Hello, filthy, filthy readers, stalkers, spies, the Traning Office Block (and Dawe and the Scourge of Doom @ McCann ) and Miss Saltwhite and also that guy (or hopefully, girl) who’s xs’ing my blog from New Caledonia, apparently via a PS3. Dear guy (or hopefully, girl), please send me a weird photo of yourself that’s possibly incriminating. It would be a proof of yet unprecendented friendship.

New Caledonia must be a nice place, that’s what Wikipedia tells me, it was basically used as a cum and leprosy depository back in the sixteenth, then they had penal colonies, now it has irreversible devolution and it has the French flag. And we all know since Crécy that the French make sausage out of horses’ assholes. And they have *exactly* 401 Seventh-Day Adventist Membership people.  But I digress, it surely is a nice place. But I won’t really need that photograph.

By the way, please bear with me, check back on the archives if you haven’t done so to keep yourself motivated, because in the upcoming days I’ll be blogging out mostly personal stuff (if at all), then we’re back to cyberpunk and chicks with guns and habanero blowjobs and it will be time for a bit of a showdown and a press release.  Really.