cityengine, future city generation

The CityEngine software provides professional users in entertainment, architecture, urban planning and general 3D content creation with a unique early design and modeling solution for the efficient visualization of 3D urban environments. The capabilities of the CityEngine include: Procedural Street Network Construction, Import of Street Networks or Lots, Scripting 3D Buildings, Parametric Modeling of 3D Buildings and 3D Streets, Map-Controlled City Modeling, Batch Export of 3D Models. via

pitchshifter - shutdown

If I gave you the tool could I tamper my freedom? / If I suffered the fools would you let me succeed in / constructing my soul, should I give you the reason? / Stand up straight when I walk, you can't see me / Kick all the dust that you want you know you're never gonna / Shut us down – we'll just get back up again.

dolls, girl meat and the idoru: a thesis on gibson and cyberpunk, part 5

"The body as sexual and informational commodity: dolls and the idoru. Fashion industry, advanced capitalism and panic memes. In Gibsonian terms it’s the addendum what counts, the implant, the boost, the surplus. Automatic Jack is determined by his detachable myoelectric arm, Molly gains her place and mystique in society by her wired skills and nailblades, hackers become meaningful if and only if they are hardwired to cyberspace. Solitariness, singleness, purity is inferior in this universe." One more part and this whole cyberpunk thesis thing is over but if you were in for some gender-specific stuff, go no further. We will plow your head with sex meat fertilizer. If you're really missing out on all the fun, read part 1 and then proceed on to part 2, part 3 and to part 4.)


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coilhouse is two years old

Thank you for all the subtle pieces of elegant artistry, the steampunk masquerade and the Neuromancer news, for the relentless pursuit of quality, all the paper issues I instantly ordered, the designer vaginas and the goggles, the cabaret nails and the A-bomb feature, the unanswered emails, the ideas you guys warped into my head and also, Zoetica Ebb. Happy Birthday, ladies, the fun just never stops. (via coilhouse)

the halloween linkbox


You might know this already from the badsignal feed of @warrenellis, Fleslight's very own vampire-inspired sex toy called Succu Dry Sex in a Can. Not that plastic fangs or teeth implants couldn't do the trick but from the point where I stand, the whole world is Tokyo now - you could get anything if you could really name it. (Basically that's what the whole notion of naming things is based upon. I envision beings of ultimate vision and intelligence cracking up on hilarious amounts of cosmic hallucinogens about how life will turn out when the ant people will really freak out and put their cocks in plastic fang tubs and the tub name will spread shrill and joy throughout the universe. (via gizmodo))

@dawe_, my faithful partner in the #artikulz sect sends you this as his act of devotion to PD. For Halloween.

Not to be outdone by Nerdcore's horror-themed calendar, the folks behind My Zombie Pin-Up are offering 12 months undead beauties. Sure, the girls show less skin, but they more than make up for it in blood and guts. (, via io9)