ihdThe Dutch may know world-class weed, but they sure don’t know shit about coffee. (This leaves a SXE blogger seriously stranded on the shores of the Devil’s asshole.) Welcome back, gorgeous thrillseekers, this night finds us all behind the wheels again with the seatbelts responsibly sawed off and cauterized. The past few days found me in the Maastricht headquarters of EJC on a conference with speakers like the charming Ingrid Hu Dahl (left) or Prof Anne Balsamo who still rocks the academic crowd with her hardcore gender-specific cyberpunk stuff, suitably tailored to the 2000s (without the Mondo vibe, that is). (And I actually love her idea about how they experiment with the concept of the future classroom in Los Angeles where they have Google Jockeys who actually spread realtime web searches during the lectures on four separate giant screens. She is a huge harvester of the essence of ROCK.)

In related news, Death Beat Club (the collection of my previous writings in Hungarian) will continue with the series of my thesis on the representation of the body in the works of William Gibson, just spare me some time and I will post all the relevant content you guys have kindly offered me. I’ll be implementing a separate feed for you as well, just got the technical specs for that. I’m busy working on a new bilingual community site project right now that’s going to be launched sometime this year and no, that’s not The Dose. So for all of you, it’s on.