MIXTAPE: The Grant Morrison DisinfoCon Mixtape

Just put together a new mixtape, haven't done that for a long time since the Razor Coated Candies series at Dragontape. This one is a mixture of chaos magician/comics writer Grant Morrison's famous DisinfoCon 2000 speech and a good load of ambient, glitch and electronica - loving narratives over electro and that just works as an amazing ward on the TFL. London is a vampire and any good mixtape is an amazing protective metal neckstrap, so here's one and expect more mixtapes in the upcoming weeks. Here's the MixCloud page for the mix, find Grant Morrison's DisinfoCon speech in its full 45-minute length here or go browsing on Dangerous Minds, one of the greatest counterculture sites around.

Artists/projects included in this mix are: Access to Arasaka, Brian Eno, Forma Tadre, Grant Morrison, Gravious, Harry Gregson-Williams, Hecq, Kryptic Minds, Mentallo & The Fixer, Michael McCann, Peter van Hoesen, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Sandwell District, Scanner & Tonne, The Black Dog.

(Image courtesy Patrick Meaney/Respect Films, Wired link)

MUSIC VIDEO: How to Destroy Angels - Ice Age

How to Destroy Angels is back with a more ominous and disturbing EP entitled Omen, first video Ice Age directed by John Hillcoat (the guy who was working on Digital Hardcore Videos? Yep, him). (Read this review at entertainment.time, too.)

MUSIC: Headphone Commute releases benefit compilation [...and darkness came] in December

Headphone Commute, Tympanik, Futuresequence, Boing Boing Music, Bandcamp(fans), Synthtopia, Side-Line, Auxiliary... the list of worthy info hubs just keeps getting bigger and even better.

A few days ago I wrote about Tympanik's new 42-track fifth-anniversary compilation and now here's another in a similar vein which is a must: [...and darkness came] (although it sounds like a decent V/A on Cold Meat Industry) is a massive benefit compilation, "with 100% of the proceeds being donated towards two charitable organizations, Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society, to help all those affected by Hurricane Sandy".

Seeing the list of contributors below and the reason above, definitely something to donate the $10USD+ for. For more details, go visit Headphone Commute.

Clint Mansell • Max Richter • Nils Frahm • Hauschka • Machinefabriek • Valgeir Sigurðsson • Dustin O’Halloran • Christoph Berg • Hummingbird • Simon Scott • Marcus Fischer • Peter Broderick • Black Swan • Rival Consoles • Lawrence English • Kate Carr • Ólafur Arnalds • Waves On Canvas • Maps And Diagrams • Dalot • Good Weather For An Airstrike • Leah Kardos • Ezekiel Honig • Mark Templeton • Radere • Fabrizio Paterlini • Netherworld • Stephan Mathieu • Talvihorros • Pleq • Antonymes • Brambles • Clem Leek • Minus Pilots • Olan Mill • Ian Hawgood • loscil • Bersarin Quartett • Hammock • M.Cadoo • Jóhann Jóhannsson • Rafael Anton Irisarri • Helios • Mike Jedlicka • Christopher Willits • Celer • :papercutz • Dakota Suite • Kreng • Annoice • Takahiro Kido • Yuki Murata • Aria Rostami • Peter Prautzch • The Frozen Vaults • riverrun • pinkcourtesyphone • David Wenngren • offthesky • Autistici • Strië • A Bleeding Star • Kane Ikin • Sun Hammer • Roel Funcken • Wabi Experience • Another Electronic Musician • Scanner • Erik K Skodvin • Julien Neto • Absent Without Leave • Last Days • Stray Ghost • Trifonic • Marcus Fjellström • Gen Ken Montgomery • David Newlyn • Boy Is Fiction • SaffronKeira • Ben Lukas Boysen • Somatic Responses • Évo Lüthi with Monolyth and Cobalt • Ex Confusion • Seth Chrisman • wndfrm • Infinite Scale • Floods
and even more

SUPPORT: Machete Girl Cyberpunk Digital Series

The new issue of Australian cyberpunk magazine MACHETE GIRL scrapes reality with your brains in December, its eighth issue focusing on the subtle bridges between technology, magic and how we make ourselves into a living haggis of augs & fancy tech. Until that - you have 20 days to support the new Machete Girl project. Their ideas about making an all-encompassing media empire is something to look at - now they're busy working on a five-episode long series about our world in 2043. Read more about the project here and if you think it rocks.. you know what to do.

The Digital Web Series: Machete Girl the Hacker Chronicles, is the story of a young woman who is desperately trying to find out who has been systematically hunting down and murdering her friends before she ends up the same way. Set in the year 2043 Chloe is a hacktivist who mines government data and hides it in a Virtual Reality Game known as Arcadia, which is a fully immersive virtual gaming world.

The series will be shot on an ‘audience participation basis’ for example at the end of the first webisode the audience will decide who lives and who dies. This will have a “Real World Effect” as it will determine if we employ the same actor/ actress for scenes in later episodes. It’s an entirely revolutionary concept at this level because of how intense and visually spectacular the scenes will be.

Currently Machete Girl is also a popular free online magazine with over half a million downloads and now a 24 hour four channel online TV station, all run out of pocket for the fans. There is also a novel in the works and a comic book too! (read more on rockethub)

WEEKEND: [hyper-conscious] Hyper Japan 2012, Psydoll in London

Hyperreal. A copy of the real without any origin or reality, states Baudrillard. The authentic fake, says Umberto Eco. Atari Teenage Riot amps the volume to 11 with excruciating delicacy. This place is a big biosemiotic onion on the mainstream timeslot. That's me, it is a Saturday and I just lost a wonderful girl named Charlotte into a crowd of seemingly acid-ridden Marios and Yoshis and a gothloli army equipped with masks of blatant and vague liebevacui disinterest that would send even Rocco Siffredi into the PITS OF LIMP. (Yes, pits of limp. Get over it.)

Welcome to Hyper Japan, an ecosystem of pre-Cyber Monday kawaii innecessities, sweet lolita treats, pop magazines, mangas, toys, the yodawg 9gag cosplayers (doing le meta cosplay of enacting 9gag comment trolling in real life, idling along the walls in slomo neurotic unison), the occasional parents shocked into mute statues of glossy Munchian terror, an endless streak of geek couples and an evolving katamari of fans - a grandiose pop bath simulation of UK tourists condensed into a few hundred square meters of Earls Court. I suddenly miss the RFID-tag visitor tracking and its visualization sprayed across AR layers and a backchannel masturbating on us with staccato squirt tweets and event blabber - anything that could kick HJ off from its initial pink froth touristy phase to something teeth-grittingly modern. Ish. Hopefully without the Fukushima radiation treatment. (For better psychographic profiling, check out a massive video footage archive from JackDigital about this February's Hyper Japan event.)

I'm voicing this to Wendy, silently dripping coffee into my eyesockets. `Why would you expect anything so specifically underground here? This is Nihon at its mainstream and as such it is quite alright`, she says, leaving me in a flurry to dispatch enemies. She spends an hour practicing with showman swordfighter troupe KAMUI who carefully elude topics like proper stance, legwork or balance while I'm playing around with the Handroid, the only thing left for me to fiddle with if I don't want to play Yu-Gi-Oh or mess around with the new Tekken release. I obviously break it. The Kinect-controlled mechanic hand doesn't care too much about introduction, its sensor glares at me, reads my very heart and sticks its mechanic fingers into a grumpy gesture of ROCK regardless of how I hold my fingers against the sensors, its cognitive muscles paralyzed into my personal statement.

"Bad targeting", I tell the devs, "this is a mindreader hand, not one that mimics."

"Yes", they say.

In a universe similar to ours, my blood splatters on cheap warehouse wallboards, not quite elegantly.

Needless to say, we decide to move underground.

(Photos by Corri Candyfloss)

Bethnal Green's Resistance Gallery, tucked away in Poyser Street behind an almost unmarked door offers just the flipside of HJ's gluttonous pink - it is a sensuous, pulsing liqueur of black and red and sweet, sweet dense grime. Poised on the top floor maid café we take in Nawashi Murakawa's Yoshiwara bondage performance and the Monsterlune Freakshow, above them, the iconic figure of Batou broods away in existential glitch. Little pocket universes and little pocket interwebs work best and this is clearly one of them, one of those freeze-frame moments when you look around and see your lifegraph map itself out, below us, a scene of mock cannibalism, resurrection and a twisted love triangle of vaginal glitter, sparsed with statements of power and self-scrutiny along structures of rope.

I always wondered what kind of veves shibari structures align themselves to. My guesses may actually be well-founded.

In a universe not completely unlike ours, robotic baby heads looking like typewriters making love to horology explode in alphabetical order.

In other news, as I'm typing these, campaigners are busy fundraising to oppose the imminent demolition plans for Earls Court.

There is now a metabubble anomaly on the Central line.

PS. As for little pocket universes and frothing bubbles of meta - we had quite a lengthy discusssion over those with @silcucc - with a message of intent that puts all little universes into sentience. TRUST YOUR STORY.

MUSIC: Tympanik to release new exclusive compilation ACCRETION

I can't recall exactly how I came across Tympanik Audio but I know how I can't get away from them. There are a number of huge impulses that keep me locked in ambient/glitch/soundtrack electronica and Tympanik is one of them, the label with a repertoire of consistently high quality releases, listing names like Access to Arasaka, Displacer, Stendeck, ESA or Tineidae. (They've also been keeping me in cognitive dissonance for some time now, I've been wanting to release a futurepresent mixtape for such a long time, but then again I play AtA's seminal visionary album Oppidan from 2009 or Tineidae's Lights and I stop right there, saying "this is post-war Narita capsule hotels with vat-grown 15-min rent-o-vagina bacteriae fantasies in a capsule I paid for, no need for mixtapes".)

So, Tympanik has a birthday, a fifth one, making them a powerful force amongst the likes of Hymen, Enig'Matik or Mille Plateaux and they're releasing an exclusive compilation called ACCRETION with 42 songs by Stendeck, Fractional, Autoclav1.1, Displacer, Haujobb, Anklebiter, Candle Nine, r.roo, Dirk Geiger, Lucidstatic, Erode, c.db.sn, Aphorism, SE, Flint Glass, Endif, Flaque, Worms of the Earth, Tapage, Known Rebel, Normotone, Comaduster, Undermathic, Tineidae, Disharmony, ESA, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Unterm Rad, Integral, Totakeke, Meander, [Haven], C.H. District, Ex_Tension, Geomatic, Access To Arasaka, Famine, Black Lung, Opposite Exhale, Zeller, Ad·ver·sary, and Subheim.

Pre-order ACCRETION here for 15USD - the compilation is released on December 4th, 2012. And if you don't know what you're up for, here's a selection of their 2011-2012 materials.

MUSIC VIDEO: Punks Jump Up X Dubka - Feels Good feat. Saint Saviour

Indie/thrash 80s pop meets werewolves in this brand new music video by Punk Jumps Up and it was quite fun to realize it is really @blippchen as lead WEREWOLF ROCK GODDESS! Go Babsi go!

TRAILER: Now You See Me (con artists, magic, reality hacking)

Intelligence and reality hacking is a turn-on and I have a boner the size of Burj Khalifa, all glittered with Death Swarovski and Acid Bukkake for NOW YOU SEE ME. Four-man con artist/illusionist troupe The Four Horsemen pull off a Robinhoodesque wealth redistribution trick that instantly gets down under surveillance, leading both characters and audience to the question of will it blend who is the hidden fifth member of the team. High concepts remind me of Red Lights and Prestige AND. THEN. THERE. IS. MICHAEL. CAINE. Movie opens on June 7th, 2013. (more at screenrant)

SUPPORT: Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay

Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay will be my second documentary focusing on industrial and experimental music. Framed in the post industrial revolution society, industrial music stands out by its use of anti-music, noise and electronic elements, shock factor performances, provocative themes and unique design, as well as its independence from the major labels, mass media and culture: Industrial music has a culture of its own. (via kisskissbankbank)

I'm simply amazed. Amélie Ravalec goes head-on ballistic with industrial subculture in her latest endeavour Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay and it looks massive. MASSIVE. Planning interviews with the likes of Cabaret Voltaire's Steph Mellinder, Chris & Cosey, Clock DVA's Paul Browse, Boyd Rice, SPK or Z'EV is nothing short of breathtaking and if you're doubtful, check out the teaser for her previous documentary, Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno. SUPPORT THIS NOW. Again, here's the link.

MOVIE ANNOUNCEMENT: Deus Ex Human Revolution

CBS Films announced today that Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) will direct the screen adaptation of the iconic Square Enix video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Derrickson will also write the screenplay for the film with C. Robert Cargill (Sinister). Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh are attached to produce the film with John P. Middleton serving as Executive Producer. (via comingsoon.net)

TRAILER: 2088 (Steven Ilous), more pre-Robocop porn

Pre-Robocop non-human crime division meets a derelict car and a very, very angry robot with it. Only a minute long, yet the actor models, the cars, the cityscape - it all looks wonderfully melt together. Amazing soundwork by ECHOLAB, more info on 2088's Facebook page and of course, it has been delivered to you by the mad robocop otaku Riplakoidase!

DAMAGE'S DAILY DIGEST - 2012-11-08 bookmarks: Seed, Ethno Tekh and more!

Going against the tide with putting great content I see on fastmedia (FB and Twitter) here. Got stuff you want featured, seen or heard of? Post it to info at planetdamage.com.

  • Ethno Tekh | ethnotekh.com | is a collaboration between Brad Hammond and Chris Vik, in a motion-controlled, A/V act. Our performances are totally live, using the Kinect, Ableton Live and a number of custom tools built in Unity3D and Max/MSP/M4L. (More tech specs on the show on this vimeo page, don't forget to check ethnotekh.com and their Facebook page.)

Click more for Tyson Wade Johnston's Seed, Twitter prediction algorithms, the new book of Doug Rushkoff and more unorthodox music making solutions!
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ETSY: The Hag's Poison Bottle

Some gorgeous post-Halloween bottle charade from Etsy's DeadSpider shop. (Thx, Ripla!)

WTF: Ray Kurzweil offers a completely WTF combo package with How to Create a Mind

  • Reduced pricing (34% off)
  • Individually signed by Ray Kurzweil
  • How to Create a Mind T-shirt
  • Free download of Transcendent Man
  • $1200 gift certificate toward attendance at Singularity University*
  • Win a seat at a 2013 7-day SU Executive Program*

(pre-order to this month's most WTF product combo package, via Lhasa Mencur!)

GAME: Dust: an Elysian tale or how to make a game completely out of scratch

In this candid and detailed postmortem, developer Dean Dodrill tells the tale of the challenging and largely solo development of Summer of Arcade hit Dust: An Elysian Tail, a title that took him over three years to create. (via gamasutra)


“A massive, angry robot fires banks of lasers at an orphanage, slicing it apart to the horror of thousands of onlookers. You emerge from the wreckage on your jetpack, and blast at its weak points, breaking it apart like you’re dismembering a boiled lobster.” So goes our press release. ANYTHING that's called Drunken Robot Pornography can only be disturbingly gorgeous. More at dejobaan.com!)

BREAKING: First official poster for Neuromancer!

Apparently the first official poster for Vincenzo Natali's adaptation for seminal cyberpunk novel NEUROMANCER. No further information on release date or cast members. It's good to see that many of the 80's tropes come back roaring with the plugs, the concept of jacking in or the definitely retrofuturistic typeface - but is it just me who thinks that the pattern behind the jack plug is actually a fingerprint? And if so, how would the whole concept of hacking change if you didn't jack in via headplugs but fingerplugs? Natali already expressed his concerns previously about the clichés of cyberspace and dropped new ideas to the table about how cyberspace could be represented in a fundamentally new way (read more about that in my previous post) - is this a new way of tweaking the golden age of gridline hacking?

(saw this on comingsoon.net)

PLANETDAMAGE: lifesign, 2012 November

Six weeks in a nutshell, ruddy staccato on a Halloween night, dictated by an overdose of caffeine and probably a bit of hatred, too. And I just watched someone onscreen drink half a bottle of wine with his eyesocket.
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