Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay will be my second documentary focusing on industrial and experimental music. Framed in the post industrial revolution society, industrial music stands out by its use of anti-music, noise and electronic elements, shock factor performances, provocative themes and unique design, as well as its independence from the major labels, mass media and culture: Industrial music has a culture of its own. (via kisskissbankbank)

I’m simply amazed. Amélie Ravalec goes head-on ballistic with industrial subculture in her latest endeavour Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay and it looks massive. MASSIVE. Planning interviews with the likes of Cabaret Voltaire‘s Steph Mellinder, Chris & Cosey, Clock DVA‘s Paul Browse, Boyd Rice, SPK or Z’EV is nothing short of breathtaking and if you’re doubtful, check out the teaser for her previous documentary, Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno. SUPPORT THIS NOW. Again, here’s the link.