Aging is illegal and death is forbidden in Sufferrosa, Poland’s latest addition to an already crazed and colourful repertoire of the neon weird. Sufferrosa is a great piece of experimental Godardian storytelling by new media director Dawid Marcinkowski and his crew. Take neo noir, medical Noh punk, cut and paste surgery beautification, a shameless use of audiovisual montage (aided by giants like Sonic Youth or The KLF), mix it, break it and from its splinters reconstruct a bizarre non-linear story about two omnipotent motifs of today’s underlying urban psyche: fear of death and the cult of beauty. (, THE DOSE mag)

Never thought new media could be this fun and immersive, although it’s more like future Miranda Island than future Poland, but anyway. The rest of the review is in the Paris issue of The Dose mag that I’m chiefeditoring and you should buy it, not only because you can read how I write gonzo in English but also because it has 79 pages of goodness on other stuff. But back to the Sufferrosa site – the loop you gonna hear on the site comes from the Law of Life 12″ released by Italian synthpop project FARAH. They are amazing and captivating and you should check their MySpace – they sound like an enervated, post-menses Chicks on Speed in a hospital after an almost fatal car crash. (This actually was a compliment.) So log in onto the neo noir cinema – bet it’s gonna take you an hour or two to get out of it. And you’ll want to go back, because it’s touchingly eerie and it will make you cringe and think about the second generation cyberpunk stuff Neal Stephenson and Bruce Sterling wrote.