Videos like these are like Zen. Tutorials on how to make, remake, imitate and simulate household classic party tracks like Smack My Bitch Up and Voodoo People will make you feel motivated and incredibly hyped up. Seeing how Jim Pavloff remakes these tracks is just like watching kung fu movies – if I just imagine doing that, it makes me feel stronger. Or a wannabe musician with even more potential. On the other hand, it reminds you how fast can you make tracks, how easily and how you did something completely different instead of putting manhours into laying down tracks and hunting for old records to sample.

And this makes me go back on the basic question on what the work with – did a whole six years on ScreamTracker and FastTracker 2 and that alone would sort of lead me to go to Renoise or Fruity Loops, but flirting around with Reason or Ableton has always been an option (especially after doing remixes with Acid in the old days).

But all in all – these videos are pure gold and they were brought to you by Coilhouse.