LIVE: outblast & korsakoff @ syndicate 2011

Korsakoff always counts as dailykawaii, Outblast a powerpunch, Day-már's gone to pack schranz instead and the stuff that's on is the brilliant track Nothing to Lose by Neophyte & The Viper. Happy Monday.

COSPLAY: diablo (the world according to joshua smith)

Diablo 3 Diablo Costume
Built by Joshua Smith

The entire upper half of the costume's body was constructed, assembled, and painted in the time frame of 8 days, each day working approximately 4 hours. About $145 has went into the materials, all of them being purchased from Walmart except for the black gloves (marching gloves) that were bought from a local music store.

I do intend on going to BlizzCon this coming year. Hope to see you guys there! (diablo iii costume, via kotaku)

TECH: BendDesk (curved display multi-touch)

A research project from the RWTH Aachen University Media Computing Group and Department of Work and Cognitive Psychology in Germany is developing a desk in which the entire curved surface is a multi-touch touch screen and display, removing the need for keyboard, mouse and separate display. (find out more on physorg, via warrenellis' delicious)

ART: Vinicius Quesada, Blood Piss Blues

Vinicius Quesada is a collage/street artist from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2010, he created a series of dystopian images titled Blood Piss Blues, “with real blood.”

The images suggest a world in which the peak oil crisis has occurred, where children play in dismantled subway cars and where dense, polluted cities house homeless refugees, sword-wielding geisha and… psychedelic cats. At least that’s one interpretation. (via coilhouse)

Reminds me every single time that I should actually buy a TV so that I could meditate on the noise and the steganography that the gridline loa resonate throughout the interwebs.


For a limited time only, our readers will receive 20% off the GHST RDR collection when purchasing the jacket and skirt together, or a 10% discount when buying individual pieces. (...) Offer ends December 1, so straggle not! (via the ever amazing zoetica and also hautemacabre)

LOOT: Diablo III Demon Hunter coat

The upcoming Kraków winter might not be the best time of the year to get this, but it sure as hell makes me want to fastforward in time to March (also because of the book release date and the nightrides). Resident Diablo III maniac reader Riplakoidase sent it over during the weirdly nonsensical moments of morning and my opinion is: it's great but it would be way better to take this image to a seamstress and tell her to further customize that to your own needs. As far as the original site says, it's "Fleece Long Hooded Coat with Cowl-Neck Contrast Hood. Contrast Seam Binding at Shoulder Yoke, Pockets & Placket. 3 Slash Logo Embroidery, Demon Hunter Snaps & Printed Artwork at Back.60% Cotton/40% Polyester Fleece" and you can't order it yet. Which is a shame. (product page at, via Riplakoidase and

VIDEO: Gruyères, the H.R. Giger bar

Coming straight from DVICE is a 27-seconds vid from Gruyères, the H.R. Giger bar (and I'm not sure about the photo/video policy so check this out as long as you can, not much but still a great teaser of what's there, nighttime lighting would suit it better, though) that seems to be the only one left on this globe after the Yakuza took over the Tokyo building (and there's no metamovie about the Jap occult yakuza turning it into a carnal temple and then facehuggers released at an orgy and...)... and yeah I know, guy on the vid looks almost like Beardyman!

looking for an app that merges different google link containers

Working on the book (close to wrapping it all up now) has led me with a beartrapful of links and they're stored in one of three different containers that were produced by the very same Google, yet they're intraversable, immovable and unmergeable. I've got a bunch of links in my Google Bookmarks list, another in my Chrome bookmark list and yet another amongst the starred items in my Google Reader. Do you know about any apps that do merge these three linkgrabbers into one?

schwarzenegger dvd commentary for total recall (o'rly)

And this man is the Governor of California, honorary Captain Obvious, Cimmerian destroyer of children and women. Reminds me of all the Mad TV Arnie impersonation scenes, all at the same time. Quietly frothing at the mouth. (via io9)

sonic horticulture (ritual music)

Plants’ roots must be buried in order to live while humans are only buried when they are dead or meant to die. We bury our fears and traumas deep inside ourselves hoping they will slowly disintegrate, but we end up rotting out from the inside. Physically routed to their own system of interactive video, sound, and light, dev01ded, embodying their fears, will be slowly buried within an hourglass of dirt and technology, and he who buries them further entrenching himself in fear. (via xorzyzt)

storyboard from the joseph kahn neuromancer movie

Six months ago I reposted the article I wrote into The Dose mag about how the Neuromancer movie hasn't been done yet and who the intended directors were. Apparently the project's still helmed by Vincenzo "The Cube" Natali with the blessing of Gibson himself but I've seen no other news in fellow sites or googlealerts. Still, a cherished reader, Riplakoidase has just sent us a link of great interest - pages of the graphic storyboard done for the Joseph Kahn verison and it's all on the blog of the related storyboard artist Dan Fraga - and that's the Istanbul sequence, something I remember quite differently from the book, in fact. Still, if you're a cyberpunk afficionado and you're hungry for some Neuromancer news, that's way better than nothing for a Sunday night. (check out all ten storyboard images on

cthulhu cosplay (with real snakes)

And the weekly WTF video comes from not /b/ or any of the fetish boards but popculture hitmen IO9 themselves. What you're about to see is 1, quite disturbing for the faint-hearted 2, quite WTF for us raised on gore sites 3, a wonderful dedication of human flesh to the Lovecraftian gods 4, a weirdingly apt Cthulhu cosplay (we could imagine more snakes woven into a human body but then again, who couldn't). And we raise an eyebrow over the fact that this came from Sichuan serpent master Lui Fei (and yes, those snakes are venomous), not anyone from Japan. We've seen mutating cosplay acts from Thailand, this from mainland China, a shroud of secrecy from Vietnam.. Japanese WTF, you gotta get your weirdness straight and upfucked once again. Even Coffee Bukkake Man is boring after a few days of uncontrollable giggling. (via io9)

FEST VIDEO: Black Magick Vol. II.

feat. King Dude // Modern Witch // Gemeine Gesteine // Death of Abel // reliq

image: dielamb + xorzyzt
sound: jonny teardrop + xorzyzt (reliq) + grayl (reliq)
actors: helga wretman + jannis birsner + jonathan katz
styling: kyle callanan + larissa bechtold


ROSA is an epic sci-fi short film that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where all natural life has disappeared. From the destruction awakes Rosa, a cyborg deployed from the Kernel project, mankind’s last attempt to restore the earth’s ecosystem. Rosa will soon learn that she is not the only entity that has awakened and must fight for her survival.

The short-film was created entirely by young comic-artist Jesús Orellana with no budget during a single year. Since it's world premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival, ROSA has been an official selection at film festivals around the world such as Screamfest, Toronto After Dark, Anima Mundi or Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival. In October ROSA was screened at the opening night of the Sitges International Film Festival, considered the world's best festival specialized in genre films. Following the succesful festival run, the short film has attracted the attention of the major talent-agencies and Hollywood producers. Currently ROSA is in development to be a live-action motion picture. (via vimeo, recommended by Matt of Machetegirl, more on


Micro-budget 12 minute cyberpunk short by Stargate Studios, channelling a whole lot of Blade Runner, centered around a time-traveling replicant who's out to save her "donor" in the past in San Francisco. Confusing? Yes. Storywise? Cliché. Firstgen? Very. Atmosphere? Perfect. Get someone on board who can get between the niche cracks of the genre and you'll come up with something even more groundbreaking. I need a whole series of that, the quality is so there. (As recommended by ToBal!)

The film, embedded above, was shot digitally on a Canon EOS C300 camera by Stargate Studios, which earlier designed visual effects for The Walking Dead and Heroes. (...) The crew shot the production on the streets of San Francisco using six handheld cameras that cost $20,000 apiece. (via wired)

new Will Wright game transforms your data into a game

Will Wright’s next game, titled HiveMind, will harvest players’ personal information and turn that data into customized gameplay situations, the Sims creator revealed in a VentureBeat interview on Wednesday. (...) Wright’s plan is to have HiveMind use this data in order to lead players into a gameplay situation based on their real-life hobbies and interests. Wright used a real-life example in which he stumbled upon a gathering of car enthusiasts — a hobby he himself shared. If HiveMind knew about Wright’s passion for cars, it could direct him to an identical situation in the game. (via wired)

vakondok 2: demoscene dokumentumfilm, decemberi vetítés

Azt mondja nekem a Gargaj (aki eddigi ismeretségünk során vagy mérhetetlenül stresszes volt vagy díjnyertes dolgokat pakolt le az asztalra, nem láttam tőle köztes állapotot, szerinte ugyanaz a kettő), hogy könnyezni fognak a buddhák, ha nem nézem meg a Vakondok 2 dokufilmet, megnéztem a fenti trailert, kezdem sajnálni, hogy nem mentünk el a november 17-i Düreres vetítésre. Ami viszont jó: december 10-én van másodpremier (persze nem így hívják, de értsd, amíg nem lehet letölteni, addig igazából minden nézés premier) az Experience 11-en, lehet készülni. Mutatok mást is, csak hogy értsétek, hogy miért kell lelkesedni, ez is Gargajküldelem. (Amúgy van előzménye underground street culture vonalon, a tavalyi New York International Independent Film Festivalon legjobb nemzetközi kult dokufilm díjat nyert, they fucking ROCK, amúgy.)

Az új rész a Demoscene digitális művészeti szubkultúra mélyére ássa le magát, egy olyan alkotóközösséget bemutatva, ami lassan 30 éve létezik világszinten elismert magyar alkotókkal, mégsem tud róluk szinte senki semmit. A történet akkor kezdődött, amikor a számítástechnika terjedésével a már jól megszokott művészeti platformok mellé újabbak nőttek, melyek részben a régi ágazatokat digitalizálták, részben pedig teljesen új művészeti formákat hoztak létre. Régen a kép-, és hangalapú művészetek a szellemi alkotóképesség mellett általában fizikális, főleg kézi ügyességet is megköveteltek. Mára a számítógépes programozás és a matematika lehetővé tette, hogy pusztán szellemi alkotófolyamat útján, a fizikális képességeket kizárva hozhassunk létre egészen újfajta művészeti alkotásokat. A számítástechnika világunk leggyorsabban fejlődő ága, mely egyre újabb lehetőségeket teremt a művészet terén is. A Vakondok most egy olyan közösséget mutat be, ahol a legmodernebb technika mellett néha kifejezetten a számítástechnika hőskorából származó megoldásokból próbálják meg kihozni a legjobbat.

DOCUMENTARY: Battlefield 3 FPS gaming simulator

(...) we showed you an amazing PC gaming setup that involved five HD projectors, an omni-directional treadmill, wireless gun peripheral, ambient lighting and paintball gun. (...) this clip shows how the thing was built, and goes into greater detail explaining how it actually works (...) You'll also, if this is your thing, get extended views at a British man howling in pain as he's peppered with paintballs while his motion control system breaks down. (via kotaku)

KICKSTARTER: support The Tide (Limbo-inspired short film)

Limbo, a true monochrome monogatari of perfection in the indie game industry (and a game that we also score as 10/10 and consider it one of the greatest releases in 2011) is now something of an inspiring jewel for The Samsquanch Team who set out to release a short film very much in its vein. Although the original $3000 budget is already met, check out their Kickstarter page and donate a few bucks until Nov 26 - I'm definitely sold for their project. (via Riplakoidase)

razor coated candies: number 10, a november edition

Razor Coated Candies was a video collection of weird little jewels you can make strange friends with back in the days when I was working for the video startup Dragontape. This is the tenth and most possibly the last-but-one etape of the series, leaving the last 3-hours long one being an endless chain of the best tracks I've found this year (their recent changes in the editor makes it near impossible to do a proper crossfade without volume glitches and that's just one of the numerous frustrating mixmaking problems). Still, expect a kick-ass mix mid-December and have fun listening to this melancholic throatstab.

The Damage

1. CELLDWELLER - Own Little World (Klayton's We Will Never Die mix)
2. SKRILLEX - First of the Year (Equinox)
3. PHAELEH - Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse)
4. ICONA POP - Manners
5. WOLF GANG - The King and All of His Men
6. THE HELLFREAKS - Boogie Man
7. ZOLA JESUS - Vessel
8. COLLIDE - Mind Games
9. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE - Shake it Out
10. THE OPIATES - Anatomy of a Plastic Girl
11. ANGELSPIT - Channel Hell
12. THE GOOD NATURED - Skeleton
13. EMMON - Rock d'Amour
14. THE CREEPSHOW - The Garden
15. THE GOOD NATURED - Your Body is a Machine
16. NIKI & THE DOVE - Mother Protect (Swedish House Mafia bootleg feat. Afrojack)
17. ESKMO - Cloudlight

corning's future of glass

Yet another concept video revoking the almost pornographic love for glass or glass simile touchscreens and most of this tech has been out there in the Microsoft Future vision videos. Reminds me of the same stuff that gives me headaches during finishing up the last few dozen pages of the book I'm working on: we've seen this so many times it's already a cliché and those three compulsory paragraphs of The Enthusiastic Blogger's simply not coming out. Not enthusiastic about that kind of glossy wanking. Not saying I wouldn't be the first one to get subdermal circuitry implanted to get online inside my own brain without cables but that is so much flashy consumer technology that I'm only interested whether it can be hacked, gotten off the surveillance grid and used for porn. (

mondo 2011 november: újságosoknál az új szám

Van új Mondo az újságosoknál, vigyétek, tartalmi dumpot dobom: Kilari 2. évad, vámpíros animék és sorozatok, Kai Doh Maru, Twilight képregény, Arc, a kölyök, Transzcendentális gyilkolás, Harry Potter, a túlélő, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Sims 3, Dark Souls, Okkultizmus a mangában, Yuujoo Toshi, Gilgamesh, Bible Black, Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, Nabari No Oo, Ghost Hunt, Kamikaze Kaitoo Jeanne, Devil Beside You, MondoCon 2011, An Cafe, Versailles, mflo, Rage meg pár oldalnyi én, összesen ebben a számban tíz oldal, ha jól számolom, eddig pénzben számoltam árat, de most lehet a sarki black-ops coffeemérő extrakondenz áraiban is hét kávéval mérni és legalább annyira egészségtelen. There, I said it. (more at