Hello there, filthy readers. We’re currently at the Lebanese neighborhood on Central and this is Ramadan AND full moon. So, as you can gather, we’ve arrived to London. Girl Wonder is getting extremely efficient in blocking my amok runs into Viet and Jap restaurants and also, reducing my shopping frenzy to bits. Luckily, she’s not that efficient, although in Chinatown, she didn’t really need to be, because the sheer quantity of stuff to buy just slapped me in the face and I broke down and started crying. (Chinese people actually loved that.) Brain is monkey custard now. The Paki hotspot downstairs doesn’t really work, so I’m using the 3G card and it’s wonderful. And I’ll also post random stuff more randomly. B12 is legal here, by the way, stashing up is fantastic, I can now give people DNA tests just by looking at them. Not to mention Zen Revolution that I’ll be pouring right onto my eyeballs.  And we have a design festival here this week, which means we’ll be basically rushing around from exhibitions to galleries all day long. All in all, mission of rock.