Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA, October 2010.

Directed and Edited by Chad Michael Ward
Director of Photography: Darin Meyer
Producer: Mary Taylor

1st Assistant Director: Pearry Teo
Production Design: Geoff Flint
Camera and Visual FX: Gavin Fisher
Hair and Makeup: Morgan Panter
Makeup FX: Matt Corrigan
Art Direction: Logan Walden
Lead PA/Second Assistant Director: Gerald Sanchez

Art Dept: Satine Phoenix, Cheearra Esquerra, Charlie Henderson
Grips: Daniel Valadez, Mike Garcia
Production Assistants: Amanda Collins, Brennan Alonzo, Oscar Perez, Michael Padilla, Laura Avila, Sabrina Hertzberg

Shot on 4 Canon 7Ds.

Featuring: Lächeln, Athena Fatale and Jesse Pagz with special cameo appearances by Sin Quirin (Ministry) and Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) (more on vimeo, check out more of chad michael ward’s stuff on his livejournal)