International electro-psychotics ANGELSPIT have announced the USB SPIT PILL: a 4GB USB in the shape of the iconic Angelspit pill. Fans will be able pick and choose which Angelspit releases they want to have loaded onto the USB SPIT PILL. These releases include previously unavailable photos, interviews, videos, and much more.

Each USB SPIT PILL comes with Angelspit's newest remix compilation "[Re]fibrillator" pre-loaded. Fans can add as many Angelspit releases as they desire onto the USB SPIT PILL, from the most recent "Hello My Name Is" (2011) to the earliest "Nurse Grenade" (2004). Even tracks from Zoog's pre-Angelspit band "Jekyll Switch" will be available. Other releases include the never-before-released "Angelspit Live 2009" and "Rarities" (featuring several remixes by Angelspit for other bands). The releases contain enough special features to destroy any fan's mind PLUS they are cheaper than the regular digital versions on Amazon or iTunes!

You need one now. I actually need to buy a complete discography - every album seems to be filled with hi-rez artworks, lots of extra images, videos and of course the rarities. Get yours customized. Now. Here.


A few of us literally drooled on this for two days straight. Love goes to Space Inhalerz & MONO8 and if you need the original track "Sell Your Soul" in full length, here's the official video. Video work by Lacidelson.

2012 March: 20 tracks you’ve missed

From female fronted etheric rock to minimal EBM, from wicked dubstep to power riot, 20 tracks that stuck in my head for too long in February & March. Share, rehash, remix and spread these, they are all ROCK CERTIFIED. You gotta do your own clicking and research for these, my super favourites are highlighted, the rest are for you to mine out.

Read more


Angelspit’s Defibrillator Remix Competition received almost 100 entries. The quality of the entries were so high, Angelspit decided to release the notable entries in the SWEET CHEMICAL BOY download.
This FREE release contains eleven remixes and discount coupons from several webstores. Featuring remixes from: Witness the Apotheosis, (mirror), Haru Yasumi, Discoid, Emptyset, Flesh Eating Foundation, Exit 39 Productions, Little Black Rain Clouds, True Fallacy (Special guest En Esch), Circuit 23.


An Alan Moore lecture (October Gallery, 26th October 2010)

Alan Moore from Ecology, Cosmos & Consciousness on Vimeo.

Our much beloved Great Wizard of Albion, Mr Alan Moore, gave a talk as part of a series of events held on the last Tuesday of the month at the October Gallery back in 2010 and there’s now a good, long video of Alan’s talk online. (, via @Komavary)

whiners' club s01e02 (face the truth)

Memento. Not the artsiest shot of ten pieces of hachi. But below, she's Lady Vividfluxury and it's always fun to rock out with her and she's got this new project now you gotta check out, Face the Truth? Now on Blogspot and Bandcamp. I'd call that ritual bunker noise but I'm probably wrong and I love the layered synths in it too much. Go buy their stuff.
(UPDATE SEZ I should probably go into explanation mode about "ritual" and "noise", respectively? No chance in hell today. Today is any day.)

GLITCH: IBNIZ - hardcore audiovisual machine, esoteric programming language

As demonstrated by the video, IBNIZ (Ideally Bare Numeric Impression giZmo) is a virtual machine and a programming language that generates video and audio from very short strings of code. Technically, it is a two-stack machine somewhat similar to Forth, but with the major execption that the stack is cyclical and also used at an output buffer. Also, as every IBNIZ program is implicitly inside a loop that pushes a set of loop variables on the stack on every cycle, even an empty program outputs something (i.e. a changing gradient as video and a constant sawtooth wave as audio). (via countercomplex)

CAT: Andy's Gang - the creepiest cat video you'll ever see

There is a very, very ambiguous relationship with cats, me and them. Smart lolcats and Bast are of undeniable value, yet the rest of the cattery brings out a hatred of British elegance towards all things cute. Well, this is not one of them. Moreover, this is one of the videos that others find deeply disturbing, also called one of the saddest cat videos ever seen - me, I deeply envy all the people who worked for the fifties TV program Andy's Gang. It looks like bombshell violence trauma for kids under 12. It's also a textbook semiotics example of you're fucked. (via dangerous minds)

DEMO: orange - sea robot of love

And when it came to fairytales and TV shows, we spent endless nights in front of CRTs, watching shiny droplets of underground wisdom over and over again. The demoscene was our inspiration board and motivation screen. 2012. The sentiment remains. Sea Robot of Love is something along the aesthetics of less is more, abstract and artsy and well-constructed just enough to keep you reloading it for the tenth time. This is not a V-day post. Or it is, if you want it to. It has the sea. And robots in it. Suit yourself.

THE GOOD NATURED: the livestream sessions

The Good Natured had quickly grewn into symbiosis with my heart and brain (seemingly I still have both) and while waiting for their new album (Lovers is out in a live HQ recording and it's an amazing track), I found one halfanhourlongish live acoustic on Livestream, so there you go. Can't be embedded, sorry about that (no, actually not) and the pic's from that channel as well.

THE GOOD NATURED on Livestream

TRAILER: reports from the abyss (access to arasaka, erode, dirk geiger)

trailer for the upcoming colab of access to arasaka, erode and dirk geiger. coming 2012...darker times ahead (via erodemusicchannel)

♫ Alec Empire goes RAGE at Sensation Black 2005 (DJ Outblast)

Was looking for more sets to look what DJ Outblast is capable of and then then Alec just rages in after the first few seconds. Alec Empire is fuckin everywhere.

Shadowing The Prodigy: this is how you remake Voodoo People and Smack My Bitch Up

Videos like these are like Zen. Tutorials on how to make, remake, imitate and simulate household classic party tracks like Smack My Bitch Up and Voodoo People will make you feel motivated and incredibly hyped up. Seeing how Jim Pavloff remakes these tracks is just like watching kung fu movies - if I just imagine doing that, it makes me feel stronger. Or a wannabe musician with even more potential. On the other hand, it reminds you how fast can you make tracks, how easily and how you did something completely different instead of putting manhours into laying down tracks and hunting for old records to sample.

And this makes me go back on the basic question on what the work with - did a whole six years on ScreamTracker and FastTracker 2 and that alone would sort of lead me to go to Renoise or Fruity Loops, but flirting around with Reason or Ableton has always been an option (especially after doing remixes with Acid in the old days).

But all in all - these videos are pure gold and they were brought to you by Coilhouse.

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Rule #1: no politics on the blog. Ever.
So, Hungarian readers might remember this as one of the most iconic press photos released about the Budapest Opera house demonstrations, but I'm posting this here as a memento how the Anonymous Egregore planted itself into the riot layer of a city's subconscious. And the shot itself is amazing.

  • Portal 2 boots: By master prop builder Harrison Krix. Looks amazing but I'd need to have a few minutes jumping around in it to see whether it breaks my ankles into splinters of shrieking intelligence. (Pic above.)
  • Urban Exploring a Russian Rocket Plant: A truly amazing post with even more NUCLEAR ROCK by Lana Saltor, exploring the Energomash Plant. Great HDR overhead! (Pic below.)
  • Glow-y Scorpion Exoskeleton: And finally, a dead captainobviousy giveaway.

Thanks to the linkbox contributors: Dawe_, denemigen, Peter Gelencser.

HAPPY 2012 with a Headhunterz Skyrim hardstyle theme (and more)!

The Planet://Damage institution wishes you a happy new year! Nothing better to close the old one with than a Headhunterz reinterpretation of the Skyrim main theme (and a few other clips that came with it). We're closing the blog for a few days until we manage to spoon our brains together - until then, fornicate well and quite creatively.

MUSIC VIDEO: access to arasaka - lysithea

Tympanik wonderglitchist Access to Arasaka has released one of the greatest albums this year called Geosynchron (buy it here on bandcamp) and he also had the time to contribute to the Planet://Damage brainstorming about the Neuromancer cast list AND I HAVEN'T SHOWN YOU HIS LATEST MUSIC VIDEO? Such a shame. Here's his Lysithea MV!

Actually, I've instantly posted this to Facebook. Which means you either have to friend or subscribe to me on Facebook. Good luck.

qlimax 2011: official afterparty video

Qlimax being one of the leading hardstyle events and an amazing parody of MK Ultra brainwashing given to people with a happy note. Or I'm completely mistaken and that is not a brainwashing parody! (Gimme a break, anything you do to more than 1000 people qualifies as generous brainwashing. Get over it. Now go and find yourself a thousand people.) Featuring yet again: Headhunterz. Finally. After his missing set in 2010.

2011 december 2: the milestones

Last.FM Milestones

1st track: (19 Sep 2007)
Black Sun Empire - Future Frame
1000th track: (29 Jan 2008)
Appleseed - Dive For You
2000th track: (10 Jul 2008)
Charlotte Sometimes - Ex Girlfriend Syndrome
3000th track: (19 Oct 2008)
The Birthday Massacre - I Think We're Alone Now
5000th track: (25 Dec 2009)
The Future Sound Of London - Ill Flower
6000th track: (28 Mar 2010)
Access to Arasaka - Highway
8000th track: (25 Jul 2010)
Kode9 & the Spaceape - Sine
9000th track: (21 Sep 2010)
YelworC - Lost Futile
10000th track: (21 Nov 2010)
Access to Arasaka - term\echo
11000th track: (11 Jan 2011)
LAShTAL - Prosternations's Ceremony
12000th track: (12 Mar 2011)
Mother Destruction - Hella Roots
13000th track: (07 Aug 2011)
Front Line Assembly - The Chair
14000th track: (04 Oct 2011)
Kidneythieves - Zerospace
Generated on 02 Dec 2011
Get yours here

TEENCULT: korean taekwondo shuffle

2NE1/LMFAO first few seconds of real taekwondo shuffling keeping it real tight, the rest is nonshuffle muscle hammering of a decent kind (yet we'd hammer it out differently, yes).

LIVE: outblast & korsakoff @ syndicate 2011

Korsakoff always counts as dailykawaii, Outblast a powerpunch, Day-már's gone to pack schranz instead and the stuff that's on is the brilliant track Nothing to Lose by Neophyte & The Viper. Happy Monday.

sonic horticulture (ritual music)

Plants’ roots must be buried in order to live while humans are only buried when they are dead or meant to die. We bury our fears and traumas deep inside ourselves hoping they will slowly disintegrate, but we end up rotting out from the inside. Physically routed to their own system of interactive video, sound, and light, dev01ded, embodying their fears, will be slowly buried within an hourglass of dirt and technology, and he who buries them further entrenching himself in fear. (via xorzyzt)

FEST VIDEO: Black Magick Vol. II.

feat. King Dude // Modern Witch // Gemeine Gesteine // Death of Abel // reliq

image: dielamb + xorzyzt
sound: jonny teardrop + xorzyzt (reliq) + grayl (reliq)
actors: helga wretman + jannis birsner + jonathan katz
styling: kyle callanan + larissa bechtold

razor coated candies: number 10, a november edition

Razor Coated Candies was a video collection of weird little jewels you can make strange friends with back in the days when I was working for the video startup Dragontape. This is the tenth and most possibly the last-but-one etape of the series, leaving the last 3-hours long one being an endless chain of the best tracks I've found this year (their recent changes in the editor makes it near impossible to do a proper crossfade without volume glitches and that's just one of the numerous frustrating mixmaking problems). Still, expect a kick-ass mix mid-December and have fun listening to this melancholic throatstab.

The Damage

1. CELLDWELLER - Own Little World (Klayton's We Will Never Die mix)
2. SKRILLEX - First of the Year (Equinox)
3. PHAELEH - Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse)
4. ICONA POP - Manners
5. WOLF GANG - The King and All of His Men
6. THE HELLFREAKS - Boogie Man
7. ZOLA JESUS - Vessel
8. COLLIDE - Mind Games
9. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE - Shake it Out
10. THE OPIATES - Anatomy of a Plastic Girl
11. ANGELSPIT - Channel Hell
12. THE GOOD NATURED - Skeleton
13. EMMON - Rock d'Amour
14. THE CREEPSHOW - The Garden
15. THE GOOD NATURED - Your Body is a Machine
16. NIKI & THE DOVE - Mother Protect (Swedish House Mafia bootleg feat. Afrojack)
17. ESKMO - Cloudlight