Sugar Jesus’ brand new single, “Get A Hold Of Yourself”, coincides with an exclusive collaboration with AMV creator extraordinaire, ‘Nostromo’. The “Anime Music Video” phenomenon is currently growing exponentially, in particular throughout Europe and America, beginning, as it did, predominantly in the Far East. Having won multiple awards at ‘AKROSS Con’ as well as numerous other global competitions, Nostromo is the undisputed king of the AMV world. His videos receive millions of views all over the web, earning him widespread fame within the community. Sugar Jesus sanctioned the use of their most recent single to Nostromo, and for the last 6 months, together they have been working closely on all sides of the project, now entitled “Binary Overdrive”. The result is an otherworldly fusion of image and sound, culminating in an adrenaline-fuelled thrust of pure audio-visual energy. Enjoy! (sugarjesus / nostromo, recommended by Luggi, thx!)