RjDj’s been something of a household name this year – their idea of augmented music and sound environments is just something that could really dig its way into the experimental underground community of sound sculptors, music freaks and junkies alike. Seriously. Show the Trippy (previously Album) app’s Echolon to a friend, if (s)he freaks out, bam! you know (s)he had LSD. Anyways. I’ll dig a bit into creative/augmented music applications and self-generating music later on, but this just came in: Little Boots (Remedy has been a jingly little favourite in Q4) got her own reactive music app for three of her tracks, aforementioned Remedy, New in Town and Meddle.

The result is the first reactive remixing app where fans of either Little Boots or reactive music can use reality to remix her tracks. (…) We’ve used the full reactive toolbox, so the scenes play with manipulating audio input, walk detection and some really interesting new angles on controlling the flow of the music with the accelerometer, Strike style. (via