cover galore: the sun always shines on tv

Morten "jósvádájú" Harket és barátai megírták a slágert a huszadik század igazi feng shuijáról, értsd, ha keleti oldalról süt be a nap, nyugati oldalra helyezd a tévét, ha ablakból süt be, ablakkal szemben helyezd, ha lakást tervezel, úgy huzaloztass, aztán csak egyszerhasználatos sláger lett belőle. Egyszerhasználatos. Nincs egy videomegosztón egy olyan felvétel sem, ahol Morten "jósvádájú voltam" Harket jól énekelné ki a kritikus részeket (amúgy tudom a többiek nevét is, olvasok Wikipédiát, volt nemstandard tiniújságból pixeles A-HA plakátom, bekaphatjátok), a feldolgozások pedig még siralmasabbak, az 1985-ös verzió volt a legjobb, mégis összegyűjtöttem egy csokornyivalót (az öt darab), hogy megtudjátok, mit nem szabad. Egy-két kivételtől eltekintve.
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tetsuo the bullet man trailer

Five months ago a couple of sites broke news about the English-speaking sequel of Shinya Tsukamoto's cult classic TETSUO series: here's the trailer for the third installment called BULLET MAN. For more info on Bullet Man, read my previous post.

hardware: fields of the nephilim's carl mccoy cameo (with robot heads)

Look where sifting through endless linkboxes stored in 2009 will get you. British cyberpunk movie Hardware done almost twenty years ago (read CPR's review about it here) features none other than Carl McCoy, frontman and lead singer for one of the best bands that the Goth subculture ever donated to the world - Fields of the Nephilim. McCoy's voice is slightly altered but his eyes and the hat he wears give him away instantly - playing a zonetripper character who's out there in the wasteland, scavening whatever's left for the taking. The movie is hilariously bad but hey, it was the golden nineties, everything was permitted. Below, one of their best tracks, For Her Light off the 1990 album Elizium.


repo men remake comes in 2010 april, features law, whitaker, rza

Humans have extended and improved our lives through highly sophisticated and expensive mechanical organs created by a company called The Union. The dark side of these medical breakthroughs is that if you don’t pay your bill, The Union sends its highly skilled repo men to take back its property…with no concern for your comfort or survival.

Jude Law plays Remy, one of the best organ repo men in the business. But when he suffers a cardiac failure on the job, he awakens to find himself fitted with the company’s top-of-the-line heart-replacement…as well as a hefty debt. But a side effect of the procedure is that his heart’s no longer in the job. When he can’t make the payments, The Union sends its toughest enforcer, Remy’s former partner Jake (Academy Award® winner Forest Whitaker), to track him down.

Now that the hunter has become the hunted, Remy joins Beth (Alice Braga), another debtor who teaches him how to vanish from the system. And as he and Jake embark on a chase across a landscape populated by maniacal friends and foes, one man will become a reluctant champion for thousands on the run. (via


Darren Lynn Bousman's REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA last year was a sine wave, high with its much-promising cast (from Skinny Puppy's Nivek Ogre to Alexa Vega, Sarah Brightman or even Paris Hilton), its fusion approach and the visuals, low with coherence and the lack of, well, anything to compel opera newbies to give themselves easily to its entirety. Whatever we missed - the cheesy, gory fun -, Miguel Sapochnik will put it back in his Repo Men remake - debuting on the 2nd of April, 2010 - featuring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker and even Master RZA himself!'s best music finds of 2009


2009 zenei aranymazsolái, részeg éjszaka maradványa ez a töredék is, az ötlet persze tökéletes, miket kezdtünk el hallgatni idén, amik amúgy nem is annyira új anyagok már - földönkívüli civilizációk bódult isteneitől poszt-grunge szennydívákig, hipnotikus brit space-technótól dzsunkatempóra himbálózó dubstepig visz a lista, videoklipekkel megszórva. Az év legjobb anyagai később jönnek, ha egyáltalán.
To all of you who speak English, just click this. Inside: a few bands I came to love in 2009 from Goth to space techno, sprinkled with lots of videos and MySpace links. If the magical harmony of Hungarian vowels do not instantly bestow you the meaning, fear not.
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coilhouse, issue 04


The fourth issue of the love letter to alternative culture is for sale. From the 22nd of December. Fuck you, time zone difference. For a moment I wanted to write "if there was only one mag I would buy, this would be it" and then I had to realize this is just the case. ( and some extra info on that )

mass effect 2: meeting the galaxy's most perilous criminals

Mass Effect has grown something into a household favourite during the past weeks. The sequel is coming in a little bit more than a month's time (26th of January, 2010), until that the fortuituous date, here's some twelve minutes of footage about how the Normandy 2 looks, how you board the Purgatory prison ship to meet Subject Zero and a few glimpses into the new battle system.

ten good habits for learning japanese

image of the harajuku girl comes straight from

Repetition works. Avoid writing romaji (transliteralized Japanese) from day one. Focus on pronounciation and annotate words with pitches and accents. Use Japanese when you can and do it with common sense and avoid people who encourage you to speak English instead. Repetition always works. These are but a few language learning tips for Japanese by Eido Inoue who runs his wonderful blog Nippon: until Death us do part. If you've learned a few languages in your life or at least tried to with a strong but fading amount of dedication, you'll see the truth behind that: learning languages is actually arduous work, however gratifying and you'll need a few extra steps with Japanese (would need to take extra steps with any Asian language, I had my fair share of battle with Tibetan and Mongolian). If you don't want to go and live in Japan, these same rules apply just as much. Oh. And the basic rule that actually worked quite well with me all these years: if you really want to learn a language and feel like you've progressed a lot: two hours of learning each and every day is a must. More like three, if you can afford that. Watch movies. Real ones, not anime flics - those are just as good to get to the pronounciation right but you'll confuse everyone with the slang you've learned (or just memorized, for that matter). Write your kanji a lot, otherwise they'll just slip past your brains. Get a teacher, a tough one. You won't actually get anywhere with a nice person who'll forgive you your missed classes, unfinished homeworks and stuff without a slap on the wrist. If you wanna be fast and efficient and bulldog about it, do it like you mean it. Hah, sorry, got carried away. Read that article, that's amazing. (Below, that's Hiroko teaching you a few things about job hunting and alike.)

phreak/hacker history comic available as free download


The first two volumes of Wizzywig, Ed Piskor's wonderful graphic memoir of the early days of the BBS/hacking/phreaking scene, have been posted online. (...) Wizzywig is the story of Kevin "Boingthump" Phenicle, a fictional hacker who's part Mitnick, part Poulsen, and part mythological. Boingthump is a preternaturally bright, badly socialized kid who discovers a facility for technology that's egged on by his only pal, "Winston Smith," a would-be Abbie Hoffman who is obsessed with the potential to use Boingthump's discoveries to monkeywrench the machine. (first part of phreak, first part of hacker, via boingboing)

enter the pachinko matrix tv commercials


Pachinko operator Daiichi Shokai is really desperate inventive about enolagaying the pachinko market with their new machine Pachinko Matrix. The past week apparently was all about pachinko on Japanese pop culture sites and although bloggers agree that it's actor Nukumizu Youichi [温水洋一] in both of the ads, opinions vary whether it's really Carrie-Anne Moss before her pregnancy or just a lookalike (we'd go for the lookalike but Western actors actually do shoulder the occasional Japanese commercials for the paychecks). Sculpting noodle bonsai in bullettime is actually one of the best ideas I found in commercials (though it's really been a long time since I watched them at creative agencies and even that didn't take me anywhere), so spare a minute of your precious pre-Christmas time. (And if you need some good intel on pachinko gaming, just found that on Google Answers.)

top 10 science party tricks

Magician/Psychologist Richard Wiseman shows you how to perform 10 (count 'em) science-based stunts. You now have no excuse for awkward pauses in conversation this holiday season. (via boingboing)

photo enhancement in cop shows and movies

My favorite one of these -- I think it was in Enemy of the State? -- was two supercops looking at a satellite image of a terrorist standing on the roof of a building, and one says to the other, "can you rotate the picture so we can see his face?" I was waiting for the other guy to say something like, "sure, I'll just rewrite the fundamental laws of the universe so that cameras from overhead satellites can see around corners," but no, he did it. (via boingboing)

planetdamage webstat for 2009: schwarzenegger is love doll

notadollAz Analytics szerint az olvasóim több mint háromnegyede nem itthonról jut el a posztjaimhoz, ezért köszöntöm Japánt, Brazíliát és a keleti partot, maradok az angolnál. Az előzetest is csak azért, hogy zsírozott anyanyelvi jobbhorog legyen az elmúlt év legszebb keresőkifejezése, amivel rámakadtak, érkezik, figyelj, MIBŐL KÉSZÜL A RÉZ. Az idegrendszer ilyenkor kirobban, mint a neoncső, de ezt is lehet szokni, Zürichben még ott indult folyásnak a jobb szemem, amikor a Google fejlesztői megmutatták, hogy több mint 11 millióan kerestek rá arra, hogy how to make babies. Tényleg. Köszönöm a türelmet.

Hullo, faithful and filthy readers. More than 55K unique visitors and 200K+ pageviews with a 24% bounce rate, by people who mostly speak English, use Firefox and are mostly interested in loose women, edgy futurism and according to the tag statistics, [cyberpunk, parkour, infographics, concept art, fetish] makes them tick. This is the past 50 weeks, almost a year's entirety of planet://damage and I'm thankful to you [yes, YOU] for following the rant. Whenever I log into GoogAnal to check the stats, it's always good to see you haven't lost interest in the flow that's for the most time a tumblr with a separate domain and an archive for proof that there actually was a time when I could write my own sentences and didn't blockquote half the known universe. But I digress.


I take the liberty here to express my sincerest, most heartfelt sympathy to one of my fellow human beings, who, by a blinding misstep of fate, found p://d by asking how to have a blowjob in montreal 2009. The list of funny search keywords and expressions shortened to a handful of pub jokes, with schwarzenegger is love doll being on top. I'm very much thinking about starting a porn blog (adult blog? erotica blog? is it how you PC stamp them these days?), too many hits about love dolls (the second most frequent searchword after my nickname), real doll masks, serial bukkake, slut training, how to make a human sex doll and how to do business with love dolls, which sounds something like an elusive piece of writing Warren Ellis would refer to in a creative stupor on the bottom of a Chinese opium sailboat. And for something completely different, the list of the most read articles of 2009, without the loose women:

therainbowpeople14 sec: too short to live, too long to suffer: we released a cyberpunk short movie in June 2009 with film director Tamas Mesmer, a classic and clichéful first-generation story with Japanese hitmen, mutants and some kick-ass musical accompaniment by First Aid 4 Souls and BAAL. Check the movie here with some on-site tweets and photos.
A thesis on Gibson and cyberpunk: part 1: that's a project coming from way back. I was an English major a couple of years ago at the uni and wrote a thesis in 2002 called The representation of the Body in the works of William Gibson, this is the first part of the serialized version. You can find the rest either via the search function or the tags when I have the time to backtrack and retag some fifteen hundred posts.
[HUN] On Hungarian cyberpunk part 1 and part 2: A brief introduction into the Hungarian cyberpunk subculture I had the luck of experiencing it firsthand and developing it later with a few select bloggers and individuals into something completely different. Personal stuff, not that much, recommendations, more like.
[HUN] The seven hardest Thai action movies you haven't seen: Hungarian readers tell me it's fun to read but if you're nowhere near the language, click it anyways, it features seven Thai action movies from Ong-Bak to Raging Phoenix and you're almost as good with the youtube embeds and the titles, Google will tell you the rest.
[HUN] Cyberpunk in Mexico: watching the videos and following the links will be enough for you, this is about two Mexican cyberpunk movies, 2033 and Sleep Dealer and also a few bands from that area, most notably Hocico.
The best iPhone apps part 2: aural LSD and junior bondage: this comes from a time when I was pretty much hooked onto my iPhone and bought all apps that looked even a bit intriguing (and thankfully there were only a few, during the past few months I haven't actually purchased any apps) - this includes Zen Bondage, RjDj and Nine Inch Nails Tap Tap Revenge, to name a few.
[HUN] A post on REZ: I know even Rez HD is an artsy old piece of a console game to use with LSD and shrooms, but even being all straight edge, it is all splendour and love.
[HUN] The book called Death Beat Club: Six years ago I wrote something like a book tasting like bittersweet blogger ego. I posted its highlights and my favourite sections in ten separate parts. Search for death beat club and satanic wisdom shall be yours.
Penfield's Electrode: I love coming across amateur materials that look intriguing and creative enough and I had this great luck finding Penfield's Electrode. Will have a longer post on amateur cyberpunk shorts and I have quite a list - and this will also be mentioned at greater length. Great stuff.
Neuromancer: the translationparty mashup: How to run through cyberpunk's biggest achievement through a Japanese-English-Japanese translation engine and come up with something bloody, garbled and schizophrenic? That's how.

the best-looking (and structurally interesting) subway stations


london’s underground became the first subway system in the world when it began operation in 1863. since then, underground subways have been built in almost every major city of the world. from new york and paris to hong kong and dubai, subways are an essential part of public transportation in cities. within these systems, architecture plays a big role in defining the environment of the subway. here is a collection of some of the most architecturally interesting subway stations. (via designboom)

us air force, past science fiction: first america's army, then transformers, now this

The United States Air Force has launched a television advertising campaign, with three commercials demonstrating that technology, once thought to be science fiction, is actually being used by the Air Force today. Each commercial spot is portrayed in a cinematic, sci-fi environment and then reveals in the end that these missions are not science fiction, but rather what the men and women in the Air Force do every day. (the inspiration roomvia io9)

little boots gets reactive remixing app


RjDj's been something of a household name this year - their idea of augmented music and sound environments is just something that could really dig its way into the experimental underground community of sound sculptors, music freaks and junkies alike. Seriously. Show the Trippy (previously Album) app's Echolon to a friend, if (s)he freaks out, bam! you know (s)he had LSD. Anyways. I'll dig a bit into creative/augmented music applications and self-generating music later on, but this just came in: Little Boots (Remedy has been a jingly little favourite in Q4) got her own reactive music app for three of her tracks, aforementioned Remedy, New in Town and Meddle.

The result is the first reactive remixing app where fans of either Little Boots or reactive music can use reality to remix her tracks. (...) We’ve used the full reactive toolbox, so the scenes play with manipulating audio input, walk detection and some really interesting new angles on controlling the flow of the music with the accelerometer, Strike style. (via

after the long goodbye: 2010-ben fémízűt harap a mondo

2010mondocoverKlausztrofób, intelligens és állatbarát. Két dolgot mondhatsz erre: zavarbaejtő vagy japán, mindkettőt kipipálhatod, továbbmehetünk. Yamada Masaki 2004-ben publikálja regényét, az Innocence: After the Long Goodbye-t, ami hálás részét alkotja annak a ragyogó és kaotikus egésznek, ami a Ghost in the Shell univerzum egyszerűre és fényesre polírozott, agyhackerekkel és külpolitikai villongásokal teli világát böffenti át egy metafizikus, érthetetlen, de ugyanakkor gyönyörű valamivé. A könyv az Innocence anime előzményeként szolgál (Batou elveszett kutyáját, értsd, addig sem létező emberségének utolsó elveszett szikráját keresi, hogy Twitterre optimalizált maradjak), teljesen ellent is mond minkettő a manga techszleng-orgiájának, cselekményének és annak, hogy változatlanul a jómellű-kékhajú Motoko a főszereplő (csak éppen Aramaki és nem Kusanagi, de legalább családban marad). Ha láttad az európai cyberpunk vízválasztóját, a Gibsonból rendezett New Rose Hotelt, tudod: szomorú hangulatból, dekadens lányból, vécében lerendezett dealből, kék fény alatti gruppenből meg okostelefonból lerendezheted a jövőt, ilyen sokelemes fazetta lett az After the Long Goodbyeból is, csak itt természetesen jön mindaz, amiért a dilettánsok hada huszonöt éve vérzik el az LSD-mámorban, mégse jön nekik össze. Yamada természetellenesen szenvtelenül magyarázza a cyberagy felépítését, jó színházi rendezőként építkezik: ami megjelenik, az szimbólum, szerepe van és több tíz oldallal később köszön vissza, minden kutya, minden takarításra, szexre, telepresencere termesztett robot emberibb az embernél, te pedig szomorú árvaként dobod a könyvet a sarokba, konstatálod, hogy először rendelsz úgy könyvet az Amazonról, hogy nem olvasol utána, mégse bánod meg, szívtelen vagy és magányos, szomorú a jövő, te pedig jegyet veszel a maglevig Budapestről, csak oda.

2010.01 - Ghost in the Shell, 4chan, ball-jointed dollok meg amit még nem szégyellnek: szívmelengetővel indítja az új évezredet (ha jól számolom, új jön) a Mondo magazin.

mass effect 2: the new reveals

January 20th, 2010, the most scandalous sabotage masqueraded as a video game sequel makes a dent in the universe. Workflow and creativity will perish, yet, spacefaring will reach unprecedented climax and whatnot. I wouldn't have thought I'd be interested in Mass Effect 2, although I've spent quite some time with the first installment, enjoyed the fights, enjoyed its shattered, almost traditionally futuristic universe, the characters and the character interactions that are usually dramatically shallow. Not this time.


Then I took a look at the new cinematic teaser trailer and I had to make a few calculations to see if the new project we've scheduled for the beginning of February coincides with the release date. Good news, it doesn't, we're just finishing the big project to enjoy a few days off in the universe which is, bit of a cliché, carefully butchered again by a new slaver species.

If you're even a bit of a SF fan, you'll go head over heels drooling for this voice actor star cast reveal (almost Japanese in its unstructured nonsense, this phrase) video (see?) - Tricia Helfer and Michael Hogan from the Battlestar Galactica series, Adam Baldwin of Firefly, Carrie-Anne Moss of the Matrix series, Martin Sheen, Keith David, the lovely Yvonne Strahovski - seems like a strong, if not directly overkill team to me. No more words, check the videos - a bit of an introduction to the new ladies, the much-debated Subject Zero and Samara and the already familiar and beloved Tali. This game comes with the full approval of the PDHQ!

a hét legkeményebb thai akciófilm, amit nem láttál: a nőt verheted, csak a buddhának ne fájjon

Akrobatikus muay thai akciófilmeket nézni olyan, mintha karikás ostorral kapnád el a felszálló Boeinget, hogy a légörvény hosszú másodpercek után pont a heves és feszengő stewardess éhes szájába repítsen: drámaian valószerűtlen és egyben ördögien hatásos. A könyökre, térdre és egyszerű brutalitásra komponált thai harcművészet olyan egyszerűen - megvan, hogy amikor valami annyira tiszta és egyértelmű, csak nevetni tudsz rajta? - sajátította ki magának a producerekkel és kokainnal teletömött ún. kreatív hotelszobákat, ahogyan Jet Li söpri tisztára az edzőtermet a japán mételytől >a Fist of Legend egyik klasszikus jelenetében.


A 2003-ban filmvászonra került ONG-BAK (vicces, a Mátrix-trilógia ugyanebben az évben öli meg a cyberpunkot, ennél mainstreamebb már nem lehet, hogy apádtól az államig mindenki átbasz téged, Indiának meg igaza volt azzal, hogy az illúzió örök, igaz, a jógik gyökereket rágnak, randák a fogaik és húgycsövön keresztül szívják fel az esővizet, ha kell), térjünk vissza, az ONG-BAK megmutatta ugyanis az európai producereknek, hogy ezt kell lemásolni ötezerszer, nem a párizsi taxisofőrökben meg a hongkongi akciófilmek európai átirataiban van a pénz. Ha nem nézted meg a videót, nézd meg, irigykedj, bonts egy sört, gyere vissza. Európának, Kínának, az öregedő Jackie Chan - Jet Li - Donnie Yen hármasnak int be órmotlant Tony Jaa, az emberek vállán szaladó, üveglapok között szaltózó thai népi hős, akit rohamrendőrök helyett küldenél be tüntetésre és utána eladnád élő egyenes adásban az egészet a vezető hírcsatornának, csak a reklámfelület egy percéből vehetnél új májat, hasnyálmirigyet és teljes arcplasztikát.

Mögötte int be szintén a harci koreográfiákat kiötlő ex-kaszkadőr Panna Rittikrai és a film rendezője, Prachya Pinkaew, akik a thai akciófilmek új generációját szülték egész menő trónusra: Luc Besson is csak uncredited executive producerként tudott bekerülni az IMDB-re, neki köszönhetően indult be az európai terjesztés. Az alábbiakban: hét thai akciófilm, amit (remélhetőleg) nem láttál, készülj.
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battle suits and sex: the very first tron movie still & new poster


Disney got legendary right in 1982 with TRON, whatever cyberpunk ripoff vision of the Far East future they wanted to depict with Surrogates, they failed tremendously and we could have gotten the fair point of growing your own vegetables in the back garden far easier. (See Gamer, they could get the present right. With Dexter, even. But I'm dragging myself into the 2009 retrospective article you'll get in a few days. So, hush.) The new image twosome is brought to you by none other than IO9 and their chirpy comments about battle suits and sex. (via io9)


2009 holiday top 10 cosplay hotties


Present, from me to you. Can't deny the popularity of the cosplay posts - especially the cosplay cleavage one back at Kotaku - so it's really high time I post something I've been digging after for a long time, a bouquet of ten cosplay hotties excluding those famous beautés found in the slobsofgaming's eleven hot cosplayers list. In order of appearance: Aya Kiguchi, Kipi, Marie Claude Bourbonnais, Vikki Blows, Kanda Midori, Paranoiko, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Saya and someone whose identity we couldn't pinpoint. Good luck with whatever you end up doing with this tenner.
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minus 012, fridge baby moodsetters and the second way out


Adrianne Curry, first winner of America's Next Top Model posts naked picture of herself playing World of Warcraft. (via kotaku)

Urban freestyle teenager romp in a generously Finnish manner, timetravelling without moving back to the end of the nineties, the fuzzy door between warehouse couture and street physical bubble aura manipulation, as presented by the nightshift of the Pacebreaker radio crew.


The webstore of Warren Ellis and his accomplices, including the unholy "Where's My Fucking Coffee" device.

karácsonyi kiárusítás: könyv, DVD, manga

UTOLSÓ FRISSÍTÉS: 2009 dec 09, 12:21

Elkezdem a ti kontótokra megszabadítani magam a felesleges könyvektől meg filmektől, ezzel szimultán válok egyre kevésbé értelmiségivé, könyvetnemadunkel, akönyvazörök, úgyhogy ha ti is szeretnétek hülyébben látni, vásároljatok tőlem ünnepek előtt zavart szemekkel.

kamiyadori03_01gNégy Öt kupacba csoportosítottam a dolgaimat: az elsőben az angol nyelvű könyvek és mangák, a másodikban a PR-reklám-marketing szakirányos könyveim, a harmadikban az egyéb magyar nyelvű könyvek, a negyedikben meg a DVD-k vannak, az ötödikben meg a vallással kapcsolatos anyagaim meg a tibeti szakról megörökölt, de nekem már érdektelen anyagok. Az ár utáni szám a könyv és a film minőségét jelzi. DVD-nél nincs nagyon értelme, max egyszer néztem meg ezeket a filmek, a régi CD-ken Budapest domborzati térképeket tárolok fény felé csillantásra, de ezek szűzek. Könyvnél az 5/5 perfect bolti állapot, a 4/5-nél meg van gyűrődve egy sarok vagy a könyv széle kicsit kopott, 3/5-nél látszódik, hogy olvasott, a gerincen vagy a szélén van valami kihajtás, esetleg a fehérnél kicsit használtabb és kopottabb bár a borító.

Alkudni lehet, de nincs értelme, kivéve ha egyszerre több dolgot viszel el. Átvenni csak Budapesten lehet személyesen, nem postázok. Az emailek sorrendjében (planetdamage kukac gmail) foglalom le a könyveket, aki gyorsabb, hamarabb, igét nem írok. Érdemes időről időre visszanézni, ugyanis itt törlöm, amit már megvettek és frissítem új könyvekkel is, ha éppen elkap a vérszem és eladom a régi tibetista szakkönyveimet (nem vicc, szótárak is vannak) lám, a tibetista anyagokat is kiraktam. Jó nézelődést!
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