Pachinko operator Daiichi Shokai is really desperate inventive about enolagaying the pachinko market with their new machine Pachinko Matrix. The past week apparently was all about pachinko on Japanese pop culture sites and although bloggers agree that it’s actor Nukumizu Youichi [温水洋一] in both of the ads, opinions vary whether it’s really Carrie-Anne Moss before her pregnancy or just a lookalike (we’d go for the lookalike but Western actors actually do shoulder the occasional Japanese commercials for the paychecks). Sculpting noodle bonsai in bullettime is actually one of the best ideas I found in commercials (though it’s really been a long time since I watched them at creative agencies and even that didn’t take me anywhere), so spare a minute of your precious pre-Christmas time. (And if you need some good intel on pachinko gaming, just found that on Google Answers.)