FASHION: Gabriel Dishaw's 'cyberpunk' sneakers

If that counts as cyberpunk, that's for the DIY self-grinding implant fetishist yogis out there who drink their vitamin juices through their urethra. This is an OLDIE, Gabriel Dishaw's DIY shoes, coming from Wired UK's 2009 archive, but hey - this does count as timeless.

MORTAL KOMBAT: Kitana (VITA) teaser

Fight anywhere. Kombat anyone. Love the colours.

angelspit destructo: how to turn yourself into a cartoon superhero general

Just gotten war-brother Zoog's package in the mail (Hungarian postal service's feeble attempts to pilfer it in front of my own eyes turned to quantum ashes) with a fantastic gift of THE GENERAL Destructo T-shirt and a package of signed zines of ROCK (Pleasure Species #5, 6, 8, 10 & 11) - THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now I am totally equipped to disperse wrath on anything that moves and more importantly, unmoves!

You like this? Get your own Destructo tee here at Zoog's Angelspit emporium!

TRAILER: Borderlands 2

Another loot-collector to steal our already non-existent free time in 2012 - with Diablo III and Torchlight II on the brink of release, we are so fucked. (via @chromeshelter)

skyrim + kinect

I know. Skyrim as the next big woah has been on for three weeks straight and it's guaranteed to stay there for the Christmas holidays with all the tweeks and hastily realized ideas (and then January comes with the Skyrim Construction Kit and all hell will break loose) and I've heard hardcore Korean otaku friends lashing out madly at the level of enthusiasm Skyrim fans have (and that's quite an absurd moment in life). Still, something we've all been expecting and it's here quite fast: Skyrim with motion and voice control. Not the smoothest but I bet I'd sacrifice a few hours nightingalebowing all Forsworn in the head. (via kotaku)

new Will Wright game transforms your data into a game

Will Wright’s next game, titled HiveMind, will harvest players’ personal information and turn that data into customized gameplay situations, the Sims creator revealed in a VentureBeat interview on Wednesday. (...) Wright’s plan is to have HiveMind use this data in order to lead players into a gameplay situation based on their real-life hobbies and interests. Wright used a real-life example in which he stumbled upon a gathering of car enthusiasts — a hobby he himself shared. If HiveMind knew about Wright’s passion for cars, it could direct him to an identical situation in the game. (via wired)

11/11/11: what will you bring us? (nitronic rush, skyrim, haujobb - new world march)

Just reading on TIGSource that 11/11/11 will not only bring us SKYRIM, the latest fantasy sandbox extravaganza in the Elder Scrolls series (scroll below for a wonderful teaser about their sound/orchestral background work) but also a wonderful piece of neon threesome including Tron Legacy, Rez and the Wipeout series and what was born out of the cherenkov fucklock was nothing less than Nitronic Rush, an amazing piece of high-style-all-action racing game that'll be released as freeware by the Digipen guys - more info at (or their Facebook page) and yes, the trailer music is a part of the game soundtrack.

Musicwise: more bitchslapping treats. This time last month Angelspit's released their new album Hello My Name Is, featuring some kick-ass renegade industrial, pretty much unlike their previous stuff: more guitars, more punk, more raw, less decency! (Their Soundcloud is full of new stuff to check out.) If that ain't right, tune in this month, same eleventh: sample Haujobb's New World March and all their schizoid-technoid pumping IDM beats will scorch the planet through Tympanik, one of the most promising record labels this year.

lollipop chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw focuses on zombie hunter and cheerleader Juliet Starling (voiced by Tara Strong) who, along with members of her family and her boyfriend, a disembodied head, fight hordes of zombies in San Romero High School, where Starling formerly cheered. The enemy zombies are led by "a group of zombie rock and roll lords". (via wikipedia, more at the official lc site)

IGF: parallax

Another monochrome dimension-hopper proto-Portalesque spatial FPS puzzle. In beta. Recommended by Riplakoidase, more info at the ToastyGames site.

feist: the fifth trailer

(kindly recommended by Riplakoidase)

battlefield 3 in an immersive virtual battleroom

When Battlefield 3 is out next week, we'll all be playing it on either a TV or a monitor. Some of us on a big TV. Sadly, we won't be playing like this guy is, on a rig that includes five HD projectors, surround sound, a treadmill and...paintball guns?

Britain's The Gadget Show got a chance to step inside this one-of-a-kind rig, which in addition to the above gear also includes a massive omni-directional treadmill, wireless gun peripheral, ambient lighting and wrap-around, domed screen. (via kotaku)

The pros and cons of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I'm a cyberpunk and proud of it, even though I've always been the outsider in every single subculture I've managed to disrupt. I've grown up with Neuromancer, wrote my MA diploma in postmodern cyberpunk SF and I've always worked along the neon-coloured cultural gridlines that made people aware of biotech, the fusion of man and machine and all that stuff. I'm sinking my teeth into anything cyberpunkish with sweet agony and pulsing organs. Deus Ex: Human Revolution left me with broken canines and burst tear ducts with seeping coolant the color of Cherenkov sadness.

I've spent long days playing the press copy I've gotten from PlayOn Hungary to see the game others heralded as the best game of 2011 and the latest and greatest in cyberpunk. Verdict, it's tragically mediocre, a one-night stand gone stale, an equivalent of a fuck turned so boring you decided to watch TV and set up shopping lists inside your head while getting something of a blowjob simile. Don't get me wrong, it's got great aspects to it. In fact, it's got amazing aspects to it. But at the end of the day, it's just another game in the long line of high concept low realization shooters by cyberpunk wannabes. Or maybe it was all very different in the design documents at first. Trust me, I don't bulge with glee when I write this. (Watch out, a thousand spoilers inside!)
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azo: full-body martial arts motion controller

I play a lot of video games on all gaming platforms. I was skeptical about the Kinect last year but the whole controller free full-body motion experience turned out to be enjoyable.

I also found out that good old fashion wired controllers already support fully-body motions. In fact these old controllers are pretty fun to play with, even if you don't own a console or a TV. (via kotaku)

gears of war 3 live action trailer (by try force productions)

This clip is the work of Chicago's Try Force Productions. The team focuses on making high-quality live-action shorts on the cheap. They're trying to raise a thousand bucks for their new flick, a trailer for a short set in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. (via kotaku)

new hawken footage - mechas more claustrophobic than ever

Orihaus sent us a video the other day claiming New Hawken footage out, and boy does it feel claustrophobic in those mechas... and he's damn right, it feels way more along the line of Mechwarrior 2. Until further notice, rock on with these (, via rockpapershotgun from Orihaus on Twitter)

planck: another music-based videogame. like audiosurf. only with more silk.

Planck is a new type of music game that’s not predicated on your skill at shooter mechanics or timed button presses. Instead, Planck allows you to explore brand new compositions in an interactive format.

In the strange Planck universe, everything is made up of small particles known as “motes.” Each mote is contains a unique signature vibration– its wave form.

The wave form of each mote can be released by collapsing its wave function, otherwise known as “pinging” it. By pinging many motes in succession, you can create repeating structures of sounds.

As you choose to release certain types of waveforms, the space around you responds to your actions, sending you new sounds to add to your musical performance that relate to the direction you’ve chosen! (, via

hawken: mechwarrior is back on the unreal 3 engine

Adhesive Games is developing a new Mech Combat FPS. All clips in this video were captured from actual network game matches. The third person shots are from a spectator camera, gameplay is first person. We expect to release a first person gameplay trailer soon. (via

This is practically everywhere on indie game sites, normal game portals, mech fanatics (and I think Ripla and Tlvlp also sent me a note about this) and people who love a decent engine-based tetsuo fuckromp across a steel sky dented with dead neon ads and a decent green tint, meaning all is lost but we still have enough fuel to get your ass kicked. And the excuse in the top left corner about this build not representing the full quality of the alpha? Giive me a fucking break there. I'd be so content with having this game in its state on my 360. One thing, though: I miss the claustrophobia of a living humanoid grave prosthesis. Make it more closed and more tense, like the original Mechwarrior 2. Seriously.