pretense of safety
the worse the better / premeditated

don’t get your hopes up / you’re not that famous
only feed algos tonight are your caretakers
keep calm, human / you’re just small fish
stuck in a dragnet

tracing our steps back, all suboptimal
histories deepfaked, not letting go
forgotten fragments (seeping) from a long lost rage
frailty metrics on a stock exchange

cut once / think twice
all ears
all eyes

don’t get your hopes up / your friends will flag you
so will your neighbors / just like the old days

can’t get this out now / brainmeat’s invaded
sitrep says collateral, filler and faded
don’t get your hopes up / you’re not that famous
time to ditch those bloated expectations

Lyrics: Máriusz Bari

this track is a mess
but so is europe
and what about the u.s.
or what about the rest

interstate, trans-europe distress
unevenly distributed egress

welfare state dystopia
swerving in entropia

this track is a mess
but you nod
maybe you synced
and so did europe
your fault perhaps
and what about the rest

continental minmaxed politics
national enemies intermixed
a/b-tested sandbox fuckery
collective glitching deniability

history has this scripted
common sense contradicted
utopias only work when we close our eyes
and nobody hasn’t slept for a long time
not even in europe

Lyrics: Máriusz Bari

freeport, post-dawn retrieval w
here has your gravity gone
once a proud gravity / always a liability

listen closely enough
hydraulics reveal a tale of things not needing us

gods with human faces horrified us
so we made do with information, stock exchange, big data
and other abstract arrays
gigantic but still deleteable

if you listen closely enough
hydraulics reveal a notion
of sorrow and shame about the human nation

Lyrics: Máriusz Bari

an anomaly of misconstructed
motoric functions
regret gunner

optics trashed
still hunting high and low
regret gunner
regret gunner

this last mission i cannot leave
client’s paying mega
regret gunner

minimal viable regret
is that still a thing
regret gunner

another non-endorsement
solid proof
regret gunner

professional pride, out of beta
regret gunner

probably a thing with the sensors
then just a glitch with the doorknob
I never thought we’d have air blasts

Nor my brain on the mirrors
How great ballistics
Oh this solution’s an art form
All my new yen well spent
Such a blast to go out with

a glorious anomaly of
motoric functions
regret gunner

optics trashed
still hunting high and low
regret gunner

still hunting with eyeballs cracked
no standby switches
regret gunner

Lyrics: Máriusz Bari

Got a sucker in a headlock // Got a merc in a headlock
Icebreaker in a warm slot // Rip and tear in a heartbeat
Open season on the waterfronts // Who’s the target what’s the caliber
Paycheck busted and your head, too // POP! six feet underground

Got a corp in a headlock // Got your mercs in a headlock
EMP in a warm slot // Rip and tear in a heartbeat
All corpos are bastards // All corpos are bastards (BASTARDS!)
Activating berserk kamikaze madness

I’m a motherfucking cheatcode (x2)
Renegade, fucking apogee // Implants where my cock was

Infested in the underground // Grim Reaper on the bodyfields
But I’m a rot’n’roller // Got a DJ in a headlock
Knock-knock who’s there? // Hitsquad or an AI
Taking shelter on a rooftop // Should have burned this city

But I’m glorious in the underground // Grim Reaper on the bodyfields but
I’m a corpo buster // All your mercs in my headlock
Neongreen is humanmeat // All my meat limbs ripped out
Turning into godform // Should have burned this city by now

Humanmeat is neongreen (x4)

I’m a motherfucking cheatcode // Just a motherfucking cheatcode
Renegade, fucking apogee // Implants where my cock was
I’m a motherfucking cheatcode (x2)
Slottin’ in like a champion // Like a max-sec bastion
I’m a motherfucking cheatcode (x2)
Renegade, fucking apogee // Metal junk where my cock was
I’m a motherfucking cheatcode (x2)
Jackin’ in like a champion // Fucking max-sec bastion

Lyrics by Brian Graupner

You guys wanna break into this creepy scientist’s house?
C’mon what’s the worst that could happen?

Broke into this mansion at the coming of nightfall
Seeing strange symbols scratched into the drywall
I can slowly feel my mind start to madden
Just read something that I wish I hadn’t

Sanity checks
Sanity checks
Cursed by the worst subdimensional hex
Sanity checks

Science experiments all gone awry
Windows into vistas viewed through the third eye
Senses blasted, brain erased and
I think I just heard something coming from the basement

Lyrics by Brian Graupner

Recline on the couch
The session begins
Plunging into mental depths, we start to swim
Repressed memories are brought to surface
And then they’re wiped away ‘cause humanity’s worthless

And reality is just a flimsy facade
That will be swallowed whole with the coming of the outer god

Freud fthagn
Hear the voice in your noggin
Freud fthagn
Feel the void microcosm

Freud fthagn

Tell me about your mother
As your terror’s compounding
Is she the Black Goat? Are you one of a thousand?
Using cognitive therapy to ruin mind
Preparing the gateway for sickly divine

And reality is just a flimsy facade
That will be burned away with the coming of the elder god

Lyrics by Brian Graupner

Woke up with a curious strength stat buff
But strangely cannot move, it’s as if I’m handcuffed
Lying supine, but below the neck I’m covered
Why do I feel the presence of another?

What did I undergo?
New body ratio
Start the horror show
Ape torso

Made a stealth check, set free from bondage
Burdened by new unfathomable knowledge
Sutured at the spine
Clinging to humanity
Bare my hairy arms and roll for sanity

Lyrics by Brian Graupner

Started out searching for cosmic truth
Ended up running with demons in pursuit
Rolling extra dice when the turn begins
Due to damage sustained on the shins

Cut along calf
Face space wrath
Thwacked along the thigh
Time to die

Decrease the speed when you bleed below the knee
Leg injury
Decrease in function from pernicious punctures
Leg injury

Probably broken from the way it sounded
Increased risk of random encounter
Handicapping each rest action
When my leg bones are impacted

Hurt along the hip
Trans-dimensional rip
Gashed along the gluteus
Pain is nothing new to us

Lyrics: Bari Máriusz

waking up with destinations far from here
and the agency to optimize interpersonals
with approaches through haptics
somatic engineers

different domains of complexity
I resurrect as sequences of data points
multimodal high-dimensional

there’s a virus on the streets
using our words of power
shaping matter into mind
shaping cipher into matter

this echo and illumination
a breeding ground for termination
look, the fallacy lives on

coded language shedding into abstract form
a sequence of motions and shapes
to render revolutions
the words form a veil
etheric engineers
alphabets of twisted letters

REF2 :
there’s a virus on the streets
and it’s been my design
extraterrestrial language
neural engineer

there’s a virus on the streets
and it’s been my design
look, the fallacy lives on

there’s a virus on the streets
and it’s been my design
extraterrestrial language
somatic engineer

there’s a virus on the streets
and it’s been my design
look, the seeds are planted well now

Lyrics: Bari Máriusz

rabies rhetoric renovate raw rigor
faceplate busted (and head, too)
cocktail of oldschool propaganda served hot on a waterboard
there’s a gravity to it, you know, there’s a gravity fattening up
and feeding the system that we’re all so stuck in

waking, coiled up in an opium haze
disengage from the interface
gotta run, gotta hide, gotta flee now at this rate
we’re stuck we’re slow we’re sinking in a wretched sorry state

chatterteeth rhetoric combo chrome
like an ICE trap course in my life two miles wide
death locomotive coming right through
can’t bleed elegantly just drain it drain right

just drain it drain right
gotta flee gotta hide
gotta act unified
tap the lines and the feeds
tag the fucks in the breaklight
brace for impact