NEW LOOT: the SVK comic (by ellis, d'israeli & berg)

SVK reinvented comics, nice first sentence, quite dramatic, though. Take a step back, reiterate.

SVK is a healthy transfusion of Cherenkov light and battery acid blood into the heart of the comics industry turned a tad uncogged and shambling. Warren Ellis, misanthropic PCP godhead of the hard-edge counterculture, Matt D'Israeli Brooker (with art and inkery dipped into Judge Dredd, Future Shocks, Sandman or Kill Your Boyfriend) and London-based design agency BERG stands behind this shoulder-mounted package of sheer ROCK and a whole lot of Easter Eggs, turned into something of a cheeky prodigal bastard child.

Ellis calls SVK a Kafkaesque Bourne Identity and he has truth, revealing emerging issues of data clouds, information leakage, surveillance and active lens technology through an object called SVK (quite similar to the prototype in Gibson's Virtual Light) and the eyes and actions of Thomas Woodwind, an Ellisesque protagonist of a troubled professional background, a blood-spangled mercenary mindset and a hacker sidekick to make a contemporary spy story look straight enough.

The greatness? The issues breathing down on your neck and those same cards played out in the narrative to get the creative cells going. The idea of multiple layers of narrative -reading the comic is one thing, then reading it again with the SVK (strategic vigilance key) object - a branded one-shot blacklight - will reveal extra facets of visual and contextual elements to combine back into the big picture. The foreword praise by William Gibson. The extra know-how ramblings by Jamais Cascio and Paul Gravett. The hilariously brilliant ads from breeding pygmy elephants to DNA-altering trousers, 4D printers and cerebellum plugins that will teach you Japanese in just 30 years? This is just like reading your first mind- and brain-altering comics under the blanket with a flashlight. Only this is the futurepast and only blacklights will do.

Get your copy of SVK and its designated weird little reader card before it's too late.

the transfinite

cannot unlove the glitch of ryoji ikeda gone completely satori this time, now it's a bit too much fucked up about the bratislava trip, still hoping to get there, muchly (more at the park avenue armory about the transfinite installation, his datamatics lastfm event is here)

megint írtam két fejezetet (jobs: a digitális kor látnoka)

Reggelt. Megint megjelenik egy könyv, amibe írtam fejezetet, a Szalay Könyveknél holnap polcrólhúzható Steve Jobs: a digitális kor látnoka címűbe rögtön kettőt is, holnap még bemutató is lesz hozzá, ahol kóválygunk egy sort és zavaros szemekkel nézzük egymást a bemutatókra-sajtótájékoztatókra kötelező érvénnyel bal hátsó vagy jobb első sarokba belőtt terüljterüljasztalkámon keresztül, a könyvbe szintén bedolgozó @dawe_ dorsetnaga-injekciókat szúr majd a tér véletlenszerű pontjaira, akár van ott ember, akár nincs, aztán ti megveszitek és fikázni fogjátok vagy a konyhakövön csúszva-karmolászva zokogtok azért, hogy elhunyt Steve, akit annyira közel éreztetek magatokhoz, hogy már majdnem egy osztályba jártatok vele, de aztán persze mégsem. Mi meg asszimiláljuk az összes elfogyasztható kávét, aztán még aznap elhúzunk Pozsonyba Ryoji Ikeda livera a biopunk hazai helytartójával. Majd kaptok belőle sorvezetős-japános videót. Kellemes hetet előre.

11/11/11: what will you bring us? (nitronic rush, skyrim, haujobb - new world march)

Just reading on TIGSource that 11/11/11 will not only bring us SKYRIM, the latest fantasy sandbox extravaganza in the Elder Scrolls series (scroll below for a wonderful teaser about their sound/orchestral background work) but also a wonderful piece of neon threesome including Tron Legacy, Rez and the Wipeout series and what was born out of the cherenkov fucklock was nothing less than Nitronic Rush, an amazing piece of high-style-all-action racing game that'll be released as freeware by the Digipen guys - more info at (or their Facebook page) and yes, the trailer music is a part of the game soundtrack.

Musicwise: more bitchslapping treats. This time last month Angelspit's released their new album Hello My Name Is, featuring some kick-ass renegade industrial, pretty much unlike their previous stuff: more guitars, more punk, more raw, less decency! (Their Soundcloud is full of new stuff to check out.) If that ain't right, tune in this month, same eleventh: sample Haujobb's New World March and all their schizoid-technoid pumping IDM beats will scorch the planet through Tympanik, one of the most promising record labels this year.

lollipop chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw focuses on zombie hunter and cheerleader Juliet Starling (voiced by Tara Strong) who, along with members of her family and her boyfriend, a disembodied head, fight hordes of zombies in San Romero High School, where Starling formerly cheered. The enemy zombies are led by "a group of zombie rock and roll lords". (via wikipedia, more at the official lc site)