BART HESS: fur and alternative bodies: I really believe these are the fashion furs of the future. Why kill an animal and re-form the fur into a shape? Why not have the animal already shaped to your body, have it living and breathing around you, like the shoes. (link @ we-make-money-not-art, via grinding)

TIM SMIT: get stylish when at war:Who says protecting yourself from sniper attacks or chemical warfare needs to be ugly business? Certainly not Dutch designer Tim Smit. His “Urban Security Suit” will be all the rage in a war zone near you. Made of stylish neoprene and strategically lined with body molded kevlar, this runway show stopper will be THE must have accessory for your next war, skirmish, struggle, conflict, combat zone or civil strife you find yourself in or starting. (link @ yanko design, via grinding)

DMITRI ARBACAUSKAS: fetish gas masks at their best:each gasmask has been converted from tools of warfare to reflect more epic forms- gods, spirits, monsters, and demons from many different cultures. Each gasmask piece is also wholly unique- while the studio may do a variation on the original design, they will never make direct copies of an original piece. (link @ tormented artifacts, via grinding)