Seven pics from the Science Museum, a place of utmost rock. This contraption above is a central hub for the comment delivery system. Visitors can leave their remarks at certain terminals that start to live a life on their own and start running around in the building, sometimes in full length, sometimes just as brief flashes of white data. You’ll see more when I post my own pics, this is the end of the Girl Wonder series, I was more focused on stuff that are blog-ready.

I guess this was either Floor 1 from a half floor above or a disused Floor 3. Elevators are for the weak. One of the messages in the background explicitly details filthy details on what I did with the plastic sheets at the World of Plastic exhibition. Photoshop has an undocumented feature that can uncompress this data for you.

Topmost floor. There are huge touchscreen table games for children here and an anal probe that you can sit on and it gives you a thorough chem check. I am also screaming on this image, but thankfully we’ve turned down the volume a bit.

Ohohow. The Science Museum (along with a few others) are for free but for a few mini-exhibs you have to sacrifice a few quids, just like this interactive one. You enter with a card that you swipe on the yellow circles just like the on you see on the pic, activating mini-games about how you imagine your life in 2050. You can design future food, vehicles, homes, transportation system and stuff and finally you get an evaluation and your mini-city gets included in a mega-town that comprises of all the visitors’ experiments. Very childish and very enjoyable at the same time. I am designing caramelised sweets with vaccine here.

Grab the receiver and follow the instructions to choose the energy reserves you’ll use for your future homes. I went nuclear. Literally.

If you know me well enough, you know what I’m thinking here.

You’ll get more images in another set, so this is just a teaser about Floor 5’s exhibition on the history of medicine. They had wicked Chinese and Sumerian shit in there, also some amazing and not so amazing urine collection systems and this trepanation set also comes in handy when you need to skullfuck someone like this is the last day on Earth. Have fun, children.