URGENT: looking for media/creative jobs in London

Looking for a full-time job in London, mostly related to writing (tech, pop and alternative culture), community management (7+ yrs) or uni lecturer work (2 yrs + 5 yrs radio). Or brainstorming on creative aspects of social media and startups.

Mostly rooted in technology, futurism, cyberpunk, fringe culture and social media. Got a movie script under my belt, also first book just gotten published in Hungary (in nationwide distribution at the moment), translation is in the works!

My visual resume is shared above - if you can reshare or retweet this, I'd really appreciate that. (If you have ideas about non-London works, drop me a mail. Contacts in the resume.) Thanks!

cameras made from human skulls (the works of wayne martin belger)

Just gotten another idea for the fiction projects I'm working on - and bone as a ritual apparatus (either technological or occult) is a powerful fusion. Find out more at Wayne Martin Belger's Boy of Blue site and this all comes, weirdly, from IO9 (you can check out photographs done with skull cameras at both sites).

Third Eye Camera - Designed to study the beauty of decay. 4"x5" camera made from Aluminium, Titanium, Brass, Silver, Gem Stones and a 150 year old skull of a 13 year old girl. Light and time enters at the third eye, exposing the film in the middle of the skull.

Yama (Tibetan Skull Camera) - Yama's eyes are cast from bronze and silver with a brass pinhole in each. A divider runs down the middle of the skull creating two separate cameras. A finished contact print mounted on copper is inserted in to the back of the camera to view what Yama saw in 3D.

Yama is made from Aluminium, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze Steel, Silver, Gold, Mercury with 4 Sapphires, 3 Rubies (The one at Yama's third eye was $5000.00), Asian and American Turquoise, Sand, Blood, and 9 Opals inlayed in the Skull. The film loading system is pneumatic. A 300psi air tank in the middle of the camera powers 2 pneumatic pistons to move the film holder forward and lock it into place. The switch to open and close the film chamber is located under the jaw.

planetdamage mega linkbox, 2012 may

Welcome. To start a new era in the history of this blog (and my own life and head and everything), I gotta release all the bookmarks that I've stored away in the past 12-18 months (some 350+ links) thinking I just need a few hours and I'll write mega insane amazing thematic posts. No. Not gonna happen. I know the structure is very minimal and this is too dense but you gotta fight through the gorgeous bits of knowledge, buckets of cow eyes, Cthulhu sex toys, girls twisted into Gundam mecha, various methods for brain hacking and whatnot. Note: I am still looking for a tool/app that would synchronize all my Google Bookmarks, Google Reader Bookmarks, Chrome bookmarks and Twitter favourites. As a welcoming gift, there's an Atari Teenage Riot - Iggy Pop - Nine Inch Nails mashup for a quick appetizer. The rest doesn't swallow easy.
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MUSIC: the Mid-May random jukebox

Every four to six weeks I realize I have way too many bookmarks, filter out the music videos and make a random jukebox post of them. This is one of those posts. Until the interwebs finally give birth to a PROPER video playlist service, I'm posting you a linklist. Inside: DJ Mad Dog, Dolphins Into the Future, Electro Cypher, Electrosoniks, Florrie, Genki Rockets, Hecq, Kaskade, Moby, Modestep, Omega Lithium, Phantogram, Quelle Chris, Snog, Suicide Inside, The Ghosts of 3.13, The Glamour Manifesto, The Nasty Boyz, Tonikom, We Plants Are Happy Plants.

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DAILYWTF: nephilim in the sea

(Just sent to me by reader Peter Gelencser - YOU ROCK!)

BREAKING: Neuromancer a Hungarian co-production, ready by autumn 2013

Renowned US producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Transformers, Constantine) is to partner with Seven Arts Entertainment Inc and Prodigy Pictures on William Gibson adaptation Neuromancer, it was confirmed this weekend.

Di Bonaventura and his producing partner Mark Vahradian along with Prodigy’s Jay Firestone and Steve Hoban will produce the long gestating film, to be directed by Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cube.)

Neuromancer will be produced as a UK-Canadian-Hungarian co-production by Neuromancer Productions UK Limited (an affiliate of Peter Hoffman’s Seven Arts and GFM Films LLP) in the UK, Pioneer Pictures KFT in Hungary and an affiliate of Prodigy in Canada. Shooting on the $60m budget feature is planned for later this year, with anticipated distribution ready for the autumn of 2013. GFM has been instrumental in setting up an EIS structure for the film. (more at screendaily.com)

HELP NEEDED: robotgyártót, robotépítőt, robot keresünk

»Az Encyclopaedia Galactica szerint a robot olyan mechanikai berendezés, melyet az ember munkájának elvégzésére terveztek. A Szíriusz Kibernetikai Társaság piackutató részlege szerint a robot "A Te Műanyag Haverod, Akivel Pompásan Érzed Magad". A GALAXIS Útikalauz szerint a Szíriusz Kibernetikai Társaság piackutató részlege "eszetlen semmirekellők csürhéje, akiket elsőként állít majd falhoz a forradalom".«

Egyik kedves ismerősöm fejében felmerült egy konferenciaelőadásokat tartó, filigrán, koktélpartiképes robot megépítésének gondolata. Semmi bonyolult mesterséges intelligencia, csak egy lánctalpakon gördülő 150 centis játékszer, ami távolról irányítható (mobilnet + webcam), kiállítható prezentálni (fut rajta a Powerpoint vagy ekvivalense), és készségszinten futtatja a Skype-ot kétirányú audiokommunikáció céljából.

Amivel az ötletgazda rendelkezik, az maga az ötlet, IT projektmenedzsment-tapasztalat, és ha komolyra fordul a dolog, akkor belepakolható tőke (épeszű keretek között). Nem rendelkezik azonban semmilyen tapasztalattal robotok építésében, még egy nyomorult Arduinot sem pakolt össze soha egyedül. Sadface.

Ha van kedve valakinek segíteni, esetleg levezényelni az építést (a befektethető tőke értelmében természetesen nem ingyen), dobjon egy mailt a szabolcs.sandor@karmamedia.eu címre.

SHORT FILM: Mute - The Matrix meets The Artist

MUTE was directed by The Brothers Strause of Skyline fame and AVP: Requiem infamy a few years back and at the height of cyberpunk mania. It's about a world where people can't hear and there is no music.

Now, before you cry foul, yes, "Mute" was created by Alpine Electronics. It was created as part of Alpine's long-term, global marketing strategy to subtly promote the 25 year-old brand in a fresh and relevant way to younger consumers. Having said that, Mute contains no blatant product information or corporate messaging other than visuals of the sound system. (via quietearth)

TEASER: True Skin

recommended by comrade razz0r. more info about this project unveiled at their vimeo page, also at production group page (group called n1on, director: stephan zlotescu, director of photography: h1 with clients like kanye west, busta rhymes, kraze, lil wayne, m.i.a. or coldplay, producer: chris sewall, music: j-punch, makeup artist: MK). emphasis on skin surrogates and extra layers of infosphere.

2012 április: életjel, könyv, ld50 meg a többi

Ez a gibsonian fényelt szürke a Mitoék egyik bútordarabja, a könyv rajta az, amin az elmúlt majdnem másfél évben dolgoztam, a rajta látható szimbólum pedig Papa Legbához, a haiti voodoo panteonjának egyik kulcsfigurájához tartozik, ha pedig ezt a mondatot olvassátok, akkor az azt jelenti, hogy a fekete csontkoponyákkal kockázó, habanerorumot vedelő istenek nem nyitottak portált a gyomromban és nem szülök skorpiókat éppen kétes féléletre egy szabadkőműves páholy közepén üvöltve. Lefordítom. Minden terv szerint halad.
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