Italian low-budget sci-fi R.O.A.C.H. gets English trailer

The story takes place in 2068 and is set in a place very similar to Minsk, the capital of Belarus which sits nestled on the borderline between Russia and Europe, called New Minsk. In this future incarnation, corporations have near complete control of industry and communication. The story follows one man who rises up against one of the most powerful multinational corporations exposing the company’s genetic experimentation project code named R.O.A.C.H. (via

free french cyberpunk cinema: jeunet-caro's apocalyptic debut short film THE BUNKER online

Jeunet and Caro’s trademark of magical realism pervades all genres they touch from the grotesque to hard edge science fiction. Their obscure first short, Le Bunker de la Derniere Rafale (available on Vimeo) appears in 1981 when Besson is having a comic liaison in a depressing future with no women. Incidentally Le Bunker has only bald males with a thankful infusion of goggle porn, concrete and claustrophobia with a countdown. Which sounds way too much like the last few months of 2012 in the cybergoth scene, but sssh! (:Wumpscut: also touches back to Le Bunker in his early days - anyone remember Bunkertor 7?)

Yes, more movies to come your way and this time it's early French hard-chiseled weirdness. Jeunet-Caro's first short The Bunker of the Last Gunshots is online on Vimeo and if you liked it, click up The Dose mag and order the mag (yes, we actually made that) for 4 EUR for more French cyberpunk and link and lovely perversion galore!

movie tuesday: primer is just like inception, only weirder - and now for free

Shane Carruth, writer and director of the lo-fi scifi flick Primer, has uploaded the entire film to Google Video so you can watch it for free. If you liked the time-twists of Inception, you'll love Primer - it's even crazier. (via io9 - head there for smart Primer infographics and more!)

movie tuesday: sucker punch trailer released

"Sucker Punch" is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, but her incredible adventures blur the lines between what's real and what is imaginary...with potentially tragic consequences.

Alice in Wonderland with inner worlds, suits, guns, dragons, drugs and steampunk. Cheesy dailykawaii shots and anything phallic in between. We'll get back to report more on this when the brainmeat has been hardened from the consitency and meaningfulness of strawberry jam that talks alone at night when it thinks nobody hears it. (pic via joblo/

movie tuesday: gantz trailer released

College student Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) witnesses his childhood friend Masaru Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) attempting to help a drunk who has fallen onto the subway train tracks and spontaneously jumps in to help him. However, both are run down by the oncoming train...

In the next instant, they are transported to a strange apartment with others who should also be dead. In the center of the living room is an enigmatic black orb known as 'GANTZ'.

GANTZ enlists each of them on a mission to hunt down and exterminate 'aliens', providing them with fighting suits and weapons.

Is this a world of game or reality? Seeing people and aliens slaughtering each other, Kato is anguished, but Kurono gradually feels satisfied as he discovers his fighting ability...

With 'life and death' as the theme, this is a new type of suspense action entertainment!!

You've read NTV's official synopsis above so you have the basics generously handed out to you, Wikipedia will just spoil everything. Still, more info: this is a two-part live adaptation of Hiroya Oku's manga with the first part coming in January 2011 and the secondly shortly after: sometime during the spring period. Randomly resurrected bionic alien fighters on the cusp of Armageddon, all in Japan with random gratuituous screams and acts of violence? Oh yes. This will be a cult classic so much similar to Gunhed in cheesyness and roboguro. (read more on

nyócker: ingyen, online

Nyolc hónapig voltunk összezárva egy szobában. Vagy tizenkettő. Egy idő után elvesztettük a számolást, kétszer teljesen összeomlott minden archívom, úgyhogy az IMDB-t kell visszakövetnem, hogy tényleg 2004-ben írtuk a Nyóckert, hárman, akik mind meg voltak győződve arról, hogy az ő vicceik a legszórakoztatóbbak egyedül a szobában, volt rengeteg kompromisszum meg tartalmi csavar, akkor Stephen Chow kínai vígjátékait néztem sorra és minden jelenetet abszurdra akartam csavarni, aztán valahogy ez lett belőle. Tudom, négyszer néztem meg sajtóvetítésen és mindig konstatáltam, hogy melyik poénon ki hogyan nevet, azóta sem tudom független szemlélőként megnézni a filmet, ez is pont olyan, amikor Jenny Quantum elmeséli, hogy elment egyszer megnézni egy filmrendezővel egy filmet, aki úgy végigelemezte menet közben együltő helyében az egészet, hogy kitépett székkel szerette volna az elemzőképességét kipöccenteni a helyéből. De a lényeg megvan. Megírtuk, kaszált a filt három díjat meg a New York Times Critics' Pickje közé kerültünk (meg Spotty mutatott valami német reviewt, ha arra még egyszer rátalál, hálás leszek neki) a DVD-k különlegesebb disztribúció nélkül folyt el az országban, akkor tapasztaltam meg az első furcsa érzéseket is, amit nem gondoltam volna, hogy fogok valaha is, amikor valaki közli, hogy "letöltöttem a filmedet és megnéztem" és amikor megkérdezed, hogy miért nem fizetett érte, értetlenül kérdez vissza, hogy "miért?" (Heh.) De most már ez se nagyon számít, minden az entrópia meg Eris felé megy, de ezt is írtam már. És most ittam csak az első napi kávét meg. Értékeljétek, hogy ilyen állapotban is közlök.

Az viszont meg nektek számít, hogy kint az Indavideón a teljes film, lehet nézni. Katt.

a mega tron legacy video post

The girl in the white dress is a seamstress. Olivia Wilde has MEGA MANGA DOLL pond eyes and a strategically bad coiffure. Bad clothes look significantly better when customized with self-assembling neon glow. Women sound nicer when they have vocoders in their throats. But then again, I have to rethink this whole previous sentence about the throat. Anyway. Hello. We have new stuffs from the Tron universe and Riplakoidase has been kind enough to support me with all the stuff via the Hardwired forums and everything. The amount of the stuff that's coming through is tremendous and I'm really trying to filter and avoid everything - the more I receive the more I will know about the movie. And we have almost half a year until the IMAX 3D launch date which makes me cringe and go and watch Inception three more times instead. As Inception is the new Matrix. But you've probably heard that already. So without any more bullshit, click these videos. They have dead bits, literally unreal women and weird fashion statement inside. In a world that needs an ID card as big as your back. But you can kill people with it. I think that's a hidden feudal remark about swords. And I probably need to have some rest as well. But the real fun comes from French site Minutebuzz: seven minutes of Tron:Legacy cam from a screening. There goes the seamstress.

Tron Legacy - Exclusif Comic Con Preview 7 Minutes [VO-SD]
Uploaded by Eklecty-City. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.

the birthday massacre - pins and needles ad

Without too much explanation, if there's only one album you'll buy this year, let it be The Birthday Massacre's Pins and Needles.

superbus: the french birthday massacre

SUPERBUS - Lova Lova (Universal, 2009)
I wouldn’t have thought I’d cover any band in this issue on a major label but hey, talent’s always talent. To do this long: the french five-piece SUPERBUS revives the 80’s glamour pop with the lovely vocalist Jennifer Ayache. They’re cheerfully pop and so much in-your-ear they’ve won quite a few prices, amongst them the MTV EMA 2005 best French act. To cut this awfully short: they’re the French Birthday Massacre. Their latest album Lova Lova brings joyous gloom, kinky bedroom Goth, a light purple touch on everything with skillful songwriting so much I’m thinking of re-learning French. And with the neon framework video for Addictions, they’ve won me a hundred times over. (Check Apprends-Moi and denying it has a lot to do with Chibi & Co.’s work will be quite hard.) It is sin, yes. Cheesy but fulfilling.
Key tracks: Nelly, Keyhole, Addictions
(via buy our mag on on our site or at

I first wanted to write something like Superbus is the New Birthday Massacre, but first of all, that would be pure blasphemy, secondly, Chibi and co are releasing their new album, Pins and Needles real soon (so much that they're posting short clips to social sites when they see one). And the title track Pins and Needles is just like being in love. And their tracks often make me say things like that. (Just saying, teenager boys and girls. But Superbus, that's something entirely different, a very French take on the eighties, as you can read in the review above, cheeky and a bubblegum power pop candy that has very fine garotte razors inside. It's mostly the latest album Lova Lova that'll send the purple riot grrl inside you shred with lollipop guitar joy. There, I said it.

lagoa multiphysics teaser

This was sent in by an old-time PD reader of ROCK, Riplakoidase and there are lots of other nice stuff where this came from so expect more recommendations from him - watch this space! And in all screaming honesty, watching the first twenty seconds of this teaser, I didn't exactly believe this was CG. Amazingness. Read more about this on or

sufferrosa: in future poland, aging is illegal, this is the way of life

Aging is illegal and death is forbidden in Sufferrosa, Poland’s latest addition to an already crazed and colourful repertoire of the neon weird. Sufferrosa is a great piece of experimental Godardian storytelling by new media director Dawid Marcinkowski and his crew. Take neo noir, medical Noh punk, cut and paste surgery beautification, a shameless use of audiovisual montage (aided by giants like Sonic Youth or The KLF), mix it, break it and from its splinters reconstruct a bizarre non-linear story about two omnipotent motifs of today’s underlying urban psyche: fear of death and the cult of beauty. (, THE DOSE mag)

Never thought new media could be this fun and immersive, although it's more like future Miranda Island than future Poland, but anyway. The rest of the review is in the Paris issue of The Dose mag that I'm chiefeditoring and you should buy it, not only because you can read how I write gonzo in English but also because it has 79 pages of goodness on other stuff. But back to the Sufferrosa site - the loop you gonna hear on the site comes from the Law of Life 12" released by Italian synthpop project FARAH. They are amazing and captivating and you should check their MySpace - they sound like an enervated, post-menses Chicks on Speed in a hospital after an almost fatal car crash. (This actually was a compliment.) So log in onto the neo noir cinema - bet it's gonna take you an hour or two to get out of it. And you'll want to go back, because it's touchingly eerie and it will make you cringe and think about the second generation cyberpunk stuff Neal Stephenson and Bruce Sterling wrote. hard labour with the lovely paris

Hello. I am Damage, gonzo journalist, catalyst and an explorer of weird and futurologistic. A month ago I knew how to time travel. Now, only a few hours ago, to my best knowledge, I woke up while being abducted by space aliens and remarkably under the drills. It gives me great satisfaction, erection and self-confidence to conclude that ambassadors of superior civilizations warp time and space just to drill me. And I also think this was also the equivalent of a galactic job interview. Because we finished the new issue of The Dose magazine. About Paris. And you will buy this magazine. Because all the money I will hoard up from sales will go into new pancreas and a one-way ticket to Singapore. But more about this after the embed and the jump.

THE DOSE magazine - Issue 3 (Paris) TEASER

The Dose. For those who're late for class, it started as a free PDF mag targeting one city per issue to showcase its weird underdog talents: musicians, artists, designers with a focus on music, more music and great eyecandy. I had friends helping me out but it was mostly a solo project and it was a great thing to do, doing a pilot on Budapest and then two more issues, on Tokyo and London. Then three years passed. And we decided to go back to the original plan we liked, I quit being a full-time IT journalist and after long months of working in our free time, here's the Paris issue. If you were following up on what I did, I promised so many times that this will come that you probably didn't believe me. But it's here now.

Yes. The Paris issue. It has features on French steampunk, cyberpunk, netlabels (amazing stuff ranging from mad orgy freejazz to pumping warehouse techno), parkour, psytrance (a great comparison of chocolate and goa!) and fashion. And a great piece of infographics about French bands we loved. Features on LVA, brain hacking and Chinese underground music. Interviews with Clélia Altaïr, Punish Yourself, Lukas Zpira, Die Puppe, Foretaste, Miss Kittin, Scan X, the guys at Dejobaan Games and RJDJ, Nohno / Kibuka, Blue Stahli, Shiv-R and Black Nail Cabaret. And e-readers. And our recommendations for 2010. And lots of reviews.

So spread the news, enjoy the show, buy our mag, support the artists, don't steal this mag if you don't exactly need to, send us feedback and contact us if you think you could help us rock more. And here are a few music videos from these previous artists you gonna love!

veil veil vanish - anthem for a doomed youth official video

We already reviewed the grandeur of Veil Veil Vanish in the new issue of The Dose mag but until you'll be able to lay your hands on it, let me just say we have a new love object running around and fornicating madly in the shoegazer/goth/indie triangle. They're amazing, they're bittersweet, their debut album Change in the Neon Light is one album we'd play until our ears bleed. (Oh wait, we actually did that.) Watch this space. We have news coming up.

five minutes of nolan's inception online

Inception has already been hailed as one of the best science fiction movies of the decade. Until the crew manages to watch it in the upcoming days and give a review about it, here's five minutes of Nolan's apparent mastery. (via io9)

karina van heck: blood music

According to Gizmowatch, Karina van Heck transforms the sound of blood flowing through your veins, among other noises, into beats, that she later mixes together. Apparently this project is actually a "a criticism of the technologies that have been lately employed to view the workings of the body on the inside." Sure, we just think it's cool to be your own ipod. (via io9)

aeon flux episodes: the indie aeon flux platformer game

Aeon Flux Episodes (...) is a shoot-em-up with a bit of parkour action thrown in. (...) If you've ever play games like Flashback or Abe's Odyssey then you may already have a feel for it. Every animation in the game plays at 24 frames per second. No exceptions. (...) It also features the ability to shoot left and/or right independently. This means you can shoot the enemies behind you as you walk forward, or better yet you can shoot the enemies in front and behind simultaneously. (via

the damage report 005: parkour, avagy a srácok, akik nem torkozták le a tehetetlenséget

A hólyagod annyira elnehezedett tizenkét órányi formagyakorlatozás után, hogy saját neve és IP-címe is van már, te meg csak annyit veszel észre az egészből, hogy jobban be kell hajolni a térdsöprés előtt, na ez a flow, a pozitív pszichológia legnagyobb vívmánya. Hiába motollázik vele a magyar öntudatban a fogalmat elhíresítő Csíkszentmihályi Mihály pszichológus, a legtöbben itthon büszkén letorkoztak ötszáz évnyi tanult tehetetlenséget és nem értik, hogy miért lehet belefeledkezni boldogan abba, amit csinálunk, a párizsi fiatalok inkább izzadtak egy kicsit, eltörtek párszor kart meg lábat, aztán elindították világkörüli útjára a parkourt.

A júniusi Mondóban megjelent damagereport arról, hogy mi a parkour, miért jó meg Japánban mennyire van elterjedve (kb ugyanannyira, mint bárhol máshol) és csendben hallgatunk arról, hogy gyakorolnod tíz évig kell napi nyolc órát ahhoz, hogy tényleg jó legyél benne. De pssszt. Kattintsatok inkább, megint peaket akarok.
Read more