Hello. This is Damage von Rock and based on where you are, this post is hammered out right around the winter solstice. And we have a present for you. Last summer we completed another issue of The Dose, a PDF mag for altculture lovers, cyberpunks, goths, industrialheads, synthpop fans, all the music lovers in electro black. Our main topic was Paris, our approach a tad more mainstream than the past issues on Tokyo, London and Budapest. And after a year of keeping it afloat on the webs of the internet for money, we now give it to you for free. Mostly because it’s Xmas. I hate the word but I know everyone expects a bit of free this and free that around this time of the year. So there, take it and read it and share it. Next year brings you a new magazine. It’s all I can say for now. (I still have a book to wrap up ATM.)

Merry Bukkake to you all. Because we wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Mag includes interviews with Clelia Altair, Punish Yourself, Lukas Zpira, Die Puppe, Foretaste, Miss Kittin, Scan X, Dejobaan Games, Nohno/Kibuka, Blue Stahli, the RJDJ crew, Shiv-R and Black Nail Cabaret. Feature articles on French steampunk, cyberpunk movies, psytrance, Chinese underground music, etc.)

THE DOSE, issue 3 (Paris)