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"You just need your surroundings and you can evolve"- Mark Ong aka SBTG, takes viewers through his creative process and roots growing up in the perceived restrictions of Singapore. Finding inspiration in the simplest of forms, SBTG creates the "138" shoe collaboration with FICE Boutique in Salt Lake City, Utah and explains how the Misfits inspiration guided the collaboration. On the surface the film purposes to expose the cerebral world of SBTG and an emerging sub-culture in Singapore, but the film becomes deeply personal as SBTG reveals how his experiences have affected his work and current mindset. (more on vimeo)

planetdamage's friday linkbox

Hello, rebels. This is a week of immense work, re-wiring, closure, consolation and russian_standard ROCK. Most of the writing that I do still goes into the book that's coming together quite nicely after a longer period of WTF and not-being-able-to-write. So don't expect too much nontumblr content for a while, this is all for a good reason. Have a nice weekend and fuck a lot.

This watch design takes its inspiration from one of Scott’s favorite films as a kid, TRON, and from his Pimp Pimpin Ain’t Easy watch. He wants something that will get noticed when it lights up and that’s why he came up with an electroluminescence strip around the whole watch strap. The two rings (styled on a Tron Disc) represent minutes (outer) and hours (inner). The break in the ring represents the time in a normal clock face layout. (tokyoflash.com, via ToBal!)

We have begun the launch of our multilayered cyberpunk story of Machete Girl which at this stage includes Twitter, Webisodes and Comic Book. As we start shooting the webisodes this week you can follow the story on Twitter through messages of the characters leading into the first webisode. (cyberpunkforums.com, via ToBal!)

Order the Emalkay EP here if interested, only linked this here because of Lena Cullen who is a STUNNER (also a stunner with this track by Engine-Earz Experiment called Reach You).

revolights: a step closer to tron lightcycles

Dawe_ sent this link over a couple of hours ago, making a point on how to make the still unnamed black-white-red bike into something more of a Tron lightcycle. And a point it is with all the fwd/bwd illumination and the apparent coolness of it all (yeah, that being the first thing ripped off of it during a Budapest nightride break but that wouldn't really be otherwise in edge cities, would it). Things is, Revolights still needs support to get their act running and there's a Kickstarter where you can donate, which is something I'm going to do. Because I seriously need one. So support the project on their Kickstarter page until Sep27 - those pledging 200$ or more will get their pre-ordered set of the finalized Revolights! (via technabob)

planetdamage's sunday linkbox

Fighting off the Zurich virus, nasty little bug. Until I get back properly on my feet, there's a package of more stuff for you, coming from Lumi, Tommy Mesmer, DKodaj - all runners of The Weird.

This video (showreel) features one of the best London (UK) based professional free running (freerunning) team. All well established parkour practicionners, with various background (such as break dancing, martial arts, rock climbing, roller skating...) get hired for stunt double work. These free runners (freerunners) display their acrobatic skills. They will make you want to learn how to do parkour, flips, jumps, tricks. (more on youtube)

Author Junji Hotta has blessed the world with “Tsundere, Heidegger, and Me”, a tour de force of European philosophy… in a world where all the philosophers are self-conscious anime girls. The books went on sale September 14. (more at aya.shii.org)

"RESTIVE, is a film that delves into the world of a mother trying to escape the emotional abuse and tyranny of the man she loves. It is an intimate look into a chaotic home ravaged by domestic violence and the lengths a mother is willing to undertake, to stop the cycle of violence." (more at restivefilm, on account of the fact that the movie soundtrack is done by HECQ himself)

grayagent - ode 2011 ver2 nsfw

A compilation of video shorts and content work during my 2011 West Coast thru South tour from Seattle thru San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, and Tampa Bay. Pardon the differences in color and contrast as these scenes were not originally intended to be one video. (via vimeo)

planetdamage's tuesday linkbox (from nuclear cars to steampunk lofts)

Too much on my mind right now. These are but a few you sent in, special thanks to Dawe_, Ripla and Armitage Corto for the recommendations.

This is a NYC loft apartment for sale in Chelsea that's going for $1,750,000 BUT ALREADY COMES PRE STEAMPUNK DECORATED. Because that's a big selling point. Also: secret passageways and hidden rooms. I'm watching you undress through the eyes of a painting! (via geekologie)

Scientists say that just eight grams of thorium could be enough to power a vehicle for somewhere around 300,000 miles of driving. If this all sounds a little far-fetched, it may pay to remember that thorium is already on automakers' radar. Cadillac introduced the thorium-powered World Thorium Fuel Concept at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show. (via autoblog.com)

To celebrate the launch of upcoming fantasy game Dragon Age: Origins, EA Games held Wardens' Quest, a 24 hour gaming marathon at London's County Hall. The event saw teams from around the world competing for a $50,000 prize pot. The focus of the gamers was tested as they were joined by six medieval beauties, check out the behind the scenes movie here.

In the upcoming faux documentary Ghosts With Shit Jobs, the West has been in a state of financial ruin for decades, and the indigenous North Americas (or "ghosts") are outsourced labor for China and India. What forms of employment are available? Among several careers, living spambot, robot baby technician, and silk collector. (via io9)

THE DAMAGE REPORT inspiration board (paper pills against writers' block)

oh writers write best when they suffer or starve, this is ground zero in the east european writing guide or so they tell you but it's never really that simple and if i snapshot my life right now, i should be writing like salman rushdie possessed on acid, which is so not the case. focus or flow. so, following on the blueprint f words of creation, i reached back to interior designer land and covered my floor with books and magazines that are jackhammers of inspiration. above: neuromancer, the book that started it all, data flow, a design/concept work on infographics and a previous issue of wonder alt mag coilhouse. more after the break.
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zoa malakai, banished

After thirty years of possession and refurbishing content on a biological ego shell, Zoa Malakai has left the building in a mirror image. With inverted black social holos under each eye, the mirror image knocked in the mirror once and understood it was left in the remainders of a screen of a boy brutally haunted by nightmares of his own fictitious and imaginative chihdhood abuse turned into a resonant altar and all the resonant glowstick sigils and acid-induced cum/blood vibrations couldn't free him through a thousand years worth of mind silk. Zoa Malakai batted an eyelash and left the building through the inverted door the Freemasons left for him, never to return in this lifetime. The fear of recognizing IT tore through the unconscious and the fading vibrations of the 8bit fractal acid, echoing within the mind of the Romanian workers tearing open the Freemasonry wall under the pretense of renovation, never to return, revealing yet another mechanism of magick, similar to how decadence, dysentery and frustration is known as the mechamothermind of Tlazoltéotl, goddess of the golden filth. Gods of death thereby acts as quasidivine psychic filters of the unconscious mind, reveal how the black box works and it will work for you. As long as you realize the filter is bigger than you and you are operating a much bigger mechanism you would comprehend in a daze of egotistic self-illusion and self-delusion. Zoa Malakai is one death filter of safety through sickness and hereby proclaimed, banished it is.

all in the name of 55