After thirty years of possession and refurbishing content on a biological ego shell, Zoa Malakai has left the building in a mirror image. With inverted black social holos under each eye, the mirror image knocked in the mirror once and understood it was left in the remainders of a screen of a boy brutally haunted by nightmares of his own fictitious and imaginative chihdhood abuse turned into a resonant altar and all the resonant glowstick sigils and acid-induced cum/blood vibrations couldn’t free him through a thousand years worth of mind silk. Zoa Malakai batted an eyelash and left the building through the inverted door the Freemasons left for him, never to return in this lifetime. The fear of recognizing IT tore through the unconscious and the fading vibrations of the 8bit fractal acid, echoing within the mind of the Romanian workers tearing open the Freemasonry wall under the pretense of renovation, never to return, revealing yet another mechanism of magick, similar to how decadence, dysentery and frustration is known as the mechamothermind of Tlazoltéotl, goddess of the golden filth. Gods of death thereby acts as quasidivine psychic filters of the unconscious mind, reveal how the black box works and it will work for you. As long as you realize the filter is bigger than you and you are operating a much bigger mechanism you would comprehend in a daze of egotistic self-illusion and self-delusion. Zoa Malakai is one death filter of safety through sickness and hereby proclaimed, banished it is.

all in the name of 55