Absolut Metropolis: the spirit of self-expression on the streets of Tokyo. Shot by Nadav Kander, a world reknown photographer, the Metropolis project is a collage of 11 unique personalities reinterpreting retargeting the brand for a wider audience.

[1-11:] Nogi Sumiko. Lolita. Keijiro Matsumoto. Pop. Kazuhiro Hazuki. Bosozoku. D [di]. Romantic Gothic. Pira Pira. Cyber. Aki. Techno. Marie Honda. Classic Romantic. Go from Tokyo. Americano/Rockabilly. Yu-suke Kawakami. Punk. Pyuupiru. Japanese Eccentric. Moyan. Japanese Neo Traditional. Manamu. Gothic.


マリー 本田 (25), kindly recommended by @honeymooncroon, is one of the loudest and most prominent examples of the Metropolis, shadowing the likes of D [di:] and Manamu, but you obviously know our interest in the EGL is huge. We will now embed you in a webzen of Japanese women in boxes on shinkansen towards the infinity. And I just think Angel Meat Pie belongs to the same D [di:] you will see on the Metropolis site. (Thx, @komavary!)

Doll on Train natural light color (23)

Doll on Train Monochrome (24)

Doll on Train Monochrome (14) copy