Icelandic concept designer Björn Börkur Eiríksson, lead artist/designer at CCP White Wolf, has some deeply depressing artwork to share on his site. IO9 mostly focused on the post-apocalyptic city exteriors: the image that reflects a more Europeanized/Balkanized version of capsule hotels seemed like a good idea for the front page: there are no doors on the “flats” and the only entrance is the elevator robot that’s a bit unreal for me – given that you have an environment like these, you’d expect custom-made rope ladders, at least.

(This concept actually has a name called cluster housing‘and there’s one amazing concept that grabbed me. Useful and Agreeable, abbreviated as U+A, designed by Neil M. Dinari is a kinky little construct, according to archintect, the u+a house options range from the “mini hi-rise” to “low-rise”, or “high and wide” options extending up to 1800 square feet (167 m2). innovations include lightweight aerospace grade aluminum panels, solar power, rooftop patio, rain collection, flexible floorplans, plus some built-in furniture designed by nmda). Denari also says that “far different from most pre-fab designs, the u+a pre-designed house submerges the ‘off-the-shelf’ appearance in favor of an aesthetic that is closer to product design of a smaller scale.”