hazardous conditions

I'm either applying for an armored company SUV or my favourite yellow hazmat suit I haven't actually ordered some ten paydays ago or so. Order three and you get a lady free. Picture originally comes from Fauxred's feed, Hazardous Conditions.

le weekend zen

So zis is ze new edition of le weekend zen! Momotaro Ramen. Ahol a rock katonái esznek (Frenreisz Károly gigantikus adag takeaway mellett), az nem lehet rossz hely, komolyra fordítva a szót: klasszikus ramen-ya, udvarias, precíz és gyors kiszolgálással, a vendégek fele ázsiai, a száznapos tojás szójaszószban is verhetetlen, a városban számos helyen el tudnék képzelni ilyen töltödőpontokat. Fejenként 1-2kból bőven megvan az emberlánya. Térkép és fénykép itt, szerintük kínai étterem, nekem meg igazából mindegy, de Momotaro Udon van amúgy a cégéren. (És mostantól törzshely.)

Le grin! Ez itt TLVLP "Love Cushion White Sugar" Pierre, aki öt perccel később azon mormog, hogy szemgolyókat nem kapott az udonjába. Ugyanolyan harcos szararimann, mint mi (les quatres!), csak ő főz is, saját elmondása szerint még nem modellkedett. Ebből nem csiholtunk történeteket.

Körbevettük, néztük. Tigrises Virgin Pink energiaital, megdőlt a Red Bull Cola harmadik kerületi címzetes előnye. Ők meg minket néztek, ahogy a dobozt rugdaljuk, vegyielemezzük, kis híján (harminc fok árnyékban, a kávé nem elég) kóstolgatjuk alatta a buszpadlót.

Le weird. Útban a SceneCon felé pár hosszúcombú szőke légy után. Megchipeltük, mind a hárman.

Date Kyoko, anyone? The 3D models dressed into EU-clothes just alongside the river Danube, French street bal. And trust me, vive la France, but it really sucked major logistical, organizational and just big fat hairy ass. (Street bal that you cover in five minutes slowly, two minutes in normal stride? Gimme a break. Haven't tried the crépes, though, they probably had these tricolor lozenges in them that slowly turn your vision inside out so you think you're strolling along several kilometres of vendors? And that was just a glimpse through a glass of beer? Must try it next year, bah.)

repo! the genetic opera

Without getting too intense and hot on Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera, this piece of art is one of the best things that's gonna happen to the cyberpunk movement this year (apart from the first Doktor Sleepless trade paperback and the hopefully promising re-make of Ghost in the Shell and Pearry, trust me, you don't release The Gene Generation in 2008, we're so releasing doom in your pants. And me going to Twitter): it is all above fusion, blending and a generous amount of tetrising around previously unmatched blocks of art.

It's Bioshock live. Golden age aesthetics with all the cyberpunk clichés burped back into life: evil organ-selling zaibatsus, hired killers, hot women in black, a cabaret of decadance, Blade Runner meets Rocky Horror Picture Show, they say.

And the blocks fit nicely, from Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy to Sarah Brightman and the postmodern top-down DIY media icon Paris Hilton: it's all crossover cyberpunk opera and you all need to devour it. Limited theatrical release is reported to start on November 7th, 2008.

Japanese fans, scream away in anal glee. Yoshiki Hayashi of X-Japan fame is behind the soundtrack (and is also credited as a producer alongside Bousman). A Rubik cube of glory, really. (And read the interview with Bousman on creature-corner, while you're at it.)

Need a backup story? The Repo! Wikipedia entry sez An epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet. Panic erupts and scientists feverishly make plans for a massive organ harvest. Out of the tragedy, GeneCo, a multi-billion dollar biotech company, emerges. GeneCo provides organ transplantation for a profit. In addition to financing options, GeneCo reserves the right to implement default remedies, including repossession. For those who can't keep up with their organ payments, collection is the responsibility of "organ repo men", skilled assassins contracted by GeneCo, ordered to recover GeneCo's property by any means necessary.

the tenorions: pr-stunt turned sore and stale?

Pierre's just sent me the link (Hungarian) to Japanese threesome The Tenorions that sounds and feels pretty much like a very half-assed PR-stunt for the "new" Yamaha e-instrument called Tenori-On, which is basically a hand-held tracker.

My readers are probably aware of my fondness for Asian girls with a tech flavour, but really - the girls (named Nynn, Cici and Fiona) are not stage-ready, the music has no common axis with the fundamentals of live electronic improvisation and the whole performance is just not credible. Or I'm just seething with pure envy because I cannot own a Tenori-On (yes, girls, Fruity Loops is so much better) and the girls are just pure hot den material (I'm sorry, not. Hope they won't stab me anywhere near their gigs, tho'.) The whole meme vaguely reminds me of T.A.T.U. and it just doesn't kick. Have fun digging after them, I warned you. (via midi.blog)

max payne trailer 1: movie coming 10.17

Third and fourth quarter of 2008 is becoming more and more promising: October 17 is the release date for John Moore's MAX PAYNE screen adaptation with Mark Wahlberg sans the shwazzy haircut. Synopsis sez coming together to solve a series of murders in New York City are a DEA agent (Wahlberg) whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy and an assassin (Kunis) out to avenge her sister's death. The duo will be hunted by the police, the mob, and a ruthless corporation, which means we're in for a treat of Mona Sax, which is more like the plotline of Max Payne 2 or a possible sequel. And no, I haven't read up on how they mangled the story.

cubo.cc: like a fruitfly on rohypnol

cubo.cc's morphing Flash technology is also visible on motionportrait. you'll also fuck up your time generously watching a mildly retarded Japanese girl following your cursor with the interest of a fruitfly on rohypnol. (yes, link)

chinese anti-terrorist units on military segways

Chinese elite anti-terror police officers are wheeling into action ahead of next month's Beijing Olympics on two-wheeled scooters. Members of the country's armed police unit practised on the Segway models that have been re-named 'Anti-Terror Assault Vehicles' in the eastern province of Shandong. Officials have bought 100 Segways and painted some in military camouflage to patrol airports and sporting venues during the Games. (more on Mail Online)

syd mead, god of future car ROCK appears on bbtv

Finally. Syd Mead appears on BoingBoing TV, talking about the stuff he did for the basic cyberpunk movies we all came to love and cars and then some. (via)

the surrogates: disney does cyberpunk, again

Bloody-disgusting reports on a new cyberpunkish movie from the turf of Disney - who actually gave a sort of birth to neon wireframe aesthetics with Tron some 23 years ago. (BD hears we should feel mildly threatened.) THE SURROGATES - headlining Bruce "Relatively Antisocial" Willis - is based on Robert Venditti's same-titled comics and is set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, a cop (Willis) is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others’ surrogates, sez the official synopsis.

This very much sounds like a classic cyberpunk treat to me, although I take the whole story with a grain of salt after knowing it's Ferris and Brancato behind the wheel - also the guys who worked on the Terminator 3 script. (Yes, I know producers, investors and in general, dickheads can turn your otherwise brilliant script into a washing machine of squirrel vomit. Still. T3 deserves ebola machete.)

According to the Variety report, film producer David Hoberman sez This is a grounded sci-fi premise, but there are big effects, and it's clear from '300' that people want to see different kinds of things, and this falls into that category.

(via bloody-disgusting, also variety and milford daily news)

manikin couture, dental floss porn

The better geekblogs are busy blogging about the new meme, dental and medical manikins. Check a list of twenty-four bizarre, fucked up and generally gorgeous medical/dental dolls, automata and sexy structures of teeth! (via oobject)

history lesson, 10 things you might not know about robots

Where do robots come from? What's grey goo really and what's the "Uncanny Valley"? Robots, androids and cyborgs are here and without going too deep into the 20th century cyborgization trends, the Chicago Tribune gives a list of ten to base our satanic inquiries upon.

everyone is going mental, seems to me it's spiralling out of control

Wordle did that, I'm waking up my neighbours with Lily Allen and the Chinese chili cabbage (without any kind of reasonable Hungarian or English explanation on or over it) is slowly swinging over the bowl to climb up into my brains and make devilish love to it. I suppose it's just the way the cookie crumbles.

thursday zen

Yesterday, between a torrent of ghastly heat and a torrent of *gasp* rain: awesome interview with Director of BBC Global News (who was very much relieved to hear that I actually gave a damn about the digital transition in the middle of the EBU grand meeting), then headed out, flicked open the music box of hell and started Juno Reactor on full volume. The poodle next to me visibly startled and gently pissed herself. Following that, visibly disemboweling me and putting me back together for a few hours (this is not a metaphor, disemboweling actually happened) and a weird anthology of Chinese SF. Life treats you well if you gorgeously meat her.

feed the fat kid

And after Long Pig and The City ads, this all looks very weirdly Transmetropolitan. New hate couture!

without words, future transport

Lamperd Less Lethal's T3 Mobile Defender (...) comes equipped with a powerful air gun that is considered non-lethal in a body shot, but could potentially kill someone if they were to take a synthetic bullet to the head. That is why the gun utilizes a holographic sight system to ensure accuracy. (link)

When the BuzzBall moves about and the operator starts to turn, the seat begins to rotate against the direction of travel. If you haven't figured it out already, that means you get a series of spins and barrel rolls—while you're moving. How one stops this thing we haven't a clue, but it probably involves passing out. (link)

Called the HUVO, this diminutive electric car forgoes features like "well-being" and "sanity" for "lightweight" (330 lbs.) and "Jesus Christ watch out for that MINI Cooper!" To save weight and development costs, the HUVO is made out of materials that would make any contemporary golf cart proud; mainly plastic, ceramic, more plastic, and a bit of high-tensile steel plate. (link)

frellstedt lightbench

I like benches more that get super glowing hot from 10pm to 6am or emit killer gas when you sit on them, but this is sort of a mellow moodsetter, so here it is. Bench is a Frellstedt product that emits 95W that doesn't sound that good given how much you need to maintain a normal park bench. In the dark. Anyways, Gizmodo.

brilldea: living in a magazine

Brilldea's LED-backlit sci-fi nightmare is one hot jerkoff material, Gizmodo thinks it has an immense Kubrick aftertaste. I'd say it has an aftertaste of anything after 1980 that includes future and robots. Which means it as an aftertaste of me. Thank you. (And officially confirmed, my next lead article next week is gonna be called "Hot chicks with big robots." How good is that, really?)

mgs, solid snakes

Hideo Kojima sez MGS4 has blood-curdling amounts of "butt depiction obsession". Right. Read Kotaku.

soul calibur iv: tits and gothic lolitas

Reading up on SC:IV ends real well: it's basically all about tits, gothic lolitas and an unfair amount of Star Wars (and I tell you, dropping McFarlane out of the game was a bad choice). Tonight we don't have no Darth Vader urethra busting, no. (new bust shots and female fighting rolls on kotaku)