This man is Saul Williams. He’s one of the grittiest hip hop poets of our age, sharpens lyrical bullet tongue with DJ Krust’s on Coded Language, covers U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, rocks out with Nine Inch Nails and summons a whole lot of raw anger sheathed in intellect and a black, smoking mirror. He’s just had his 39th birthday this Monday and he always makes me remember how I fell in love with the whole Wu-Tang Clan and narrative/freestyle d’n’b, because words are still the glue, essence and fuel of this universe. You can wish him a happy one by checking out this powertape I collected out of his video-only stuff off YouTube. This is a Dragontape, this is Saul Williams. (


1. Def Poetry Jam – Saul Williams (Coded Language) (04:00)
2. DJ Krust & Saul Williams – Coded Language (06:17)
3. Saul Williams – Sunday, Bloody Sunday (04:45)
4. Saul Williams – Black Stacey (03:59)
5. Saul Williams – Not In Our Name (The Pledge of Resistance) (02:08)
6. Saul Williams Amethyst Rock (02:09)
7. NIN & Saul Williams – African Student Movement (Live 05) (05:55)
8. Saul Williams, Serj, and De La Rocha – New York Times (Rare) (08:19)
9. NIN & Saul Williams – List Of Demands (Live 05) (04:14)
10. Saul Williams – DNA (04:07)
11. Saul Williams: Telegram (02:28)