From a land bordered by Bat for Lashes, Metric and Adrian Lux comes UK electropop trio The Good Natured. Skeleton is first-hear-first-love upbeat electro pop (you’ll find their stuff either self-released or on Parlophone, even found one track on a Kitsuné compilation) and the most recent same-titled three-track single is a loop-repeat-loop invoker. Perfect, gorgeous, ten out of ten. Here’s what lovely Sarah sez about the track:

‘Skeleton’ was written in my bedroom and in Stockholm, Sweden. It was produced out there too. ‘Skeleton’ is about emotional vulnerability. When you’re in a relationship, you can become really vulnerable. ‘Skeleton’ explores the emotion of feeling stripped down to the bone, like somebody knows you so well that everything is laid bare and you have nothing to hide anymore, they know you in both a physical and emotional sense, which can be a frightening prospect. I explored these emotions whilst playing them against more sexual feelings you have in a relationship. The extreme lust and desire you feel for somebody often overpowers you, no matter how vulnerable you feel towards them.” (via hardcandymusic)