Pierre‘s just sent me the link (Hungarian) to Japanese threesome The Tenorions that sounds and feels pretty much like a very half-assed PR-stunt for the “new” Yamaha e-instrument called Tenori-On, which is basically a hand-held tracker.

My readers are probably aware of my fondness for Asian girls with a tech flavour, but really – the girls (named Nynn, Cici and Fiona) are not stage-ready, the music has no common axis with the fundamentals of live electronic improvisation and the whole performance is just not credible. Or I’m just seething with pure envy because I cannot own a Tenori-On (yes, girls, Fruity Loops is so much better) and the girls are just pure hot den material (I’m sorry, not. Hope they won’t stab me anywhere near their gigs, tho’.) The whole meme vaguely reminds me of T.A.T.U. and it just doesn’t kick. Have fun digging after them, I warned you. (via midi.blog)