the damage report 011: részlet egy háborús naplóból

Ha ezt olvasod, akkor mindketten megnyugodhatunk: a hetek óta tartó Első Információs Világháború (mások szerint a Harmadik Világháború) nem volt több interdiszciplináris kokettálásnál, a széljegyzetben nyilván mindenkinek hét generációig visszamenőleg a kurvaanyját, de a nap végére minden összeáll: a történelemből, úgy tűnik, pont sikerült annyit megértenie az emberi fajnak, hogy egy igazi, nemzetek közti háború senkinek sem hiányzik. (Itt a laptallózó szabadkőműves kiikszeli a nevemet a potenciális jelöltek közül, mi így szeretünk, 2011!)

A cikk a Mondo magazin januári számában jelenik meg, ezzel jelzem, hogy kaptok majd onnan átvett anyagokat, másfelől pedig idő előtt közlöm ezt, hogy jobban passzoljon az elmúlt hetek történéseihez, vegyétek, hirdessétek.
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futuristic ballerina: bionic and beautiful

Sexy Battery Powered Bionic Ballerina Outfit. This "Bionic Ballerina" outfit by Zhantra Entertainment, a company that provides performers for nightclubs and special events in Miami features battery powered LED lights and 17 individual lasers. (, via dvice, also check the official facebook page)

♫ light asylum - dark allies

This is the raw, real stuff right here, hearkening back to ultra-early Ministry, dance hall Cabaret Voltaire, or any of 4AD’s most toothsome output from back in the day. Think Ian Curtis at his most tuneful, Grace Jones at her most carnivorous, or Clan of Xymox with roid rage… (via @coilhouse)

Exactly. This is the best new stuff I've heard so far this year (Phurpa was last year, remember?) - even though I'm currently running in a jungle full of Sleep Chamber, Igorrr, Battle of Mice, Tzolk'in and The Irrepressibles -, so much like the night when your mascara's running, you're crying, clutching desperately into a doorbell that will never answer and the cigarette never meets a lighter in your Schwartzschild radius and you desperately clasp the stranger that gives you the light as you're hiding from the rain and you forget the name like anything in the past year when your heart wasn't working and it's never really working at all and then you're fucking raw, biting the pillow as it bleeds back and you're scraping yourself in the toilet, hiding below the sink, scrubbing a heatmap of desire off your skin until you're sore from the outside as much as the inside and the emptiness has a name and Nietzsche's might just have been a heartstruck boy as he wrote all that stuff about the abyss but it's a new day and the doorbell's never answering. It's that kind of music. Bon fucking appetit. (Genius music by the way, Shannon Funchess is a goddess.) (facebook, myspace, official site)



Idő: január 15 szombat, 21:00 - vasárnap, 0:00
Helyszín: Roham Pince, VIII. Vas u. 16.

Tud róluk bárki bármit? Ha már TBali úgy ajánlja ki őket, hogy a minimálzene papnői, az azért már mond valamit (miért nem a főpapnői, ha már?), still, need some samples. (via romanticbiodark)

UPDATE 1:Itt a Facebook event (thx, razor!)

last man standing: killbook of a bounty hunter

Image comes from the wonderful hardcover artbook Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter that I came across in Trillian, the best comics store in Budapest. You can kill a man with that book, the format/weight index makes it equivalent with a claymore and the artwork is equally serious - fast forward 600 years into the future and your death looks like heartwarming eyecandy pellets of rock. The artwork and the story is all the mind/hardwork of Daniel Luvisi - and he's in for serious treat, the LMS book was outsold in 2 hours at Comic Con and his story is now getting the Paramount treatment (as reported by IO9). If you want more background work on how LMS was born, tune in to his DevArt portfolio as well.

unbuddhism: the week in objects 02 (surround yourself with inspiration)

I hesitated / before building the second katamari of footsteps / the personality construct. A tilt-shift shot staged somewhere not an office nor a home anymore. Unbuddhism, from Monday till Wednesday, objects best presentable now, disappearing into gnosis later. A complete set of Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles", result of a suggestion of unexplainable origin and previously untopped intensity. Another star of eight above my home when I'm not looking. Seven of those, in fact, one for each paperback. A "January issue of Wired UK with Beau Garrett", a proof of how Britain makarenkoed the US into cheerful rivalry about the future. And you always end up choosing the edition that has Warren Ellis in it. It doesn't, now. It might also be the last UK issue I ended up grabbing off the shelves. A 0.974 kg rin gong, something Miss Toyclouds called an eternal singing chamberpot, a ritual instrument whose original frequencies I'm still Fourier-deciphering. Unorthodox ways of meddling with precious brainmeat. Again. A black skull mala of onyx, polished bone, lava, Swarovski crystals and carved bone skulls that I've received from Mette Mitchell of 109Jewellery as a new-year's-present after I've just found their business of ROCK in a moment of awe. Skulls, reminding me not only of mortality, compassion and maya but also, kindness and open-heartedness. I am really touched. Skulls that have a story behind their grin, waiting to be unlocked during the trial of the demon hours. This year, full of surprises. The fine rain horizontal brought to you by Rasputina, laughing, in the mechanism.

qr ski jacket

Via @Brightsite, a ski jacket with a black & white QR code pattern on the outer shell fabric. Scanning the code with a smartphone links to and opens the Brunotti website. (via mocoloco, sent by @dawe_)

the addams family steampunk hand of rock

If you are interested in purchasing this piece please contact the Wootini Gallery. He is part of the Addams Family show running there for the next few weeks. (, link sent by @dawe_)

qlimax 2010 dvd: the documentary (and teasers of hardstyle, tits and tinnitus)

Qlimax 2010 Blu-ray / DVD preview

On the 27th of november 2010, Qlimax took place in GelreDome Arnhem.

Qlimax 2010 Live, the Blu-ray + DVD + CD digipack is available at the store. If you want to support Q-dance in creating registrations like this, please buy your copy. Only on / .com a limited edition Qlimax necklace is included for free. (The Qlimax 2010 DVD is still on pre-sale, becoming available on the 1st of February, 2011, youtube playlist for all the trailers)

voxatron (preview)

Voxatron is an arena shooter made out of voxels. It's coming later this year for PC, Mac and perhaps other platforms. There's a built-in sound and music synthesizer. You can pick up wall pieces, allowing you to construct barriers and hide from scary monsters. (via indiegames)

the polynomial - space of the music trailer

The Polynomial is an abstract themed musical space shooter (but it also got non-shooter mode). The content is generated mathematically and animates to your music or microphone input; there are 4 animators and 37 arenas to choose from (12 arenas in free demo). It also includes built-in fractal editor that you can use to create artwork, which can be rendered at any image size (up to 8192x8192). There is a lot of parameters that you can customize. (via

the irrepressibles - the mirror mirror spectacle

When I experience genuine reverence for a band, it is my solemn duty to immediately share with the people of Coilhouse. Enter The Irrepressibles: a UK 10-piece that has combined all that is grand about glam, baroque, and pop, wrapped it into a beautiful, melodramatic performance package and released it into the world in early 2010 with an album titled Mirror Mirror. (, via coilhouse)

writer's block? exactly

That just about completely sums it up, doesn't it? Has anyone ever said more with fewer words? No, no they have not. I will guarantee you that. I think we can all agree Dr. Upper has provided the final word on the subject of writer's block, which is particularly remarkable considering he didn't use any words at all. (via io9)

the tron cat

So Tron Legacy was a little underwhelming. That's what happens when a movie is so overhyped! It just can't live up to those heightened expectations. But you know what would have taken the movie to the next level? A Tron Cat. (via dvice)

guerilla historians in the nyc sewer systems

Urban explorers from Undercity took their cameras down below and into NYC's century old sewer systems, abandoned subway stations, and inside the Lincoln Tunnel to see the remnants of the society of tunnel folk. Watch what they uncovered. (via io9)

ultraviolent solar outbursts, all in purple

The purplish aura reveals high-arcing loops of 3.6-million-degree plasma that link sunspots and other magnetic areas on the surface; white lines illustrate computer calculations of how the magnetic areas connect. (via dvice)

phurpa: tibetan ritual music, the bon tradition

This message comes to you on 2011-01-01, 11-11. This is not automatic. The very first post this year on P://D calls for the melding of ancient, towering traditions of black and the crackling, electronic Eris hysteria of 2011. Presenting you one of the most amazing and powerful musical formations we've come to know last year: PHURPA, a Tibetan ritual music project digging into the pre-Buddhist Bon tradition, Tantric Buddhism, and the fusion of these that we know as Tibetan Buddhism. It comes with frequencies rumbling, rebuilding your brain on the fly. We know, it happened to us. It is happening even now as I'm writing this.
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