the gene generation cannes trailer

Pearry (Reginald Teo, director of The Gene Generation) just sent me this link with the Cannes Trailer of his long-awaited cyberpunk (biopunk, genepunk) action-thriller. After the first and very workcopyish version, this is a full-fledged normal trailer with some extra cheesy moments of action and some even cheesier moments of Bai Ling and her moves of doom. It's also "coming soon" and I don't really know now what it means in the movie business slang. By the way, as of the 17th of April, the movie is officially endorsed by the distributor Lionsgate.

bloodgood added to the sf rooster

Just a brief notice on the upcoming Street Fighter movie: Korinna Maya Bloodgood has been added to the cast as Det. Maya Sunee, according to the official description, "She’s Bangkok Gangland Homicide. A no-nonsense, fast-talking, half-Thai cop who rocks a Ducati and a set of gold cuffs." Aforementioned Dutch/Irish/South Korean cutie will also star in Terminator 4. Hopefully this doesn't forecast a very bad SF series that just decides to stab itself in the crotch and then gets pulled off from the screens (see Painkiller Jane's case with Kristanna Loken. Or Michelle Ryan (see below) with Bionic Woman.)

machineries of war

Iraki nő kapaszkodik egy kamionba, miközben ételosztásra vár Bagdad egyik siíta negyedében (via via AP)

Iraqi woman clutching onto a van, waiting for food in Baghdad. A picture that speaks very much for itself.

mirror's edge scee gamer's day trailer out

Without too much to say about this: first trailer of Dice/EA first-person parkour game Mirror's Edge, the best of part of which is by far the music. I'd still opt for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater-kind of TPS solutions but anyways. Eat this with a grin.

future fashion 001

BART HESS: fur and alternative bodies: I really believe these are the fashion furs of the future. Why kill an animal and re-form the fur into a shape? Why not have the animal already shaped to your body, have it living and breathing around you, like the shoes. (link @ we-make-money-not-art, via grinding)

TIM SMIT: get stylish when at war: Who says protecting yourself from sniper attacks or chemical warfare needs to be ugly business? Certainly not Dutch designer Tim Smit. His “Urban Security Suit” will be all the rage in a war zone near you. Made of stylish neoprene and strategically lined with body molded kevlar, this runway show stopper will be THE must have accessory for your next war, skirmish, struggle, conflict, combat zone or civil strife you find yourself in or starting. (link @ yanko design, via grinding)

DMITRI ARBACAUSKAS: fetish gas masks at their best: each gasmask has been converted from tools of warfare to reflect more epic forms- gods, spirits, monsters, and demons from many different cultures. Each gasmask piece is also wholly unique- while the studio may do a variation on the original design, they will never make direct copies of an original piece. (link @ tormented artifacts, via grinding)

nippon connection 2008: day 1, time warp and thunderstorm

Frankfurt? Manapság Frankfurt egy unalmas, lapos város és már akkor se volt kalandorbarlang, amikor ott éltem le a gyerekkorom egy részét, meséli L., meggyőzően forgatja a szemét. Én is meggyőzően forgatom a szemem és levonom a következtetést, hogy kolléganőm valószínűleg életében nem gondolt arra a száziksz emeletes banképületeket látva, hogy onnan lehetne basejumpolni, de azért elkönyvelem magamban: öt napon keresztül a világ legunalmasabb városában fogunk dekkolni és onnan közvetítünk le MINDENT a világ legnagyobbnak mondott japán filmfesztiváljáról.

A kép a frankfurti főpályaudvar férfivécéjében készült, hazaindulásunk után hat órával. Ha nem érted, annál jobb. Mi sem értjük, miért nem sújtottuk lángoló, cafrangos faszkorbáccsal a Ryanair és a Terravision teljes menedzserkarát. Nem érted, hogy ez mit jelent, de felcsigázott a faszkorbács? Kattints kidugott nyelvvel tovább.

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official babylon ad trailer presented by kassovitz on youtube

Goddamn meme splicing, goddamn ignorance! Always thought the new Kassovitz movie "Babylon A.D." is based on animé - whereas it's a screen adaptation of French quasi-cyberpunk novelist Maurice G. Dantec's most cyberpunk stuff (or at least that's what Wikipedia says) Babylon Babies (apparently this is also available in English if you wish take the preliminary reading course and reader comments diss this). It has Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh and a synopsis of

Veteran-turned-mercenary Thoorop takes the high-risk job of escorting a woman from Russia to China. Little does he know that she is host to an organism that a cult wants to harvest in order to produce a genetically modified Messiah.

that sets a few Christian triggers in your mind if you've read reMix by Jon Courtenay Grimwood (which you probably haven't, but anyways). Kassovitz presents the movie with a sheep-eating grin and although in itself the trailer doesn't have anything interesting except for a few shots of Diesel and a hearty explosion, it satisfies our hunger well.

According to an earlier report of Twitch (our torch in the times of dire need), following up on a rumour of Fox mangling the international version of the film - the original will not be 160 minutes, as Kassovitz said this as some sort of a joke (a bad one, indeed) and the European cut in 105 minutes long (whereas the fuller one appears to be two hours long if I understand this right).

Movie stills are available from both IO9 and SFCool. (via)

blood death ivory: more news on angelspit, new mp3

Sydney-based duo ANGELSPIT (also inventors of rock) just started releasing digital snippets of music and artwork to promote their new album BLOOD DEATH IVORY. The album - which, according to one of the band's blipverts - elaborates on the concept of beauty, that much we know - also available is the complete track list and now we have the first "bloodpack": an assortment of one new track (Skinny Little Bitch), a wallpaper and a 10% discount web sale voucher. (Bloodpack available here, voucher's valid from 01/05 until 15/05.)

Album design is done by DestroyX, photography by Helen White (who also did the sleeve & artwork photography for Krankhaus, so that's a promise in itself) and you can expect more slashing surprises in the upcoming weeks. Skinny Little Bitch is one motherfucker of a stomper much in the vein of Angelspit and will probably be one nice addition to the live repertoire - one thing I really miss is some cringing lines of 303 and some more distortion!