time traveling the multiverse

Weekend is here and I just hoarded up more than 200+ links into a Google doc with all the stuff I wanted to post here and the whole idea of a multitude of weird, black eccentricity of roasted bat delicacies, Moe, all-encompassing infographics, boobs and Duncan Jones is staggering. Knees and brain shattered, I will leave you here with the expectation of the things to come and the amazing video of What You Ought to Know.

trent reznor does fringe

According to Entertainment Weekly, Reznor will be mixing William Bell's on screen dialogue with his 07 track "Zero-Sum," voiced by Leonard Nimoy, naturally. Reznor became involved when Fringe used a clip of his song in a previous promo, and was reached out to, to see if he would be interested in collaborating even more. (via io9)

more news on the ghost in the shell live-action adaptation

DreamWorks has tapped scribe Laeta Kalogridis to adapt the Japanese manga property "Ghost in the Shell." (...) Avi Arad, Ari Arad and Steven Paul of Seaside Entertainment are attached to produce and originally brought the project to DreamWorks. (...) Jamie Moss was the original writer hired when DreamWorks bought the property last year. (via variety)

Kalogridis, according to IMDB, worked as a screenplay writer for Ночной дозор (Night Watch) and two episodes of the exquisitely sad series called Bionic Woman done pretty much as if we still lived 25 years earlier but we had gorgeous women like Michelle Ryan.

cosplay rounds: bayonetta

Dante has a female counterpart to look out for. Bayonetta, an apparently 190cm+ double-akimbo battle witch with a slight fuckslutty officelady taint is out on a battle romp. I am not completely sure about the 10/10 score Famitsu gave to Bayonetta but it's always nice to see someone putting effort into topping Lara Croft. Quite a few pics after the jump. By the way, post some more decent cosplay stuff on Bayonetta, if you manage to find them. Most of what I came through were, you know, not delicate.

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marie honda, absolut gothic lolita

Absolut Metropolis: the spirit of self-expression on the streets of Tokyo. Shot by Nadav Kander, a world reknown photographer, the Metropolis project is a collage of 11 unique personalities reinterpreting retargeting the brand for a wider audience.

[1-11:] Nogi Sumiko. Lolita. Keijiro Matsumoto. Pop. Kazuhiro Hazuki. Bosozoku. D [di]. Romantic Gothic. Pira Pira. Cyber. Aki. Techno. Marie Honda. Classic Romantic. Go from Tokyo. Americano/Rockabilly. Yu-suke Kawakami. Punk. Pyuupiru. Japanese Eccentric. Moyan. Japanese Neo Traditional. Manamu. Gothic.


マリー 本田 (25), kindly recommended by @honeymooncroon, is one of the loudest and most prominent examples of the Metropolis, shadowing the likes of D [di:] and Manamu, but you obviously know our interest in the EGL is huge. We will now embed you in a webzen of Japanese women in boxes on shinkansen towards the infinity. And I just think Angel Meat Pie belongs to the same D [di:] you will see on the Metropolis site. (Thx, @komavary!)

Doll on Train natural light color (23)

Doll on Train Monochrome (24)

Doll on Train Monochrome (14) copy

the first assassin's creed short, that is, fifteen minutes

Ubisoft's first short film series from Hybride, set in the world of Assassins Creed. Stay tuned for more info on the Network broadcast Premier of the whole series.

When the Duke of Milan is brutally murdered, Giovanni Auditore - an Assassin - is dispatched to investigate the crime. His mission: determine who is responsible and why. The answers he uncovers implicate Italy's most powerful families, reaching all the way back to the Vatican itself. As Giovanni draws closer to the truth, he becomes hunted himself. He must expose the conspirators before he joins their ever-growing list of victims.

the best company photo


Originally appearing as "And The Best Japanese Game Company Photo is" on Kotaku and it was so obvious that it's going to be Kojima Productions.

#musicmonday: LJDLP & Blood Axis - Absinthia Taetra

Green changed to white, emerald to opal. Nothing was changed. Through the blackness of the present he saw the luminous tiger eyes of the things to be. But he drank opaline. He saw blue vistas of undiscovered countries, high prospects and a quiet, caressing sea and tomorrow shone like a white star. Nothing was changed. He drank opaline. The man had known the obscure night of the soul and lay even now in the valley of humiliation and the tiger menace of the things to be was red in the skies. But for a little while he had forgotten. Green changed to white, emerald to opal. Nothing was changed. (Absinthe, La Folie Verte)

the nested doll principle


The possible uses of such an immense computational resource tax the imagination. One idea suggested by Charles Stross, in his novel Accelerando, would be to use it to run perfect simulations or "uploads" of human minds into virtual reality spaces supported by the Matrioshka brain. Stross even went so far as to suggest that a sufficiently godlike species utilizing enough raw processing power could launch attacks upon, and manipulate, the structure of the universe itself.[4][5]

In Godplayers (2005), Damien Broderick surmises that a matrioshka brain would allow simulating entire alternate universes.[6]

The futurist and transhumanist author Anders Sandberg wrote an essay speculating on implications of computing on the massive scale of machines such as the Matrioshka brain, published by the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.[7]
(The Matrioshka Brain, link sent by @honeymooncroon, thx!)

the rza - the tao of wu

It was thirteen years ago that I met The RZA in a message of scratched plastic, street theology and a code of honor you rarely dig up in contemporary music culture, apart from the dizzifying amount of material that's put out by the Wu-Tang Clan. I was all-encompassed in the industrial subculture by that time, if it wasn't about Funker Vogt, yelworC or Leaether Strip, it was hard to handle. I don't love happy stuff and I'm really not up for Ice-T, even though he was sampled for Wedlock's The Tower and all the pimps in Dutch gabber culture were just instant gratification, so give something real hardcore to me, says young me to a body-building brother of an ex-girlfriend. Then enters Liquid Swords, an album from 1995, credited on the cassette side as GZA/RZA, ominous, gritty, well-versed, leaving a young kid with the thought of Oh. You can always rework anything you haven't liked into something you can just fall for. Thirteen years later, RZA releases his second book (the first being The Wu-Tang Manual) called The Tao of Wu. And I'm so buying it. (via @boingboing, also check a little interview with RZA in The Colbert Report.) Back to another lengthy vigil into Cilvaringz and Moongod Allah.

kirlian camera - heldenplatz (coroner's pax version)

After @tlvlp's ground-shattering recommendation of the day, we're back for a few days of Attrition, Die Form, Morbus Kitahara and probably Skorbut as well. And obviously, Kirlian Camera. And they're playing on the 7th of November at the Columbia, Berlin, and I'm just missing them. Harshest slap on the wrist today. (And yes, there are actually texts and reviews and a greater insight into all these scenes. Coming up at a later date.


male or female

This Front 242 side project - Male or Female (MorF) is an electronica DVD that features 26 tracks, over 3 hours of 5.1 surround sound music in 16:9 widescreen. Includes bonus CD. Actually, Male or Female was the best thing that could have happened after Front 242 has gone softer and quieter in the new millennium.

bio.digital by diamante murru


If this isn't eyecandy, nothing is. Cagliari-based digital manipulator Diamante Murru is working on a lovely set of a Diami girl halfway morphed into something we wish our riot grrls would have looked like, jackplugs along the spine and in every orifice possible, a mike forged into her phone, a volume slider by the ears. All is very bright and blue, this brings us the new black. Enjoy her Bio.Digital series at Behance.net. (Link sent by @vividfluxury, thx!)

a thesis on gibson and cyberpunk, part 4

What happens, when the body becomes the commodity? I say the body is not impregnable, Susannah Breslin would actually believe and blog otherwise, but hey - this is going to be a nice prequel to part 5 about idorus and dolls. Whenever we get to the point, we were, and still are, incomplete. Anywhere. (Moodsetters inside are Experiment Haywire and Android Lust.) If you're interested in the previous chapters, please head over to part 1, part 2 or part 3.


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infrared headshot, lick it up

ihdThe Dutch may know world-class weed, but they sure don't know shit about coffee. (This leaves a SXE blogger seriously stranded on the shores of the Devil's asshole.) Welcome back, gorgeous thrillseekers, this night finds us all behind the wheels again with the seatbelts responsibly sawed off and cauterized. The past few days found me in the Maastricht headquarters of EJC on a conference with speakers like the charming Ingrid Hu Dahl (left) or Prof Anne Balsamo who still rocks the academic crowd with her hardcore gender-specific cyberpunk stuff, suitably tailored to the 2000s (without the Mondo vibe, that is). (And I actually love her idea about how they experiment with the concept of the future classroom in Los Angeles where they have Google Jockeys who actually spread realtime web searches during the lectures on four separate giant screens. She is a huge harvester of the essence of ROCK.)

In related news, Death Beat Club (the collection of my previous writings in Hungarian) will continue with the series of my thesis on the representation of the body in the works of William Gibson, just spare me some time and I will post all the relevant content you guys have kindly offered me. I'll be implementing a separate feed for you as well, just got the technical specs for that. I'm busy working on a new bilingual community site project right now that's going to be launched sometime this year and no, that's not The Dose. So for all of you, it's on.

kode9 published sonic warfare book cover


Kode9, one of the most massive dubstep artists of our times that's been often played during zoneruns (and the Ljubljana travels) is writing a book called Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect and the Ecology of Fear. Kode9 (born as Steve Goodman) has a philosophy PhD from the University of Warwick and he's been working as a media production lecturer and also a course tutor for a sonic culture master's program. For a further insight into his book, read his blog on sonic weapons, the contagious nature of noise and much more yet to come.

(via warrenellis)

fallout with a nuclear edith piaf: paul doucet's bunker

The world has been nuked. Under Paris, a woman waits months alone in a bunker with only canned food for company. She's about to commit suicide when a voice comes over the radio. - IO9's brief post also mentions that Paul Doucet filmed this baby with a RED ONE, the same camera that was used with District 9 and our very own 14sec.

rest in peace, irving penn (1917-2009)


An honest piece about the life and death of Irving Penn, a huge loss of the fashion photography scene by Coilhouse, Mourning a Master of Photography.


william gibson's speaking vocoder piano (from hell)

Okay, let's get this straight - it was William Gibson on Twitter who actually posted this weird contraption saying it was spooky how it reminded him of Wintermute and the speaking head of 3Jane. As all sites woe, the video is in German (although it has English caps all over it and also in its description), but the main things is - a "speaking piano" reciting the Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009. Unfortunately it's all in German, but what the piano says is all English, and it's really neat to watch.

Picture 1

As the Dangerousminds blog puts it: From Berno Polzer, director of artistic programming at the Wien Modern: “I think, its partially understandable, partially not. And it plays well with the limits of our construction abilities. That is, we hear sounds that obviously aren’t normal music, but neither they are language, and one could say that sometimes, a bridging happens. Personally, I think you can understand individual words even without knowing the text, and the Eureka moment happens when you see the text, and suddenly, the language is there.”



A sperma bálna még nem találtam, maximum 50 pont / másodperc. Ugyanakkor valószínűsíthető, hogy a legnagyobb fogas veľrybotvarý lehet elküldeni egy második, nagyobb számú film. Használd a szonár veľrybotvaré képes megismerni a természet a környezetét, akadályozza az időben azonosítani, veszély stb. Precíziós munka hanglokátor szinte hihetetlen. Az elvégzett kísérletek azt mutatták, hogy, például, néhány delfin eléri állásfoglalása a távolság egy-két méter a 3-5 mm-t. Delfinek képesek különbséget tárgyak méretének több tíz centiméter távolságon legfeljebb három kilométerre!

Amikor már nem mehet mélyebbre, mélyebbre megy.

nerdcore 2009: poltergeists, sex and more horror


A couple of months ago I tumblred out a Nerdcore pic. Now their new horror-themed calendar is out, IO9 just reported on them, listing a handful of links on both censored and uncensored versions. (via io9)