The girl in the white dress is a seamstress. Olivia Wilde has MEGA MANGA DOLL pond eyes and a strategically bad coiffure. Bad clothes look significantly better when customized with self-assembling neon glow. Women sound nicer when they have vocoders in their throats. But then again, I have to rethink this whole previous sentence about the throat. Anyway. Hello. We have new stuffs from the Tron universe and Riplakoidase has been kind enough to support me with all the stuff via the Hardwired forums and everything. The amount of the stuff that’s coming through is tremendous and I’m really trying to filter and avoid everything – the more I receive the more I will know about the movie. And we have almost half a year until the IMAX 3D launch date which makes me cringe and go and watch Inception three more times instead. As Inception is the new Matrix. But you’ve probably heard that already. So without any more bullshit, click these videos. They have dead bits, literally unreal women and weird fashion statement inside. In a world that needs an ID card as big as your back. But you can kill people with it. I think that’s a hidden feudal remark about swords. And I probably need to have some rest as well. But the real fun comes from French site Minutebuzz: seven minutes of Tron:Legacy cam from a screening. There goes the seamstress.

Tron Legacy – Exclusif Comic Con Preview 7 Minutes [VO-SD]
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