Passing this on as information free, lucid and hal lu ci no genique. Yet another proof for the apparent lack of the linguistic common denominator, Translation Party turns your English sentences to Japanese and back again, continuing the cycle as long as it doesn’t reach a sorrowful equilibrium: a point where Jap-Eng-Jap translations invoke a change of zero. So there, a few lines of the classic cyberpunk textbook turned into something horrendously postmodern (if the term still applies, I thought I’ve evaded that and the lesbian gender studies professors with flying colors after graduating). Continue translating, feed it into a voicebox and dub it over some harsh noise, Kenji Siratori-style. (I evoke you, Kenji Siratori, let us mashup anything with anything and then dub this over!)

Giving it some thought, I actually made some changes in the text – every now and then I decided not to choose the translation end result but made do with some intermediary phase instead, whichever sounded nice. If you come across some sentences that appear to have come from the original text, they probably did and they probably don’t exceed the critical limit of three words. Or maybe four. Come, procrastinate wonderfully with us. (And also, read what Gamesradar has to say about the past 25 years where Neuromancer has been a textbook. It has been for us. Look where we ended up.)


Sky TV, the color of the port, the channel was adjusted to the dead.
‘I’m not used to this,’ in this example, the fans around the door I said. `My body is a diet drug.` And it was a joke SUPURORUSUPURORU audio. Chatsubo bar for professional expatriates. In Japan, two to three weeks, I have heard that I drink.
Medical expenses, a flat tray Ratz ROBOTTOAMUBA MEGANEKIRINKAPPU convulsions. Cavities, the brown steel webwork laughter, Eastern Europe, I think it’s him. Navy, Lonny crisp, Africa, the band, cheeks, and the precise location of sunscreen, wear scar, please contact the Bar of the tribe of Costa whores. `The first two were paid joeboys,` Ratz, hands him a good bill that is not recommended over the bar. `Perhaps you and your business case?`
He shrugged the incident. The girl on the right side of his face, his fine-tuning.
The bartender’s smile widened. It was the ugliness of his own legend. Symbol of the lack of a reasonable time for the beauty of him. If MAGUKAPPUANTIKU arm whined. Pink plastic, Russian military Manipulators FOSUFIDOBAKKU artificial life. `Many artists, Herr Case.` Ratz, his smile and the sound grunted. His white shirt, please tell us about the problem of pink nails. `We artists are a little weird.`
`Sure.` If I sipped my beer, I was with him. `What is recommended here for fun? Sex is certainly not.`
The girl was smiling octave.
`This is my sister. Do you want to choose whether or not you do this? City, He is close personal friend of mine.`
She is the first two cases, the movement of her lips to the soft sound. However, I sent her.
`Jesus.` Case. `Creepjoint best to do this? No alcohol.`
`Ha,` Ratz, scarred trees, gold rag. `Is the percentage of the zone. Please enjoy my work.`
100 cases of beer, the magical moments of silence, his suspension of his arrival is not related to the same thread. And prostitutes, to listen to the hysterical laughter tinged.
Ratz grunted. `Passed an angel.`
`China,` effect of Bellowed Australia, `In China, blood was invented nerve-splicing. I, I will work on the mainland of the nerve. Right, friends, Please correct the following items.`
`Today,` if the glass is, suddenly, he has all the bitterness and bile, `there are a lot of it.`

Japan than in China, I knew I had forgotten the details of Neurosurgery. Technology, Chiba, clinics and institutions, in all hotels in Memphis, black supplanted month to repair the problem of corruption.
In cyberspace, but I hope fading dreams of the night of the year. Abnormal development under the table for you, please turn off the grid. Corner of the street, his white light, the logic of a deep sleep at night… Currently, the vast Pacific Ocean, SAIBASUPESUKAUBOI to change the length. That’s a gambler. Voodoo’s waking dreams and sleepless nights, crying in the dark, crying in Japan livewire temperfoam, his coffin, nails in the Carl bedslab capsule hotels to access the console.


`I saw your girl last night.` Ratz, giraffes, and passed the first two cases.
`I do not have.` He said, and drank.
Case shook his head.
`Are you a girl? Are you one of the friends of the industry’s only artist? Devoted to commerce?` The bartender’s small brown eyes were nested deep in wrinkled flesh. `I laughed as she. Currently, some night, perhaps even art, the clinic tanks, spare parts wind.`
`You are my heart, Ratz will be destroyed.` His style of beer in the rain, dirty khaki nylon, high hunched, narrow shoulders began preservative. Ninsei crowd in conversation, he could smell the sweat of the past.

This incident was the year 2004. There is the possibility of theft in 2002, he was the length of the procedure cowboy. BOBIKUWAIN MAKKOIPORE He is the best in the industry, I have a legend, I would like the training. If KASUTAMUSAIBASUPESUDEKKI great excitement and adrenaline, young people with the consent of the matrix, the product, many of the projects is to feel the quality of my body forever. Thieves, working in exotic thieves, abundant light, open the window of the wealth of field data must pass through the walls of the enterprise system software.
If he is, a mistake, I swear I think this is a classic. He stole from their employer. He left something in my hand, tried to move the fence in Amsterdam. It is important that I can find him. He is expected to die, they smiled. Of course he was welcome, the money has welcomed him. And he was going to need it. Reason – certainly smiled back at work – is.
They damage the nervous system of the mycotoxin in wartime Russia.
Before writing, the hotel bed in Memphis, the ability of the micron 30 micron hard time hallucinated.
Damage to the very subtle and effective.
The real joy of my life in cyberspace, is expected to fall. As a cowboy hotshot, the more I like him, the bar for ease of meat in particular the position of the elite offensive. The body was meat. In prison, before the meat.

Trobriand Islands, the assets of the closed circuit of the ring from a pile of bills, the shell of the old world will be converted to a distribution of fat in the black market. This increase in legitimate cash transactions is difficult. In Japan, it was already illegal.
In Japan, he clenched and absolute certainty, he is known treatments, please imagine. Chiba. Medical Clinic shadowland black registration. Splicing microbionics, Chiba TEKUNOSUPURORUSABUKARUCHA synonymous with crime magnet nerve graft.
Chiba, testing and counseling in the New Territories will no longer appear on his rounds. And hospital, the man, his last hope, he is now disabled and I felt the shaking of the head black and applause.
Slept in the coffin, at the bottom of the crystal is a cheap port, as a vast stage, the night of the flood DOKKUHAROGENRANPU; Fuji Electric Company on TV, the glare of the sky, towering hologram logo of the spread of the black may not see the light of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay, and daily crowds of DA white gulls floating on Styrofoam ring. Port City arcologies plants have dominated a giant cube of the dome of the company. Divided by the narrow boundaries of local government officials of the port. Night markets in mind Ninsei. Under the neon is inert Ninsei, all day, waiting, and toxic effects of the empty bar of silver hologram.