there’s a saying: if you see the buddha on the road, kill the buddha

doing a steady 140BPM korsakoff on reality from the depths of a freemasonic lodge, click click click on the chrome tabs, left to right, one second pause, left to right again. resonating to the likes of attrition, ukiyo-e and death in june. hello, by the way. we are damage and this is a lifesign snap the book progresses well, talks with publisher amazing, can’t wait to phase into cover and layout design snap tearing off hands from deities snap got lost reading miéville, klein and mauss snap tolerance level so high i post a lengthy fb thread on the most extreme music possible and maybe one out of two dozen rings any kind of novelty bell snap still annie mac’s fridayly two-hour sets present a healthy new prospective to london snap fighting the urge to hate the projects i meticulously and teeth-grittingly work on snap the vertigo deck spits out nothing i wouldn’t know and the lights change in a way i murmur at shadows and dare them to come out and show me something new because light tricks wouldn’t fuck me up anymore snap still there are warp holes in the lodge and now a complete package of books has gotten more than a month off, if it ended up in the nether could somebody toss them back please i need to sell those snap you really messed up my hyperplans you know snap really looking forward to seeing steve reich live snap got ideas for two more books snap but what ends when the sigils shatter?

there’s a saying