And the weekly WTF video comes from not /b/ or any of the fetish boards but popculture hitmen IO9 themselves. What you’re about to see is 1, quite disturbing for the faint-hearted 2, quite WTF for us raised on gore sites 3, a wonderful dedication of human flesh to the Lovecraftian gods 4, a weirdingly apt Cthulhu cosplay (we could imagine more snakes woven into a human body but then again, who couldn’t). And we raise an eyebrow over the fact that this came from Sichuan serpent master Lui Fei (and yes, those snakes are venomous), not anyone from Japan. We’ve seen mutating cosplay acts from Thailand, this from mainland China, a shroud of secrecy from Vietnam.. Japanese WTF, you gotta get your weirdness straight and upfucked once again. Even Coffee Bukkake Man is boring after a few days of uncontrollable giggling. (via io9)