film industry rumour: blade runner 2 in the works

Slashfilm has a longer post on whether Travis Wright, Eagle Eye co-writer is really working on a sequel to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Travis revealed that during the past few years they (referring to John Glenn as his partner) have been working on various treatments on a sequel and not only had they worked with Bud Yorkin, BR co-executive producer, but also they are already working with a pre-visualization team on a few hunter action sequences. Screenwriter Glenn sez there actually was a time when Travis and he worked with Yorking but that was years ago. Slashfilm concludes that nothing is being developed by the studio itself, or with the studio’s involvement. (link)

fuck you, weather

Fuck the Rain umbrella available from Art Lebedev store from September 24th. (Warren's gonna love this, even for 35 euros.)

[itsuki takashi の マンガ] を探している / amputee robot dolls

And you can imagine the rest. Artwork's by Itsuki Takashi, a very obscure mangaka even in Japan, the one who did Yoso no Himitsu, a manga based on a Cthulhu story by Robert Bloch. Itsuki's been known in the past few weeks via Ectomo and Coilhouse for his amputee robot doll set, partially published on the baby art blog (link one, link two).

bpm by paul sizer: life of a dj compressed into 96 pages

In the past six years I was always more of a promoter than a DJ, even when I moved a dancefloor of two hundred, I knew it was nothing really like the real thing, vinyls, Technics, the crossfader: all the real deal. We always loved CDs and laptops more, either because we were a new generation or we were just wannabes and couldn't afford the original way. But how we lived our life and the typical problems that we all had at the time because of what we did is awesomely reconstructed in the new graphical novel by Paul Sizer.

B.P.M. has an awful amount of teaser pages on the project site and as far as my knowledge goes, it'll be available in November. Read the teasers, order the rest with me. Let me share the official stuff with you.

BPM is a full color 96 page graphic novel written and drawn by Paul Sizer (LITTLE WHITE MOUSE, MOPED ARMY graphic novels). The graphic novel will contain the main story, plus a comprehensive sketchbook section and detailed playlists and notes. Plus, the book will also be linked with iMixes from the Apple iTunes website that provide a “soundtrack” to accompany the book, as well as playlists for each of the main DJ characters, showing each person’s musical tastes.

“B.P.M.” is Paul Sizer’s love letter to the music he loves. In combining the story of a young DJ with the power of computer enhanced artwork, Paul’s goal is to merge his love of comics and his love of music into a moving, dynamic story of passion, motivation and hard choices over following one’s creative dreams. Paul has challenged himself as a writer and artist, using new techniques to tell this story. Combining his art with hundreds of photos he’s taken in New York, Paul has worked to make “B.P.M.” a unique visual experience as well as a thoughtful and engaging story that transmits the raw power and inspiration that music can generate.

seven scenes of ego (london, science museum)

Seven pics from the Science Museum, a place of utmost rock. This contraption above is a central hub for the comment delivery system. Visitors can leave their remarks at certain terminals that start to live a life on their own and start running around in the building, sometimes in full length, sometimes just as brief flashes of white data. You'll see more when I post my own pics, this is the end of the Girl Wonder series, I was more focused on stuff that are blog-ready.

I guess this was either Floor 1 from a half floor above or a disused Floor 3. Elevators are for the weak. One of the messages in the background explicitly details filthy details on what I did with the plastic sheets at the World of Plastic exhibition. Photoshop has an undocumented feature that can uncompress this data for you.

Topmost floor. There are huge touchscreen table games for children here and an anal probe that you can sit on and it gives you a thorough chem check. I am also screaming on this image, but thankfully we've turned down the volume a bit.

Ohohow. The Science Museum (along with a few others) are for free but for a few mini-exhibs you have to sacrifice a few quids, just like this interactive one. You enter with a card that you swipe on the yellow circles just like the on you see on the pic, activating mini-games about how you imagine your life in 2050. You can design future food, vehicles, homes, transportation system and stuff and finally you get an evaluation and your mini-city gets included in a mega-town that comprises of all the visitors' experiments. Very childish and very enjoyable at the same time. I am designing caramelised sweets with vaccine here.

Grab the receiver and follow the instructions to choose the energy reserves you'll use for your future homes. I went nuclear. Literally.

If you know me well enough, you know what I'm thinking here.

You'll get more images in another set, so this is just a teaser about Floor 5's exhibition on the history of medicine. They had wicked Chinese and Sumerian shit in there, also some amazing and not so amazing urine collection systems and this trepanation set also comes in handy when you need to skullfuck someone like this is the last day on Earth. Have fun, children.

cluster housing by björn börkur eiríksson

Icelandic concept designer Björn Börkur Eiríksson, lead artist/designer at CCP White Wolf, has some deeply depressing artwork to share on his site. IO9 mostly focused on the post-apocalyptic city exteriors: the image that reflects a more Europeanized/Balkanized version of capsule hotels seemed like a good idea for the front page: there are no doors on the "flats" and the only entrance is the elevator robot that's a bit unreal for me - given that you have an environment like these, you'd expect custom-made rope ladders, at least.

(This concept actually has a name called cluster housing'and there's one amazing concept that grabbed me. Useful and Agreeable, abbreviated as U+A, designed by Neil M. Dinari is a kinky little construct, according to archintect, the u+a house options range from the "mini hi-rise" to "low-rise", or "high and wide" options extending up to 1800 square feet (167 m2). innovations include lightweight aerospace grade aluminum panels, solar power, rooftop patio, rain collection, flexible floorplans, plus some built-in furniture designed by nmda). Denari also says that "far different from most pre-fab designs, the u+a pre-designed house submerges the 'off-the-shelf' appearance in favor of an aesthetic that is closer to product design of a smaller scale."

another cyberpunk comic @ bloodfire to be made as big-budget web anime series

The Gene Generation goes on DVD next January and if you've seen the comics (if you haven't, grab it like fuck), you know it's out on Bloodfire Studios. Now Wired drops the hint that Bloodfire received the rights to make an indie comics series from an anime-style big-budget web series that has RDF USA behind it (who were responsible for shows like The Two Coreys or Wife Swap). Release tentatively set for 2009, so far there's only one leaked cityscape image, according to Wired.

the unfinished swan and whitewash

The Unfinished Swan - Tech Demo 9/2008 from Ian Dallas on Vimeo.

Back with more obscure indie game techdemos at your fingertips! The Unfinished Swan, described as a surreal maze game set in an entirely white world is all about splattering paint around yourself to find your way. There's a very similar techdemo called Whitewash that plays along the same line, though you'll need to have a Unity plugin to check that out. Games' been nominated at a few places - if you're interested, check the original post on Indiegames.

call the ships to port, an intermezzo

a hundred clocks are ticking
the line becomes a circle
spin the wheel of fortune
or learn to navigate

eleven scenes of mount avalon (of doom)

The London Eye - a fantastic place, mostly because of Café Manga, the motherfuckingly awesomest Dalí exhibition (really restored my faith in spoken word and the classic piano sound) and the fact that we sort of managed to hack the hourlong queues, getting through in ten minutes' time. Will have mid-air pics later on of the pods, need to send memo to engineer guys to add Brian Eno-esque ambient background.

The moment when you realize that you really, really have five channels in the Paki neighbourhood and HAHA gives you a decent flavour of monochrome lullaby.

The Dev, right on the back corner towards Camden Market - also the moment when you realize that Goths are the same everyone. If you don't look like them and they don't recognize you, you're just street gomi. Sounds awful, doesn't it. Nah, seriously, nice vibe.

Featuring Drew, vocalist of New Project - too bad Claire's not visibly around, she's possibly getting a seventeenth pair of stiletto heels. Drew, man, if you read this, we owe you one big time :)

Interior of Camden Market, lack of rain, excess of Thai, in the triangle of Damage 311, Hexagon and some Chinese vendors who were hellbent on the idea that I'd need to buy samurai tees. No samurai tees.

Moi, at the Market, just minutes after FSOL Papua New Guinea from a green coffee shop sent me into sweet sobbing.

Typical scene. Maps, coffee and things going blurry. Especially after Zen Revolution. But I'll tell you more about that anyways.


A piece of organic aesthetics of doom and also, DOOM. Lovely, Brain's gone unwired. Will post more pics later.

blue ego, fourteen serenades

London gallery coming soon.

covenant - bullet

Back from Avalon, Budapest's hung like a dark grey rag in a shitstorm, installing a new wifi router, rechecking on the Collide live DVD, re-designing the whole Dose mag and sending this clip to m1k3y of, because I'm sure he's gonna like that. Be back later when I'm past the culture trauma.

The London Trip, day 1

Hello there, filthy readers. We're currently at the Lebanese neighborhood on Central and this is Ramadan AND full moon. So, as you can gather, we've arrived to London. Girl Wonder is getting extremely efficient in blocking my amok runs into Viet and Jap restaurants and also, reducing my shopping frenzy to bits. Luckily, she's not that efficient, although in Chinatown, she didn't really need to be, because the sheer quantity of stuff to buy just slapped me in the face and I broke down and started crying. (Chinese people actually loved that.) Brain is monkey custard now. The Paki hotspot downstairs doesn't really work, so I'm using the 3G card and it's wonderful. And I'll also post random stuff more randomly. B12 is legal here, by the way, stashing up is fantastic, I can now give people DNA tests just by looking at them. Not to mention Zen Revolution that I'll be pouring right onto my eyeballs.  And we have a design festival here this week, which means we'll be basically rushing around from exhibitions to galleries all day long. All in all, mission of rock.

asian fetish, to collect a horde of spambots

A few pics to share until I get back online. I'll just kill the possibility to comment, because this would actually invite spambots by the number of LEGION and I wouldn't want that, so send me directmail, mail address at gmail or comment me on Twitter.

a note of departure, naga jolokia infusion, japanese lessons

Hello, filthy, filthy readers, stalkers, spies, the Traning Office Block (and Dawe and the Scourge of Doom @ McCann ) and Miss Saltwhite and also that guy (or hopefully, girl) who's xs'ing my blog from New Caledonia, apparently via a PS3. Dear guy (or hopefully, girl), please send me a weird photo of yourself that's possibly incriminating. It would be a proof of yet unprecendented friendship.

New Caledonia must be a nice place, that's what Wikipedia tells me, it was basically used as a cum and leprosy depository back in the sixteenth, then they had penal colonies, now it has irreversible devolution and it has the French flag. And we all know since Crécy that the French make sausage out of horses' assholes. And they have *exactly* 401 Seventh-Day Adventist Membership people.  But I digress, it surely is a nice place. But I won't really need that photograph.

By the way, please bear with me, check back on the archives if you haven't done so to keep yourself motivated, because in the upcoming days I'll be blogging out mostly personal stuff (if at all), then we're back to cyberpunk and chicks with guns and habanero blowjobs and it will be time for a bit of a showdown and a press release.  Really.

mentallo & the fixer - and angels tread the lands again

It's been twelve years, a grey-and-red BASF tape I've been handed, through a chain of people, back at high school, allegedly having the kick-ass cyberpunk sound that's gonna make me into a Japanese mecha so that I could destroy the world a bit more. Obviously, as you all know with a bit of background knowledge or common sense, it wasn't really the case. Paul van Dyk and Zen Paradox were not even close to spiral arms or Molly's fletchette: they were more like windows onto pop culture, your standard run, cast into plastic for ninety minutes in times of an ISP meltdown.

But the tape had minutes of wonders. It had Leaether Strip, orchestral dark EBM, pure adrenaline ricocheting off stomping boots, waves of segregation and seething anger against the world, and no small wonder, Claus Larsen, mastermind behind the Danish EBM project has practically single-handedly forged two of the best-quality EBM albums of the nineties, Solitary Confinement and Underneath the Laughter, both on the now defunct Zoth Ommog label. It had Front Line Assembly, two albums again - Caustic Grip and Tactical Neural Implant, straight from Canada and the underground elite intelligentsia of righteously self-proclaimed cyberpunk, melting pot of every piece of cultural meme Bill Leeb could lay his hands on.

And it had Mentallo & The Fixer. And God, did I have several hundreds of kilobytes of text files, secret recipes into the world of industrial music (remember, this is still high school, 1996, only chosen ones had modems back then) and yet I had no intel on them. I knew there was an album entitled Revelations 23 and it had tracks with emotions as huge as the universe, it had love, desperation, anguish, hunger, all the size of the Cosmos and their tracks were movie canvasses that displayed movies even when noone was listening at them. So I fell in love. Twelve years.

And now it turns out that the Mentallo guys (with the help of Ras Dva label head Ric Laciak) release all their older stuff for free, in mp3 downloads, with artworks. You can download Revelations 23 (an interstellar voyage of crying and hysteria with freckles of cosmic dust and beats to cling on to) and Where Angels Fear to Tread (an album much refined in sound, cooler in emotions and more subtle in everything) and then some more, like two Benestrophe albums, way back in time, when doing synth-electro-pop surely looked like a good idea for them (and Sensory Deprivation is one hell of a radio-friendly ride, trust me.)

Mainesthai, their side project is massive. It's a blind god, lobotomized, behind a Nordlead and two CD decks. Seriously, the Mainesthai track Y (and its two remixes) are serious forces of rebellious narrative ambient electro (and their take on Mentallo's tracks are even better). It's splatter electro from the nineties and it's very much not like Velvet Acid Christ or anything from that era. If you opened the door labeled VAC, the room behind that smelled from all the drugs the local pharmacists could cook up for you. If you opened the Mentallo room, it was all crystal clockwork, cosmic bandwidth and catastrophes.

And it's all free for the taking now. It's very much like being a child, again, looking up at the sky with the funny little light in your eye, because the sky's looking back at you. And it's singing. (


test. 助けて。

eye jewellery for kabuki lens

Happy Monday, everyone, keep yourself on the edge with first dose of anything you can inhale off the table after the weekend clean-up AND Eric Klarenbeek's Eye Jewellery Project, a new kind of lens including a medical wire with a few crystals on it. From a good angle it almost looks like teardrops, but after going through all what Sisen & co. wears at the Tokyo parties, this is definitely not as extreme as electro^plankton or luxurylaunches puts it.

sexy hacking

Sexy Hacking is creating a series of online videos where sexy girls teach hacking techniques, tips, how-to's, tools, social engineering, security industry news and spoofs. Why read some boring news article or lame documentation when you can get the goods demonstrated by a sexy hacker girl? This is real information security - just sexier.

multiwinia / king of the hill

During the past few months I've been quite lazy checking up on what Introversion's doing. After the genre-creating hacker simulator Uplink, the retro-neon RTS-lookalike Darwinia and the dramatic noone-wins-the-game kind of global nuclear war simulator Defcon, here's the multiplayer version of Darwinia untitled Multiwinia and a quick, very British teaser trailer of its King of the Hill gameplay mode via Kotaku.

yock ichiriduka: disturbing to some, bait to others

Merry Sunday, all of you. If you've been on the darkweb for long, you might know stuff similar to what Yock Ichiriduka's been doing since 2003: kegadoru, power games and fatal injuries along coordinate systems. Recommended via Whitechapel.