Lamperd Less Lethal’s T3 Mobile Defender (…) comes equipped with a powerful air gun that is considered non-lethal in a body shot, but could potentially kill someone if they were to take a synthetic bullet to the head. That is why the gun utilizes a holographic sight system to ensure accuracy. (link)

When the BuzzBall moves about and the operator starts to turn, the seat begins to rotate against the direction of travel. If you haven’t figured it out already, that means you get a series of spins and barrel rolls—while you’re moving. How one stops this thing we haven’t a clue, but it probably involves passing out. (link)

Called the HUVO, this diminutive electric car forgoes features like “well-being” and “sanity” for “lightweight” (330 lbs.) and “Jesus Christ watch out for that MINI Cooper!” To save weight and development costs, the HUVO is made out of materials that would make any contemporary golf cart proud; mainly plastic, ceramic, more plastic, and a bit of high-tensile steel plate. (link)