Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield was something we’d have called a radio shack afficionado back in the days, only he did it to brains. If you ever wondered who found out the 0day vulnerability on the brain not feeling any pain directly, Penfield was surely one neurogeek to exploit that. According to what Michael Talbot wrote in The Holographic Universe,

While operating on the brains of epileptics, he would electrically stimulate various areas of their brain cells. To his amazement he found that when he stimulated the temporal lobes (the region of the brain behind the temples) of one of his fully conscious patients, they reexperienced memories of past episodes from their lives in vivid detail. One man suddenly relived a conversation he had had with friends in South Africa; a boy heard his mother talking on the telephone and after several touches from Penfield’s electrode was able to repeat her entire conversation; a woman found herself in her kitchen and could hear her son playing outside.

This will serve as a gorgeous intro to YouTube user brainmove‘s “Repressed adolescent web-series in da house… “, PENFIELD’S ELECTRODE. Smooth Japanese narrative with low angle shots, heavy dose of after-effects and some shots of a mutating mental patient that reminds me of Metalosis Maligna. Tune in when we manage to find out more about this small jewel!