paris atomic - the nuclear panic fashion video

On March 23 2011, the radioactive cloud coming from FUKUSHIMA, Japan - reached Paris’ sky.
After TCHERNOBYL, Paris undergoes its second atomic crisis. Ever magazine, through Julien Bachelet, Laure Lou Tardy Joye and Freon’s work, illustrates this event with an artistic video symbolizing nuclear panic.
(via boingboing, recommended by @dawe_)

tron-like house of future on a beijing mall

LAVA's Home of the future is a showcase for future living with man, nature and technology in harmony. Home of the future will be built later this year on the rooftop of a new shopping mall in Beijing. An artificial sky dome will provide a year-round microclimate that opens up the home to a tropical garden filled with sun, light and fresh air, an oasis in the city. The fluid design and organisational strategy based on the structure of cells is easily adapted to suit specific requirements. Visitors will experience 15 different living spaces, from internal/external bathroom zones, to kitchens flowing to veggie patches and outdoor decks, to sunken bedrooms with dream-inducing lighting. (via io9)

[polish spaceship europop] ambulans - wiem ze

They play glowing, futuristic instruments in space, where asymmetrical hair is totally awesome. They're . . . Ambulans, a Polish band from Kielce, whose new song "Wiem Że" will remind you that Italo disco never died, says Annalee Newitz of IO9 and she's right, that's another fantastic example of MORE visually Tron-inspsired music videos. Come to think of it, the whole Tron franchise had a visual inspiration over things, ne? (via io9)

damage's razor coated candies 03: venus in ROCK

A bit of a delay from Thursday means a longer razor coated candies, now the the third in its history - a collection of weird but absolutely enjoyable and mind-expanding tracks from the underground. Sorry if you've actually been expecting it yesterday - things are hectic in the HQ, will update the personal part later on sometime next week. Until that - enjoy this completely grrlpower broadcast from electro beats to dark triphop and some decent shredding as well. There's the playlist - expect some experimentation with the add-ons and station ID-like things. This is a Dragontape. Live with it.


01. Delerium - Aria
02. Curve - Fait Accompli
03. Katzenjammer - A Bar in Amsterdam
04. Die So Fluid - Existential Baby
05. The Birthday Massacre - In the Dark
06. Birdeatsbaby - The Trouble
07. Emilie Autumn - Art of Suicide (live)
08. Switchblade Symphony - Clown
09. Kidneythieves - Taxi Cab Messiah
10. Client - Xerox Machine
11. Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (live)
12. Pzychobitch - Pussy Gang
13. Android Lust - Stained
14. Hungry Lucy - Softly
15. Queen Adreena - Jolene
16. Jarboe - 1000 Years
17. Die Form - Phenomena of Visitation
18. Foretaste - Dying for the First Time in My Life
19. Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid
20. Hanin Elias - Future Noir
21. Nic Endo - Man-Eater
22. Hanzel und Gretyl - SS Deathstar Supergalactik
23. MDFMK - Rabble Rouser
24. Björk -Army of Me
25. Ecstasy of St. Theresa - Neon
26. Colorfactory - Out of My Mind
27. Shakespeare's Sister - Hello

last minute: hattól interjú a tiloson

Aki még nem kattintotta volna meg a Facebookon az event invite-ot, ma este hattól leszünk a Tiloson, téma a Dragontape, startupok, videoDJzés, videoremixek, kontent-újrahasznosítás (a gimnáziumi nyelvtantanáraim itt sírnának szerintem, akkor főleg, ha tudnák, hogy ezt egybe akartam írni), a háttérben lehelletfinomságú techno, a stúdióban adogat Tölgyes László András, akit a vájtfülűek a Lautrecből (is) ismerhetnek, fogadó oldalon a Szakál Brothers meg jómagam, úgyhogy tune in, frivolous fuckers of the interwebs: vagy vagy 90.3 FM és oda ne merjetek jönni a stúdióhoz (az Iparművészetivel szemben saccra), csak derűsen habzó energiaitallal, derűvel!

decode:recode (final)

The final version of our recode of the V&A Decode ident - now with audio.

The decode logo is formed from 250,000 cubes which separate, swarm and flock like tiny futuristic cuboid fish.

It runs in realtime on a (high end) consumer PC, and it's even a bit interactive.

Visuals by Matt Swoboda. Audio by LadoB (Brasil)

damage’s razor coated candies 02

Hello, joyful readers looking for new music. The second etape of razor coated candies is out, which is a weekly edition of 21 tracks ranging from black to another shade of black (and very intense, rumbling, bass- and melody-heavy and otherwise quite enjoyable inbetween). There is a huge mixture of genres, last week's RCC meandered from darkpop through cabaret and ambient to electrohouse, this week's edition might be a bit more influenced by gothic, but I wouldn't be so sure. Be prepared - every Thursday brings you a new edition (something Miss @Toyclouds called endre kabátolt cukorkák which sent bits of our brain Sputnikwards), share this Dragontape package if you need some weekly recommendation into the blissful waves beyond the mainstream maya.


01. Amanda Palmer - Strength Through Music
02. Metric - Gimme Sympathy
03. Cruel Black Dove - Forgotten Place
04. Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
05. IAMX - Ghosts of Utopia
06. The Vanishing - Lovesick
07. The Horrors - Sea Within A Sea
08. Regina Spektor - Us
09. Ikon - A Line on a Dark Day
10. Good Charlotte - Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
11. GR†LLGR†LL - I'm gonna dress in black/THEM
12. Interpol - Lights
13. Pulp - Do You Remember the First Time
14. Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm
15. Veil of Thorns - De Lege Motus
16. yelworC - Blood in Face (live)
17. Hecq vs Exillion - Spheres of Fury
18. Alec Empire - New World Order
19. The Creatures - Godzilla
20. Sleep Chamber - Isis
21. Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Last Beat of My Heart

planck: another music-based videogame. like audiosurf. only with more silk.

Planck is a new type of music game that’s not predicated on your skill at shooter mechanics or timed button presses. Instead, Planck allows you to explore brand new compositions in an interactive format.

In the strange Planck universe, everything is made up of small particles known as “motes.” Each mote is contains a unique signature vibration– its wave form.

The wave form of each mote can be released by collapsing its wave function, otherwise known as “pinging” it. By pinging many motes in succession, you can create repeating structures of sounds.

As you choose to release certain types of waveforms, the space around you responds to your actions, sending you new sounds to add to your musical performance that relate to the direction you’ve chosen! (, via

♫ angelspit - toxic girl (censored teaser)

Looks like a slick deadcityesque teaser for the Angelspit track Toxic Girl. It's not just green and rolling in hi-def, it's also done by a buddy of mine, Tamas Mesmer with whom we've done the cyberpunk short movie 14sec. Tom's a freak and a great lover of oldschool cyberpunk, so I'm sure he's got something positively weird coming out from under his claws, especially that it's approved by the riot squad of ROCK. So there's a trailer, the full version (there's a censored and an uncensored version, as Tamas informed me) is probably coming out in a week or two. Until that, order the remix album Carbon Beauty (Toxic Girl is track 11 on that CD), check out the stuff done by Mr. Mesmer on Vimeo and see whatever else Angelspit has got to offer you.

hawken: mechwarrior is back on the unreal 3 engine

Adhesive Games is developing a new Mech Combat FPS. All clips in this video were captured from actual network game matches. The third person shots are from a spectator camera, gameplay is first person. We expect to release a first person gameplay trailer soon. (via

This is practically everywhere on indie game sites, normal game portals, mech fanatics (and I think Ripla and Tlvlp also sent me a note about this) and people who love a decent engine-based tetsuo fuckromp across a steel sky dented with dead neon ads and a decent green tint, meaning all is lost but we still have enough fuel to get your ass kicked. And the excuse in the top left corner about this build not representing the full quality of the alpha? Giive me a fucking break there. I'd be so content with having this game in its state on my 360. One thing, though: I miss the claustrophobia of a living humanoid grave prosthesis. Make it more closed and more tense, like the original Mechwarrior 2. Seriously.

♫ lovett - eye of the storm (steampunk, almost movie-like)

Official video for Lovett's Eye of the Storm directed by Christopher Alender, from the soon to be released debut album, Highway Collection. (it might have been released on the 15th of March, so it's already out, but this is a steampunk lovechild of ROCK and you know you need it)

damage's razor coated candies 01

11-3-11, one of those nights. Half a bottle of Rockstar Recovery was enough to keep me off the demon hours, sleep, mindful creativity, finishing up any work to be able to enjoy a stressless weekend. It wasn't enough, however, to keep me off digging up new likes, hearts and razor coated throbbing bundles of joy. So I made up something irresponsibly called damage's razor coated candies (which sounded extremely good at that very moment when the idea struck me, i would sort of debate it now but I'm sticking with the originals, a man gotta make a classic when a man gotta make a classic), containing 21 carefully selected tracks from darkwave, gothic, darkpop and cabaret and probably a few other (sub)genres if you want to get real specific. I don't want to. Some of the tracks you might have seen/heard here already, some will be completely now, I'm having quite a crush now on Teenagersintokyo but more importantly, now defunct Solemn Novena - their track Trick or Treat is on par with Pretentious, Moi?'s Now and Again - and for those of you who know me well enough, that's quite a compliment. So please, enjoy. I might drink up another bottle of Rockstar Recovery and then summon up bubbling nuclear fusion in my room while you're busy depressing buttons. Happy Friday and weekend, by the way.


01. Rasputina - Momma Was an Opium Smoker
02. Veil Veil Vanish - Anthem for a Doomed Youth
03. O Children - Dead Disco Dancer
04. Laurel Halo - Something I Never Had
05. Austra - Beat and the Pulse (Clean Version)
06. Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Pleasure in the Pain
07. She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
08. Von Haze - Outside the Night
09. The Irrepressibles - The Mirror Mirror Spectacles
10. Hearts of Black Science - Empty City Lights
11. Teenagersintokyo - Peter Pan
12. †‡† (ritualz) - ▲
13. Katzenjammer Kabarett - The Crowd Around
14. Faith and the Muse - Battle Hymn
15. The XX - Crystalised
16. Tying Tiffany - Lost Way
17. A Kiss Could Be Deadly - And So It Ends
18. Zola Jesus - Night
19. Light Asylum - Dark Allies
20. The Dresden Dolls - Coin-Operated Boy
21. Solemn Novena - Trick or Treat

tron: uprising (animated series trailer)

Tron: Uprising revolves around the character of Beck voiced by Elijah Wood, who's a young program that begins his own revolution against Clu 2.0 played by Fred Tatasciore from the TRON: Evolution video game, and the military head, General Tesler voiced by acting legend Lance Henriksen. Helping out Beck is a female program Mara, voiced by Tangled's Mandy Moore and Bruce Boxleitner returns to play the warrior Tron.

The sounds of Daft Punk from the show's theme of which Disney is releasing a remix album of the Legacy score entitled Tron: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D due out April 5th with M83, Photek, Moby, Com Truise, all putting their spin on Daft Punk's memorable score.

TRON: Uprising will air as a 10-part micro-series later this year on Disney XD, then the regular series will kick off in the summer of 2012.

you are listening to los angeles

Dangerous Minds tends to have the weirdest stuffs we love and care about: this one is especially handy during before and after the demon hour - You Are Listening to Los Angeles, a web sound app mixing SoundCloud ambient tracks and's police department feeds (currently Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Montréal are available). I've been looking for something very similar for years. Now my life is almost complete. (Well, almost.) (via dangerous minds)

combichrist - throat full of glass, the dirty version

Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA, October 2010.

Directed and Edited by Chad Michael Ward
Director of Photography: Darin Meyer
Producer: Mary Taylor

1st Assistant Director: Pearry Teo
Production Design: Geoff Flint
Camera and Visual FX: Gavin Fisher
Hair and Makeup: Morgan Panter
Makeup FX: Matt Corrigan
Art Direction: Logan Walden
Lead PA/Second Assistant Director: Gerald Sanchez

Art Dept: Satine Phoenix, Cheearra Esquerra, Charlie Henderson
Grips: Daniel Valadez, Mike Garcia
Production Assistants: Amanda Collins, Brennan Alonzo, Oscar Perez, Michael Padilla, Laura Avila, Sabrina Hertzberg

Shot on 4 Canon 7Ds.

Featuring: Lächeln, Athena Fatale and Jesse Pagz with special cameo appearances by Sin Quirin (Ministry) and Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) (more on vimeo, check out more of chad michael ward's stuff on his livejournal)

eaten - elad rath's WTF short movie

The plot is pretty simple. A man and a demon with a penchant for eating gross stuff sit at a table while the world explodes around them. But, is the world coming to an end because of the man? Is he living inside his own conscience? (via

mondo: a 2011. márciusi szám tartalmából

A mai naptól a Relay, az In Medio és a Tesco újságárusainál kapható egy triplapresszó áráért (790) az új Mondo, erről havi szinten bővebb híradást fogtok kapni, mert a szerkesztőség promógremlinjeit elvitte a busójárás meg a sugárban bele a tízezer éves hamvvederbe. Natehát, monthly téma a tömegközlekedés, a vasutak meg a nyugati-keleti adaptációk, amiről nekem valahogy Menzel Szigorúan ellenőrzött vonatokja ugrik be, de arra az átlagközönség azt hiszi cím alapján, hogy az az új Keanu-film, úgyhogy inkább ugorjunk.
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shinshoku fever 6: hirdessetek ti is videóval

Kpop is the new black is the new 50% grey. Startup-hírekkel megkavart szombati diákcsemege-ajánló a köbön: aki a koreai meg a japán pop elkötelezett, de legalábbis érdeklődő híve, az szombat kilenctől jöjjön a Tündérgyárba, hogy órák múlva már koreografáltan kereshesse a becsületét a plafonon vagy a félreeső zugok valamelyikében hangulpózba tekeredve. Fuxy az estét előirányzandó gyártott le nektek egy video mixtapet: hangulatban, látványvilágban és színes buborékokban ilyenekre készüljetek, ez lesz a Shinshoku Fever.

Partyszervezőknek, promotereknek meg DJknek inkább (vagy emellett) inkább magát a fenti platformot ajánljuk: ha ki kell ajánlani egy bulit, a puretext nem elég, egymás alá berakott öt YouTube-ot senki sem fog egyesével megkattantani és rosszul is néz ki, mint amikor egyedül cipeljük a sarki Tesco mellől a fogvicsorgatva összehajtott kartondobozokat költözéshez, na akkor van az, hogy regisztrálni kell a Dragontapet, egymás mellé kell hajítani pár videót, trimfadelni őket, embed codeot bedobni és kész a hirdetés. És ingyenes. Én szóltam. (Példának itt vannak az eddig gyártott tapejeim.)

damage powertape: this is saul williams

This man is Saul Williams. He's one of the grittiest hip hop poets of our age, sharpens lyrical bullet tongue with DJ Krust's on Coded Language, covers U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday, rocks out with Nine Inch Nails and summons a whole lot of raw anger sheathed in intellect and a black, smoking mirror. He's just had his 39th birthday this Monday and he always makes me remember how I fell in love with the whole Wu-Tang Clan and narrative/freestyle d'n'b, because words are still the glue, essence and fuel of this universe. You can wish him a happy one by checking out this powertape I collected out of his video-only stuff off YouTube. This is a Dragontape, this is Saul Williams. (


1. Def Poetry Jam - Saul Williams (Coded Language) (04:00)
2. DJ Krust & Saul Williams - Coded Language (06:17)
3. Saul Williams - Sunday, Bloody Sunday (04:45)
4. Saul Williams - Black Stacey (03:59)
5. Saul Williams - Not In Our Name (The Pledge of Resistance) (02:08)
6. Saul Williams Amethyst Rock (02:09)
7. NIN & Saul Williams - African Student Movement (Live 05) (05:55)
8. Saul Williams, Serj, and De La Rocha - New York Times (Rare) (08:19)
9. NIN & Saul Williams - List Of Demands (Live 05) (04:14)
10. Saul Williams - DNA (04:07)
11. Saul Williams: Telegram (02:28)

nostromo - binary overdrive (sugar jesus - get a hold of yourself)

Sugar Jesus' brand new single, "Get A Hold Of Yourself", coincides with an exclusive collaboration with AMV creator extraordinaire, 'Nostromo'. The "Anime Music Video" phenomenon is currently growing exponentially, in particular throughout Europe and America, beginning, as it did, predominantly in the Far East. Having won multiple awards at 'AKROSS Con' as well as numerous other global competitions, Nostromo is the undisputed king of the AMV world. His videos receive millions of views all over the web, earning him widespread fame within the community. Sugar Jesus sanctioned the use of their most recent single to Nostromo, and for the last 6 months, together they have been working closely on all sides of the project, now entitled "Binary Overdrive". The result is an otherworldly fusion of image and sound, culminating in an adrenaline-fuelled thrust of pure audio-visual energy. Enjoy! (sugarjesus / nostromo, recommended by Luggi, thx!)