Welcome. To start a new era in the history of this blog (and my own life and head and everything), I gotta release all the bookmarks that I’ve stored away in the past 12-18 months (some 350+ links) thinking I just need a few hours and I’ll write mega insane amazing thematic posts. No. Not gonna happen. I know the structure is very minimal and this is too dense but you gotta fight through the gorgeous bits of knowledge, buckets of cow eyes, Cthulhu sex toys, girls twisted into Gundam mecha, various methods for brain hacking and whatnot. Note: I am still looking for a tool/app that would synchronize all my Google Bookmarks, Google Reader Bookmarks, Chrome bookmarks and Twitter favourites. As a welcoming gift, there’s an Atari Teenage Riot – Iggy Pop – Nine Inch Nails mashup for a quick appetizer. The rest doesn’t swallow easy.

15 Beautiful and Creative QR CodesAnime Maps of JapanAnna Fischer (cosplay)Astronaut GhostsAugmented reality helmet turns the mundane into the fantasticBeethy (cosplay)Beijing’s floating opera houseBenedict1Bumps (Keroppy Japanese bodymods)Burning ChromeCircos postersCyborg Fashion: The Future is RetroExperimantal Geometry GraphicfastcodesignGAFFTA’s GalvanizeGoverdoseGrant Morrison Supergods interview transcriptHow a dark science fiction book became America’s #1 movie: The screenwriter of Limitless talks to the original HR Giger exhibition at Kunst Haus Wien 2011Incredible Light Painting PatternsQR: Interactive Modular CarpetIn the Grimsvotn CloudIsaac Clarke advanced rig hoodieIsobel de Lisle photographyJondixKatamari KingKelenföld Power PlantKen MacLeod’s IntrusionKilian EngLady MechanikaLayered landscapes series by artist Nobuhiro NakanishiMask of CirclesMr. Mead’s Menagerienightshadow-photoart.deNoise & Capitalism: The BookNovelrPaintwork: cyberpunk++ stories of killer augmented reality mechas and QR code graffiti writers‘Pop-up city’ shows off its fire breathing steampunk octopusPost-everythingProteigonRecreating TRON:Legacy custom digital art with a bicycleRosary of Skulls and FacesRudy Rucker’s Collected EssaysRyoichi Keroppy MaedaRyoichi Maeda at chapter9photographyShannon’s Law: a story about bridging Faerie and the mundane world with TCP-over-magicStar GardenStrange Angels: The Art Of Joe FentonSymbiosis BiomecanicaThe Death of Philip K. Dick and the Birth of CyberpunkThe Filter Bubble: how personalization changes societyThe Infinity RoomThe Oldest Piano Shop in ParisThe Post Office RailwayThe Professional Designer’s Guide to Using BlackThe self-portraits of an artist under the influence of meth, PCP, and other drugsThis is the most mind bendingly awesome piece of art you’ll see todaythisiscolossalthreadedTotal Recall: remake of a scifi classicTranshumanism in OperaUMA ChandelierUrban Exploration HungaryVinyl Cover with Analog Light AnimationWhat Would a Modern Wizard Wear?William Gibson and Timothy Leary in conversation, 1989William Gibson, The Art of Fiction (Paris review intvw)Witch Doctor comics


AntichamberAVSEQBastionConcurrenceCube WorldDeityDwarf FortressFotonicaFRACTGames Work ‘Neurological Magic,’ Says QWOP CreatorGrim DawnHow to Beat Every Mario Game – SimultaneouslyKrautscapeLegend of FaeLoveMyndPlayParametersReally Big SkyResetRuinsSkinnyStasisThe BinaryThe PolynomialTorenVektropolisWaiting for HorusWilliam Gibson says cyberspace was inspired by 8-bit videogames


A² Records Unleashed at Disco ZAKBass Events NYE 2011-2012 (Official Aftermovie)Defqon.1 Festival Australia 2011 EndshowDefqon.1 BLUE & PURPLEEndymion & Nosferatu @ Thunderdome 2011Jumpstyle Tutorial Basic’s & Tricks Deutsch (Neu)LMFAO teach Sofi and Ana how to ShuffleMystery 2011 – Headhunterz ft. WinneLearn How to Shuffle in 5 Easy StepsOfficial Decibel outdoor festival 2012 trailerQ-BASE 2011 Extended AftermovieThe Qontinent 2011 Official AftermovieWorld of HardstyleZatox – Unite

Dataviz: 200 years’ worth of economic and health data from 200 countriesHow a book is bornHow social media is ruining your mindHow television has changed in 10 yearsInformation Illustrated: 14 Illuminating InfographicsMargot Trudell’s OMGSpaceWhy Content is King for SEOWhy mobile users aren’t checking in

72 Demons: crowd sourced alternative illustrations of the Ars GoetiaAlan Moore and GlyconBicameralismCalea zacatechichiClavicula SalomonisCyberculture History: The High-Tech Pagan Origins of the .to Domain NamesEileen Nauman: Medical AstrologyGalembo Vodou imagesGenesis P-Orridge on Magick, Sex and CyberspaceG. I. Gurdjieff and His SchoolGreater Ritual of the HexagramHexagram Ritual ModificationsInterview with Timothy Wyllie of The Process Church of The Final JudgementLanguage, Magick and NeurolinguisticsMala practiceMiddle Pillar RitualOccultcorpusOccult VibrationsPapa LegbaPapa Legba, loa of opportunities & gatekeeper to the spirit worldPicatrix Jupiter RitualPlanetary RitualsSigils, Servitors and GodformsStewart Lee interviewing Alan MooreTantra practiceThe Archetypes of RitualThe BombThe Cabinet of the Solar PlexusThe Greater Ritual of the Hexagram Banishing JupiterThe InvisiblesThe Laws of Chaos MagicThe Magic CircleThe Magical CalendarThe Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian JaynesThe Practice of the BodhiThe Rite of SaturnThe Thirty-One Planes of ExistenceUse of a Buddhist Mala by Gyatrul RinpocheVoynich Manuscript Carbon Dated to Early 1400s – About a Century Older Than Previously ThoughWILSON AND I: A PERSONAL RECOLLECTION OF ROBERT ANTON WILSON


A Dipset Trance PartyAlec Empire MashupA LullAmon Tobin – CalculateAvaritiaBeth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny – DodecahedronBlood Orange – Sutphin BoulevardBourbonese QualkBoyd Rice Iconoclast film reviewBurial HexCatherines Cathedral: TorturedCharli XCXCYBER JAM MAYHEM WITH ZOOG Pt. 1Elekseveneks (bandcamp)EmikaFeedback MonitorFirst Aid 4 SoulsFractional – Bloodhappymagicsunshine mixtapesHeadphone CommuteHideous Men – Sirenshighpark mixtapesHow Music Travels: Map Documents The Evolution Of Dance MusicIkue Mori – Bhima Swargaindian giver yesJohan EssLee Noble: Our Star, the SunLoli Ripe: Dirty BuzzM△S▴C△RA (Mascara)Micro-Genre Mood Swings pt.1Niveau ZeroNonukParis: StreetlightsProgress ProductionsPsybonsaiReturn to Khaf’jiRock noirRxRy: AlphaSalem: Till the World EndsScoreahit: Live PredictionsStripmall ArchitectureThe best album of 2010Teehn BwitchesTop 10 songs of 2011 (Rosequartz)Top 30 goth singlesTranscendent Sensory Walls of SoundUrushi Musical InterfaceValis: ExigesisWEIRDMAGIC musicWITCH HOUSE // CHILL WAVE // NAME GENERATORXorzyztYohio

3D Printers Will Build Circuit Boards ‘In 2 Years’3D Printing with Bone Meal9 Crowdfunding Websites to Help You Change the World10 Sex Robots Who KillAcceler8orA Formula that Explains why We Won’t Invest in Preventing an Asteroid Collision‘Angelina’ creates computer games, is a computer herselfA Pill that Stops Stress in Your Brain Before You Feel ItAre We Surrounded by Dyson Spheres?AudiotoolBeautiful visualisation tool transforms maps into works of artBecome a Tron snowboarder with this full-body LED snowsuitBlabaBxfrCarbon nanotubes could be hiding bits of the universeCosmic Commodities: How much is a new planet worth?District 9 has supercharged African science fiction moviesDIY Biosynthesis of Insulin and Thyroxine – Disaster Resilience and Personal Biotech‘DIY drugstores’ in development by Glasgow University researchersElectronic gloves turn any surface into a pianoEven a little meditation can change the structure of your brainFeds shutter online narcotics store that used TOR to hide its tracksFollow People If You Like Their MusicFugu: Procedural Geometry with LuaGalaxies all grew more violent, when they became “teenagers”How Safely Can You Practice DIY DrugsHuman Skin as a Touchscreen InterfaceJaron Lanier’s Virtual Reality FutureLabchirpMouseflowMymusichabitsOne-click, in-browser MP3 recording and hostingParis Airport Gets Holographic Boarding AgentsScientists Teleport Schrödinger’s CatSimplynoiseSlime Mold and Highways Grow in the Exact Same WaySteal your face: realtime face substitutionStencylSynapse for KinectSynesthesia and EvolutionTastebuds.fmThe Human Brain Changes Its Own Behavior with Its Electric FieldThinkismTibetan singing bowls give up their chaotic secretsTools of Tradecraft: The CIA’s Historic Spy KitTrain Yourself to See Impossible ColorsTurn Your Android into a Hotspot Without Your Carrier KnowingUltrasonic speakers create sound where you want it, nowhere elseUniversity of Birmingham researchers succeed in cloaking a paperclipWe Can Encrypt Secret Messages in OpalWhat Flavor is This Shape?What really causes Morgellons, the disease that makes colored fibers grow out of your body?Why doesn’t the field of psychology have a unifying theory — and where can it get one?Wordle + 7 Free Word Cloud GeneratorsWorld’s most powerful handheld laser can mess with satellitesWhy has synesthesia survived throughout human evolutionary history?


about HIMAAbused Room : D⚡ICaptain Beefheart DocumentaryCompressed 02Edge of Dawn – Lucid Dreams (music video)First footage from JODOROWSKY’S DUNE will convert you to the cult of DuneFreiheit reel 2008HECQ – Else (intro)Jason Silva’s Captivating Videos Deliver a Dose of ‘Techno-Optimism’Industrial Culture Handbook: The MovieI Dream of Wires: The Modular Synthesizer DocumentaryKowloon Walled City DocumentaryPioneer OneOmega ShellRadio Free Albemuth trailerRaum Zeit by Subdream in 2011 (music video, tribute to Benoit MandelbrotResearcher’s Video Shows Secret Software on Millions of Phones Logging EverythingRZA drops the science in animated pilot for BOBBY DIGITALSalad Fingers 9: LetterSee (and Hear) the Space Shuttle Launch Like Never BeforeThe 1986 infomercial for the Neuromancer movie that never wasThe 3rd LetterThe Day the World Went AwayThe Social Web of ThingsThe Source (Japanese cyberpunk short)This is Not My LifeThought of YouUmshini Wam by Die AntwoordV‡S kULt /// TREE OF THE SOULWarren Ellis> Captured Ghosts (the documentary)Watch a Crazed Fake Russian Taze, Shoot, and Pepper Spray His Biggest FanWelcome to Hoxford, the fan filmXenogenesis (James Cameron’s first movie)

A Gonzo Futurist ManifestoAlec Empire: Restart the RiotA legjobb phó BudapestenAlejandro JodorowskyAnxiety CatA Transhumanist ManifestoBioart Project Seeks to Extract, Copy and Spread William S. Burroughs’s DNA – From a Preserved TurdBlam Blam FeverBlue JamBlue Verbal Data FeedBucket of Cow EyesBuzzfeedCafé OTOColor QuizCthulhu Sex ToysCustom built lightcycleDouglas Rushkoff’s ADDEguchi AimiElaborate televised prank on Belgium’s terrible phone companyElectronic Taoist Deities Now Accepting Prayers in Hong KongFM3Gottfried HelnweinGundam Mecha Modded into Young Cute GirlsHow the Antikythera Mechanism worked – with Lego!How to Build a Computer Model of GodHR GuideHypnotoadInsanity puppyInstalling magnets into fingertipsJulie WataiJung Preference Exploration Personality TestKim Jong-Il Looking at ThingsLady Zhiva Void GirlMarbled Tea Eggsmilk-socketsPermanent TAZs by Hakim BeyPhó – illatos csoda a panelbanPopular Chinese-language internet terms, expressions, acronyms, or slangRegionális sztereotípiák (Peking)Rock Chopper (bamboo bicycle)Secrets of a Mind GamerSteven Cook’s AlternityStop Writing On The Internet To Make People Love Youswaptv’s (i really dunno what that is)TasteologieThe Future is JapaneseThe Korean Subway to NowhereThe World of Japanese Cyberpunk CinemaTravis Louie’s Magic SoupUnidentified teenage boy emerges from forestWell, preciselyZef