NEW FIND: darkdriveclinic - the silhouettes

The brainchild of record producer mastermind John Fryer (worked with basically everyone from Depeche Mode through NIN, Ulver, HIM, Cradle of Filth, Nitzer Ebb, Cocteau Twins to Stabbing Westward, Gravity Kills, Rabia Sorda and of course there's his own band This Mortal Coil) and Rebecca Coseboom (from Stripmall Architecture), DarkDriveClinic is a reach back to the nineties' sounding power-punch female-fronted industrial rock with touches of Jakalope, Lucia Cifarelli, Kidneythieves or even a bit of Garbage and it's as dirty, mean, mature and powerful as you expect it. Debut album Noise In My Head is coming down on you hard (released last week) and the Fryer-Coseboom axis is already signed to Metropolis. Clean and sharp stuff. Go get that. And while you're at it, check out Rebecca's other band Stripmall Architecture - their videos will give you a clean first start and a few re-listens on the way to getting their stuff from Bandcamp.

official site | facebook | twitter

retaliate and devastate (angerfist)

Demons of the hardcore underworld are back with their new album Retaliate this year. Funny how the hardcore scene makes use of all the god complex syndromes and hierarchy from empresses and moguls to archdemons, rulers and whatnot. And the Snow - Informer sample at the very end? Promising stuff, coming from the 9th hardergeneration blog.

IGF: parallax

Another monochrome dimension-hopper proto-Portalesque spatial FPS puzzle. In beta. Recommended by Riplakoidase, more info at the ToastyGames site.

cranky cosmic flytrap (ov thee sigilesque butterflies), HVK 443

there's a saying: if you see the buddha on the road, kill the buddha

doing a steady 140BPM korsakoff on reality from the depths of a freemasonic lodge, click click click on the chrome tabs, left to right, one second pause, left to right again. resonating to the likes of attrition, ukiyo-e and death in june. hello, by the way. we are damage and this is a lifesign snap the book progresses well, talks with publisher amazing, can't wait to phase into cover and layout design snap tearing off hands from deities snap got lost reading miéville, klein and mauss snap tolerance level so high i post a lengthy fb thread on the most extreme music possible and maybe one out of two dozen rings any kind of novelty bell snap still annie mac's fridayly two-hour sets present a healthy new prospective to london snap fighting the urge to hate the projects i meticulously and teeth-grittingly work on snap the vertigo deck spits out nothing i wouldn't know and the lights change in a way i murmur at shadows and dare them to come out and show me something new because light tricks wouldn't fuck me up anymore snap still there are warp holes in the lodge and now a complete package of books has gotten more than a month off, if it ended up in the nether could somebody toss them back please i need to sell those snap you really messed up my hyperplans you know snap really looking forward to seeing steve reich live snap got ideas for two more books snap but what ends when the sigils shatter?

there's a saying

LINKBOX: 2011 October 22 (i am the swarm, vengeance shall be mine)

With BlizzCON on our backs, new SC2/D3 content is trickling out, even more thirsty for new hack'n'slash stuff (just reviewed Rage and Dark Souls for the november edition of Mondo, was completely unsatisfied with the former, nothing but a fortunate mixture of Borderlands and Fallout, and Dark Souls is just pure unadulterated frustration, Torchlight II is not even out yet so it's either Dungeons of Dredmor or nothing). Heart of the Swarm? Might need a hook back into the Starcraft universe. But it's more like needing a Diablo III collector's edition and that's the only physical game I'm leaving the country with mid-2012. Oh yes. This is a brief game-only post. Have a nice weekend.

MORE HEADLINES OF SUPREME ROCK: BIT.TRIP Runner 2 announced | Kotaku's The Arkham Asylum review | Minecraft is No Longer a Game, it's a Genre

feist: the fifth trailer

(kindly recommended by Riplakoidase)

battlefield 3 in an immersive virtual battleroom

When Battlefield 3 is out next week, we'll all be playing it on either a TV or a monitor. Some of us on a big TV. Sadly, we won't be playing like this guy is, on a rig that includes five HD projectors, surround sound, a treadmill and...paintball guns?

Britain's The Gadget Show got a chance to step inside this one-of-a-kind rig, which in addition to the above gear also includes a massive omni-directional treadmill, wireless gun peripheral, ambient lighting and wrap-around, domed screen. (via kotaku)

LINKBOX: 2011 October 18, from Tron: Legacy to a polished Zombie Boy

End of the Line, in association with Distillery Productions and Toby Summerskill, have filmed the first 3D Graffiti Time-lapse. Created to document the production of a painted promo for Disney’s Tron: Legacy this is the final 2D edit. This groundbreaking project was filmed in December 2010 and January 2011, in a warehouse in Shoreditch with the exterior shots taken from the rooftops of East London. (more @ vimeo)

These pieces are all courtesy of Daryl Mandryk, a freelance concept artist who has worked with EA on games like Need for Speed, Def Jam and SSX, and more recently on the Turok and Tron franchises. In between all that, Mandryk has also done work for clients like Lucasfilm, Dark Horse Comics and Hasbro. (via kotaku)

Nackashi's story takes place "in the dismal future, [where] we'll all be affixed to our respective wires and screens, dreaming about being virtually with the one that you love." The story initially caught my attention but it was the visuals that really got me excited. I particularly love Nackashi's mix of old-school and new-school tech and the mix of the two is pretty much where I expect we'll begin when we start re-building after some terrible disaster. It reminded me a bit of William Gibson's vision of the future which makes me wonder what the heck is going on with Neuromancer... (via our friends at the amazing

The iconic Zombie Boy (Rick Genest) has his face tattoos erased off with make-up, as part of his photoshoot for fashion magazine Schon!... (via bizarremag)

IN ANOTHER NEWS: Why Gaming's Most Famous Transgender Character Remains a Controversial Topic | How Japanese Cosplay is Moving Closer to Porn | There is a new Shadowrun game in the maker | Biting Elbows - The Stampede, a 3-min long track in the vein of Mirror's Edge | Source Code adapted as CBS TV show

NEW FIND: the good natured - skeleton

From a land bordered by Bat for Lashes, Metric and Adrian Lux comes UK electropop trio The Good Natured. Skeleton is first-hear-first-love upbeat electro pop (you'll find their stuff either self-released or on Parlophone, even found one track on a Kitsuné compilation) and the most recent same-titled three-track single is a loop-repeat-loop invoker. Perfect, gorgeous, ten out of ten. Here's what lovely Sarah sez about the track:

‘Skeleton’ was written in my bedroom and in Stockholm, Sweden. It was produced out there too. ‘Skeleton’ is about emotional vulnerability. When you’re in a relationship, you can become really vulnerable. ‘Skeleton’ explores the emotion of feeling stripped down to the bone, like somebody knows you so well that everything is laid bare and you have nothing to hide anymore, they know you in both a physical and emotional sense, which can be a frightening prospect. I explored these emotions whilst playing them against more sexual feelings you have in a relationship. The extreme lust and desire you feel for somebody often overpowers you, no matter how vulnerable you feel towards them.” (via hardcandymusic)

hvg extra, jövő edition

Shameless self-promotion, jövőkutató-néző tematikust dobott a standokra a HVG, én meg benne vagyok, káosz és kihívás felütéssel (sötét és zavaros, tudom). A barátaim ne vegyék meg, ne csak azért, mert megmutatom nekik vagy átküldöm a levonót, hanem mert gyakorlatilag ezt beszéljük hónapok óta a kávé meg a beazonosíthatlan és csípős ázsiai ételek felett, hogy hol rúgjuk rá az internetre, mint kopasz, dagadt, izzadó, hunyorgó főnökre az asztalt, hogy elég volt.

Amúgy meg vegyék csak meg, a többi cikk miatt meg amúgy az egész product miatt, merthogy egy pillanatig elgondolkodtam azon, hogy leírom dícséretként, hogy na ilyen lenne a magyar Wired, persze nem ilyen lenne, de itthon annyi szánalmas, erőlködős, izzadós projektet lát az ember, hogy inkább elveszíti a reményt meg a hitet a hazai összefogott munkában (az összefogotton, a strukturálton, a támogatotton, a top-to-bottomon a hangsúly), aztán szembejön az ilyen, neked meg cuppanós pre-duckfacere vált az arcod, hogy óbazmeg, ez jó, a legyezőről elővették az összes témát, jól körül van írva, a heti HVG-designhoz képest ez végre előremutató, jó megfogni, átlapozni, barcodeolvasni, két asztalszélivel faszamunka. A tartalomra sok helyen persze horkantok (nem én lennék, ha), nem elég transzhumán, nem elég bevállalós, nem elég angolszász szintet ütő, de ezt nem részletezem, egyfelől azért, mert kurvára elegem van a szakmai és egyébirányú trollokból, másfelől azért, mert amennyiben kidobod az angolszászt a mondatból, esik az egész érv. Hazai vonalon ez most mérceemelő. Kimész. Megveszed. Asszimilálod. Elindulsz. Építesz.

magnetic man feat. katy b - perfect stranger

Kept me through the past twelve hours or so on continuous repeat. Makes me feel a bit more like moving to London instead of Berlin. Notice the utter seriousness of Benga! The whole Maida Vale axis got me hooked, good work, Radio 1. (Great collab with Emeli Sandé as well.)

doomed skull shot glass

And then the snowstorms came. (via boingboing)

angelspit - channel hell (fan video comp finalist)

this is a marketing ploy. this is the new black. it's a publicity stunt. relax. kick back.

wang zi won's mechanical nirvana

Dumbfounded with awe, bliss and auspice at Wang Zi Won's work of boddhisattvas and buddhas molded from sterility and the holy precision of clockworks. Pure amazement and delight. (, via the amazing mind-opener blog romokon)

októberi partyajánló, fogazott elméknek

Százhetven oldalnyi kézirattal és meglepő hetekkel a hátam mögött szevasztok, husángolom az írói válságot a konyhakövön, miközben szépérzékkel megáldott ismerősnőim tiltanak el attól, hogy tükörfényesre borotváljam a fejem, pókot varrassak rá és felemás napszemüvegben szaladjak napalmspermát hinteni a városra. Az allúziók persze érthetőek és szépek, csak most már kezdenek igazak is lenni. As in watch out what you wish for.

Jön a lista, hogy októberben mire megyünk, jöhetnek a tippek, hogy mik a koncertes fellépések, amiket kihagytam a kultúrkörből (Otto Dix, tudom, nem) meg majd oroszrulettezünk egy kört azon, hogy a kilencből végülis melyikre és miért nem jutunk el. (Fent Alba Hyseni. Ma este. Jönni. Hajóra.)

7, péntek: anORGANik:ORG (feat. Alba Hyseni & Bootsie) (A38, 1000HUF)
8, szombat: Matild (Rézmál, free)
15, szombat: Escalator, Lighphaser (Dürer Kert, 500HUF)

19, szerda: Acid Mothers Temple (JP), Volkova Sisters (A38, 1000/1500HUF)
20, csütörtök: Soap & Skin (A), Jack November (DE) (A38, 2000/2500HUF)
21, péntek: The Glitch Mob (USA) (Merlin, 2500/3000HUF)

25, kedd: The Legendary Pink Dots (UK) (Roham Bár, ?)
29, szombat: ZAP (Trafik Klub, ?)
30, vasárnap: Steve Reich (USA), Amadinda Percussion Group, UMZE Kamaraegyüttes, Kelemen Kvartett (Művészetek Palotája, 2200-5900HUF)

(Gyászoljuk az elmaradt Atari Teenage Riot, Fields of the Nephilim, Clan of Xymox és Mesh koncerteket.)