Just reading on TIGSource that 11/11/11 will not only bring us SKYRIM, the latest fantasy sandbox extravaganza in the Elder Scrolls series (scroll below for a wonderful teaser about their sound/orchestral background work) but also a wonderful piece of neon threesome including Tron Legacy, Rez and the Wipeout series and what was born out of the cherenkov fucklock was nothing less than Nitronic Rush, an amazing piece of high-style-all-action racing game that’ll be released as freeware by the Digipen guys – more info at nitronic-rush.com (or their Facebook page) and yes, the trailer music is a part of the game soundtrack.

Musicwise: more bitchslapping treats. This time last month Angelspit‘s released their new album Hello My Name Is, featuring some kick-ass renegade industrial, pretty much unlike their previous stuff: more guitars, more punk, more raw, less decency! (Their Soundcloud is full of new stuff to check out.) If that ain’t right, tune in this month, same eleventh: sample Haujobb‘s New World March and all their schizoid-technoid pumping IDM beats will scorch the planet through Tympanik, one of the most promising record labels this year.