Dearest readers of doom, rock, popcultural occultism and flesh flowers, is back.

Life here at the moment is nothing less than a bubbling cauldron of possibilities and all the time not spent blogging and hunting for stuff was well spent with ladies and lads of ROCK. I had to realize that although I made a promise a few years ago about hiding my personal life (my what? mind you, that’s something you’ll do sooner or later if your online tulpa is fleshed out well enough), I’ve also been silent about things I should have posted, said or shown earlier. Or at all. The bubbling cauldron (and the chairleg of truth) will henceforth bring you amazing stuff I’ve been working on (or thinking about) during these long months. Or in other words: It is time to write. Again. To motivate. And to find like-minded zeitgeist runners. (Great motivation also comes from the blog of Amelia Arsenic, I’ve been using inspiration boards ever since she posted a few of those. Among others.)

So here’s a list of things that happened to me this year (without breaking NDAs or incriminating multiple entities of ROCK, which unfortunately makes this otherwise lengthy list quite short):

  • 2011 began with the wonderful black skull mala gift from Mette of 109jewellery for which I am eternally grateful – both its luscious looks and its peculiar effects are amazing. Go and check out more of the team 109 jewellery here.

  • Joined forces with mixtape maker startup Dragontape for a few months. Ended up with a vatful of conclusions about life, goals, workflow, hierarchies and the whole startup bubble thing and as an experiment, I launched Damage’s Razor Coated Candies, an alternative/underground music video compilation series.

  • Mondo, the J-culture magazine I’m working for published its 50th issue, quite a feat in Hungary for a subcultural magazine of high quality. This also marks the 16th Damage Report, my monthly column about music, cuisine and popcultural trends.

  • Learned how to ride a bike on an original Sinred. We had some crazy rides where we lost complete back wheels, back axles and even complete people, managed to crash frontal and almost died twice. As Amelia put it before me, “feels like I’ve been missing out my whole life!”

  • “So what does a supervisor really do at the final exam apart from asking stuff from students about their dissertations?” “Who was your supervisor, son?” “I’m afraid you got it wrong, professor, I AM their supervisor.” Whereas in the autumn term I taught social media at IBS, the spring term was spent consulting and marking social media dissertations. And Facebook will tell you that the previous night turned into a Platipus oldschool psytrance – Christian talk radio mashup. Things usually go wrong with that configuration, we survived this time!

  • My HQ is now in a flat that was previously occupied by a much-debated group of Hungarian Freemasons.

  • Found the music I’ve made fifteen years ago with FastTracker and uploaded a bunch of the better ones to SoundCloud.

  • Flew a glider sailplane. One of the most electrifying moments of this year was when the pilot turns to me at 2400 feet and says Hey, you wanna fly this thing, like, now? And I did. This (and a whole lot more this year) was all made real by the lovely Miss Toyclouds, my partner in crime and an amazing DAKINI OF ROCK.

  • Moreover, a list of awesome things to happen in the near future:

  • Working on my book about fringe culture, pop culture, cyberpunk and how inadequately we cope with the concept of, well, basically anything and it’s all coming together nicely!

  • Soon to land: half a dozen print-quality Damage Reports straight from the Mondo mag – that’s something like sixty pages about music, comics and pop culture. Carefully tailored for teenagers, so don’t expect the usual damagery. And in Hungarian only.

  • Also working on the photoshoot we’ve been planning with my long-time friend Balazs Kassai and the gears are already in motion!

  • Half a dozen projects already out of the drawers, complete with paperwork, ready to be realized to make MORE ROCK happen! Yes, will drop info when things clear up.

  • Thanks to all of you who kept me young and alive. Now we can go break reality one more time.

    The Damage