HAPPY 2012 with a Headhunterz Skyrim hardstyle theme (and more)!

The Planet://Damage institution wishes you a happy new year! Nothing better to close the old one with than a Headhunterz reinterpretation of the Skyrim main theme (and a few other clips that came with it). We're closing the blog for a few days until we manage to spoon our brains together - until then, fornicate well and quite creatively.

TRAILER: Thieves (upcoming cyberpunk short by Zenisphere films)

Above and below, various production materials connected to the upcominig cyberpunk short by J.G. Barnes and Zenisphere Films. Recommended to me by sharp-eyed P://D follower Tobal!

TRAILER: Kill List (2011)

Nearly a year after a botched job, a hitman takes a new assignment with the promise of a big payoff for three killings. What starts off as an easy task soon unravels, sending the killer into the heart of darkness. (imdb entry, via @turingcop)

2011: the top 10 most read articles on planetdamage.com

Google Analytics has finally turned into something really accessible! Which makes the December wrap-up even more easier! A brutally short overview on the top 10 posts you guys found the most interesting. Which sort of doesn't really coincide with what you could have found interesting. Anyways. Here's the list.
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CULT: 5 hard edge magazines of the alternative culture

Everybody loves selection and top n posts, so here's one for you at the end of the year about alternative culture and underground magazines you could either download freely or get very, very cheap. Treat yourself because they contain great content, we approve of them and think about them dearly. Others approve of our magazine as well and think about it dearly. But we recommend you the others just as well. Come on now, click away!
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MUSIC VIDEO: access to arasaka - lysithea

Tympanik wonderglitchist Access to Arasaka has released one of the greatest albums this year called Geosynchron (buy it here on bandcamp) and he also had the time to contribute to the Planet://Damage brainstorming about the Neuromancer cast list AND I HAVEN'T SHOWN YOU HIS LATEST MUSIC VIDEO? Such a shame. Here's his Lysithea MV!

Actually, I've instantly posted this to Facebook. Which means you either have to friend or subscribe to me on Facebook. Good luck.

BUY: modulator led goggles. in pink.

I since it was in August I last saw a living human being with goggles (and I'm so NDA'd not to talk about the dead ones) but here's a pink one on Etsy that any of you might fancy enough to the point of actually buying it. Because it's more like purple than pink. And also because Section9gear deserves it.

damage: in the year 2011 (in retrospective)


The compulsory closure blog post a.k.a. what happened in 2011? A whole lot of good stuff and you've read the public ones in the August diary post. Still, no word about Skyrim? And all the best music finds? (Because you don't read my monthly music rants in Mondo?) How is that even possible? Worry not. This is the time. Friends, fans, stalkers and haters - this was the year 2011!

  • Can't push this well enough: start with the August diary to sum stuff up from January till the end of July!

  • Earned the name Damage Von Rock from Zoog after assisting Angelspit during their Budapest gig and helping them through hardship and devilry! Meeting Valerie Gentile, Matt James and Amelia Arsenic was amazing and motivating - we've got a coproduction idea to show you in early 2012!
  • Which has nothing to do with my cyberpunk tourism mag The Dose (that would be your first bet which is so off the mark) - but I've made the Paris issue free to download near Xmas.
  • As for work, my debut gonzo non-fiction book manuscript is gaining more weight and form. I know I've promised to wrap it up this year BUT THIS IS A HYDRA. I'm at around 220 letter pages now (which actually means nothing, it's just to reflect a relative length to think about) and I'm really planning to finish this early January.
  • When I wasn't working on the book, I was busy writing for Mondo or doing a load of other freelance jobs like HVG's spec Extra issue on "the future" or two chapters in the Steve Jobs memorial book.
  • And one of the weirdest jobs I've done for Mondo (the J-culture magazine I've been affiliated with for years now) is testing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In a factory plant. (Like a real cyberpunk boss, baby!)
  • Another autumn term of social & locative media, tech and future trends for finance/business studies BA students at International Business School Hungary! They might be a bit troubled and paranoid now when they look at their smartphones, but hey, noone said The Damage would make you feel safe.
  • Rocking out at my second Giger exhibition in Vienna! Although the 2011 showcase was concentrating on his movie contributions, there was a lot of earlier works - most notably connected to early influences, The Birth Machine and Li. Amazing. (And while I was at it, had to get to Aurin for Public Beta clothes. More neon bikewear!)
  • Managed to hack my brain, body and metabolism. Those of you being around me during the last months of the year, you've seen and experienced the proof. You can really recode the fabric and reach the medically improbable!
  • With the above mentioned greatness comes an equally great amount of trouble, hassle and shit, that's just how life is. I'd really love to thank my friends and everyone around me for coping with it and helping me whenever. You ROCK!


Click here to get a dauntingly detailed playlist stat done with Last.fm Extra Stats

2011 was clearly a year of change in musical interest: out went hardstyle (although Budapest shuddered in dread when we went for zoneruns listening to Headhunterz's Hard With Style podcast) and back came deathrock/Goth/pop noir, space ambient and dark ambient/ritual music. And I managed to form a heartfelt devotion to Annie Mac's Friday night shows on BBC Radio 1. Clearly fell in love with the pop noir of The Good Natured, flirted with the likes of King Midas Sound and Shackleton, found out that the most interesting things this year were released on Tympanik Audio and most of the great music I've found I also channeled into the Razor Coated Candies video compilations.

The Good Natured - Wolves by The Good Natured



I'd love to send out extra flying kudos and thankyous to my faithful blog readers who've sent me ideas and links and whatnot to keep this blog alive when attention was elsewhere: Dawe_, Honeymooncroon, Jenny Quantum, Kolosthemanwithoutfacebook, Riplakoidase, Tobal and Miss Toyclouds, the DAKINI OF ROCK.

I'm wishing you all a Happy New Year and whatnot. There will be great and amazing things (all of them black and neon and having wheels!) happening in 2012. And I will be responsible for quite a lot of them.



what else would they say

Hito koishi
hito mutsukashishi
aki no kure


NEUROMANCER: Cast list ideas? (Massive cyberpunk collaboration!)

With the promise of Neuromancer closest to the movie screens (and the eyes of vengeful afficionados) since its inception in 1984, we've taken the liberty of doing a little wishful Gedankenexperiment on the actors and actresses likely to find their to the Neuromancer castlist. Technoccult! Machete Girl! Access to Arasaka! Grinding.be! Quiet Earth! And more!
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qlimax 2011: official afterparty video

Qlimax being one of the leading hardstyle events and an amazing parody of MK Ultra brainwashing given to people with a happy note. Or I'm completely mistaken and that is not a brainwashing parody! (Gimme a break, anything you do to more than 1000 people qualifies as generous brainwashing. Get over it. Now go and find yourself a thousand people.) Featuring yet again: Headhunterz. Finally. After his missing set in 2010.

TRAILER: MS ONE Security Maximum (aka Lock-Out)

Mixture of Escape from New York and Luc Besson: hopefully a powerful return of French hard edge SF cinema.

MS ONE Security Maximum Trailer. The Very first trailer of MS ONE Security Maximum, the new sci-fi thriller, starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace, previously titled "Lock-Out". A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the United States is offered his freedom... The Price ? He'll have to rescue the president's daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent prisonners...

industrial girl bike gang

Amelia Arsenic sez: I’m apart of with my best friend and Angelspit band mate Valerie Gentile. We’ll be playing some of the heaviest, nastiest and dirtiest beats in 2012 with our DJ team called ‘The Industrial Girl Bike Gang’.

Photography by the amazing Dangerously Dolly with styling/hair/makeup by me. (more on facebook)

Vakondok 2: film undergroundról, tehetségről és a lehetetlenről

Tettünk fel neked a gépre... szünet, dolgokat. Szerintünk tetszeni fog. A komplett Elendernek eláll a pólója húsz fokban a ventillátortól, én meg megilletődött, apró gyermekként (kemény, sose gondoltam vissza arra, hogy valaha voltam gyerek is, persze mások szerint sosem voltam más) állok a pult mögött, értem, hogy dolgokat, de balról jobbra akarok menni a Golden Axeban a törpével, annak bárdja van. Nagy bárdja. Adjátok ide a nehéz szürke műanyag dobozt. Pár óra elteltével újra meg újra megnézem a Second Realityt, végre olyan videoklip, amiben jó a zene, absztrakt a látvány, szinkronizálva van a kettő, ritmusos. Nagyon jó. Elindítom még egyszer. (Három nap múlva phongot meg raytraced tiefightereket vakarok ki a zsemléből, mit nekem elesdé.)

Aztán eltelnek évek. A demoscene fejlődik, én is vele együtt, zenét írni tanulok, mert a demosceneből ezt tanultam, lemezújságnak írok tartalmat meg gyártok borítót (floppyrólváltás óta nincs meg a Morphosis 1 óta semmi, ha valakinek megvannak az eddigi számok, könyörgöm!), mert ezt láttam, az absztrakt és a szerves látványvilág keveredésére esküszöm, mert az a legizgalmasabb, de ha az absztrakt mozog és hangot ad, már az is jó, táblázatban látom a zenét, miközben hallgatom és valahol nagyon régen felesküdtem arra, hogy hatvannégy kilobyteból is lehet díjnyertes "videoklipet" csinálni. Nehéz beszélni az underground alkotóművészet igazi kincsesbányájáról, ebben nőttem fel, a magyarázkodás, magyarázat, a sávváltás lefelé mindig lendületet tör.

Hála az égnek, másoknak nem. Idén ijesztően sok dokufilmet néztem, egy magyar vitte el a csúcsot közülük, a Vakondok 2, a Cserepesház kellős közepén (fenét, jobb hátul) ülök és remeg a lelkem, ahogy az első három perc introja darabokra szedi a retinámat (megint) meg a fülemet (megint) meg ami közte van (többször) és vigyorogva tudom üzenni a készítőknek, hogy ezzel finoman letarolták a mezőnyt (megint), azoknak pedig, akiknek fogalmuk sincs arról, hogy miről beszélek még mindig, itt az idei fakkje dokumentumfilm oldala, fent a trailer, itt egy magyarázócikk, ez a magyar bázis, innen meg elkezdheted leszedni a produktumokat (sose jössz ki belőle, ha egyszer elkezded). Alul meg az introzene, Echolith. Apró, háromszöglapokból összetett loveletter sokunk lelkének.

Köszönjük. (Januártól tölthető a film. Türelemmel addig.)

echolith - we are still here (moleman 2 ost) by echolith

THE DOSE: free Xmas download, vive la revolution!

Hello. This is Damage von Rock and based on where you are, this post is hammered out right around the winter solstice. And we have a present for you. Last summer we completed another issue of The Dose, a PDF mag for altculture lovers, cyberpunks, goths, industrialheads, synthpop fans, all the music lovers in electro black. Our main topic was Paris, our approach a tad more mainstream than the past issues on Tokyo, London and Budapest. And after a year of keeping it afloat on the webs of the internet for money, we now give it to you for free. Mostly because it's Xmas. I hate the word but I know everyone expects a bit of free this and free that around this time of the year. So there, take it and read it and share it. Next year brings you a new magazine. It's all I can say for now. (I still have a book to wrap up ATM.)

Merry Bukkake to you all. Because we wouldn't have it any other way.

(Mag includes interviews with Clelia Altair, Punish Yourself, Lukas Zpira, Die Puppe, Foretaste, Miss Kittin, Scan X, Dejobaan Games, Nohno/Kibuka, Blue Stahli, the RJDJ crew, Shiv-R and Black Nail Cabaret. Feature articles on French steampunk, cyberpunk movies, psytrance, Chinese underground music, etc.)

THE DOSE, issue 3 (Paris)

team 2x: jedi ninjas

'Jedi Ninjas' a Team2X production. Directed by James Mark and Justin Lovell. Concept & produced by James Mark and Yung Lee (GakAttack). Action Designed by and Featuring Team2x. Visual FX by Yung Lee (GakAttack)

Jedi Ninjas was developed as a passion project to recreate the current style of Star Wars action seen in video games into live action. This style often combines elements of Force powers with the use lightsaber combat. As there are no upcoming live action Star Wars movies to this date, this was a project to make many of the fans' dreams into a reality.

Team 2X is a professional martial arts performance consisting of members with experience in Hollywood films and television. With their unique talent in creating mind blowing fight sequences and GakAttack's passion for combining Visual FX with Martial Arts action. Jedi Ninjas became the result of this collaboration. (via kotaku)

NEUROMANCER: more details unveiled (games, changes, prequel)

Underground cinema movie gangsters at Quiet Earth have just, no pun intended, unearthed a CD-length TIFF Nexus panel discussion with Vincenzo Natali (writer/director of Neuromancer), Jay Firestone (producer), Francesca Accinelli (director for Canada Media Fund's English Market) and Trevor Fencott (president/CEO of Bedlam Games) about Neuromancer as a film and a game project. If you're interested in the whole discussion, head over to Quiet Earth for all the seventy-something minutes of goodness, if you're short on time, come on in to read the most important facts we've gathered.
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TRAILER: zenith: pkdickian milgram experiments and neurosurgery

In the post-apocalyptic year 2044, the population has been genetically altered to live in a constant state of happiness, but without sorrow, happiness dissipates, leaving only a feeling of never-ending paresthesia. Only pain can make people feel alive.
Jack (Peter Scanavino), a young man and former neurosurgeon, is a peddler of substances that induce pain. A stranger knocks on Jack’s door and hands him a single video tape that Jack’s long lost father, Ed Alexander Crowley (Jason Robards III), left behind. It is the first in a series of 10 tapes in which Ed has documented his life and his pursuit of what he calls the “Grand Conspiracy,” a conspiracy that quite possibly could be the answer to what happened to Jack’s world.
(zeniththefilm.com, more about it via wikipedia or surla films on vimeo)

shame and casual sex

Set in Manhattan, the film follows Brandon (Michael Fassbender), a 30-something corporate executive, as he struggles with sex addiction. He has casual encounters with women he meets on the streets, hardcore sex with prostitutes and masturbates to double-anal videos he stores on his hard drive at work.

Though the NC-17 film is rife with sex—in full-frontal detail—there is little pleasure in it. Instead, Shame captures what it’s really like to live with sex addiction: Brandon is devastatingly lonely and emotionally shut off from the world. That is, until his chartreuse sister (Carey Mulligan) comes to live with him, further complicating his life and exposing his shame. (via boingboing)

And right after this pops up an article on Psychology Today, claiming But "Shame" draws an inaccurate comparison between casual sex--an experience typically outside the context of a romantic relationship--and reckless sex. Under the right circumstances, casual sex can be deeply meaningful and more intimate than the sex in a long-term relationship. Those of us who have casual sex know that its not devoid of emotion, nor does it lead to the unhappiness Brandon suffers. (more about the charms of a casual lover at psychologytoday.com).

Share your thoughts with me on this. Almost at page 200, exhausted and bored.


Az alfahullámosok meg a matt ezoterikus feladatgyűjteménnyel varázslók azt mondják, hogy az ébredés utáni pár perc azért jóizgalmashasznos, mert akkor még más frekvencián rezeg az emberi agy, csak gondolni kell arra, amit akarsz és az megindul feléd. A kávébögre telekinetikáját viszont mindig hétfő reggel nyolckor tartották, úgyhogy arra be sem jártam, nem is megy a sith power pull. Ellenben értetlen arccal nézem a notepadet, félálomban még azt írtam bele, hogy ondóhangon beszélni meg dolgozni kell még Ódin mászóhorgán. Amúgy helló, örülök, hogy itt vagy. (Nem.)

A kéziratot decemberben lezárom, akár tetszik, akár nem, mondjuk én sosem vagyok vele megelégedve, másoktól meg kedvező visszajelzések jönnek, ez valahol így természetes. A kiadóm könyörög, hogy lastminute technikai dolgokat ne írjak bele, mert ez is olyan béta lesz, mint a kibaszott Gmail, úgyhogy próbálok EPOC braincontrollerrel írni, look ma, no hands. Utána, azt hiszem, lesz agyam arra is, hogy értelmes mondatokat írjak ide is és ne printbe irányítsam az összes szikrát. Az év, amúgy, remek volt, készülnek az összesítő posztok meg a statisztikák, harmadik-negyedik héten indul a roham. Ezt pusztán egy kávé után ittam. Érződik is. Írtam. Have a nice day, /b/tards.

(Igen, a kép még mindig Vertigo meg Transmetropolitan.)

SCI: world's first cell race

It may not seem as exciting as a title fight in Las Vegas, but for the cell biologists participating in the World's First Cell Race there was the same thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as they placed their cells on a special petri dish racetrack.

A line of bone marrow stem cells from the National University of Singapore walked — or whatever cells do — away with the honors traveling at 5.2 microns per minute. That's 0.000204 inches per minute to you and I. (via dvice)

skyrim + kinect

I know. Skyrim as the next big woah has been on for three weeks straight and it's guaranteed to stay there for the Christmas holidays with all the tweeks and hastily realized ideas (and then January comes with the Skyrim Construction Kit and all hell will break loose) and I've heard hardcore Korean otaku friends lashing out madly at the level of enthusiasm Skyrim fans have (and that's quite an absurd moment in life). Still, something we've all been expecting and it's here quite fast: Skyrim with motion and voice control. Not the smoothest but I bet I'd sacrifice a few hours nightingalebowing all Forsworn in the head. (via kotaku)