I hesitated / before building the first katamari of footsteps / the personality construct. A fake LOMO shot staged somewhere not an office nor a home anymore. Unbuddhism, from Saturday till Saturday, objects best presentable now, then lost later. “An autograph of Alec Empire” in his Berlin studio and “a set of two untouched pair of safety earbuds“, remains of an unwavering attention. Motivation. Traces of anticonsumerism.Zero History“, making me think of all the brands and mechanisms we have stashed away but haven’t finished or even started yet but the will to break all shackles and travel around the world is now stronger than ever. Always is genius, stasis is the enemy. “Procedural graphics entry card to Function-X” with The Girl In The Ono-Sendai T-Shirt and her bookcrossing find, “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs” – must read and pass on, the cover and the format talk to me. About getting my book finished and getting it to print. A proverbial muse still looking at her hands, pondering about how to finger my precious brain meat. Ideas, rare commodity. An “Anonymous soft drink, Club Maté” with their unmistakable logo and their secret concoction the taste of fig, the color of off-lab carbamide, a bottled memory of the First Budapest Science Meetup. “The September issue of Mondo” with twelve new pages of The Damage Report in it and the “first hardcover, still print-odorous edition of Doktor Sleepless” with a metallic, nauseating perfume of oldschool BASF tapes from the nineties. The fine rain horizontal brought to you by Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, laughing, in the mechanism.